Author Topic: Strat 6 Troop Duping: A Comprehensive Guide  (Read 602 times)

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Strat 6 Troop Duping: A Comprehensive Guide
« on: March 05, 2016, 10:57:14 PM »
Welcome to my latest edition of abusable Strat mechanics. In this Guide you will learn how to create an extra 4.1666 days worth of troops; that can be rinsed and repeated.  Notice; you must be in a faction and be a try hard nerd to maximize your returns.
Have your factions’ Quick join http link on hand; create multiple “Skip the Fun” characters so you have an ample hopper of burn characters.

Step 1: Have your Strat main as a “skip the fun” character. When you join into Strat; use your quick link to join your faction. Start marching towards your factions’ troop depot city.

Step 2: Play CRPG for a few hours to regain Strat ticks. When you delete a character in Strat you will lose your ticks and silver so plan accordingly.

Step 3: When you reach the Depot; Transfer your troops and silver to the depot (remember you must maintain your 100 troop minimum.
Step 4: Delete that character and respawn in Strat with another skip the fun. Rinse and repeat.
This works because you now start with 200 troops every time you spawn in strat and can still transfer down to 100. Assuming you’re in NA it roughly takes three or less days to move from any location on map to any other. (Unless if your deploy shields; that is) This can be done on average twice a week but if lady luck is on your side it can reach upwards of five. Either way it’s a vastly superior way to produce troops. The only draw backs are farming Strat ticks every time you delete and respawn and you’ll have to deal with having a lvl 35 in Strat battles.
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