Author Topic: If you can't spawn with arrows/bolts/throwing/siege equip - read here  (Read 206 times)

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Alright, we attacked a castle today and where unable to spawn with arrows/bolts/throwing/siege equip.

This is why i'm making this thread.

If YOU are unable to spawn with that stuff then start wasting stuff from the longest line depending on what's longest (i.e 1handers) by dying with 4 of them. The goal here is to lower the amount of slots of the longest type.

I think what's causing this problem is that there's too many items in the category so the lowest line loses it's "hitboxes".

Hope it helped if this happens to some of you. =)
(hopefully this thread will prevent it to happen to at least 1 person)
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Re: If you can't spawn with arrows/bolts/throwing/siege equip - read here
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As a side note it's an entertaining way to slaughter teammates.
Holy crap I have a youtube gaming channel!