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[Suggestionerino] Mutually Agreeable Battle Times
« on: January 30, 2018, 03:12:37 AM »
hey gamers!

So yeah, my noggin was doing some joggin' the other day and I was thinking to myself "u know sometimes u just gotta go get someone in strat and its a fucking awful time for a battle" and then I thought "u know even if its not an awful time 4 a battle why cant we have more good times??"

Suddenly I had a flash of inspiration, suspicious that it came straight from the sperg Muse himself (the loving memory of Smoothrich)

What if there was a field in the settings area of strategus titled Mutually Agreeable Battle Time or some bullshit like that? In that field you've got a span of 2 hours or so of your choosing that you would prefer any battle involving your strat party would take place. Say I'm one of the few, the proud, the gainfully employed and my ass has got work at 9am. I'm ok with being up at 10pm but not if a battle is gonna take 2 fucking hours, you knawmean? So I'd set my MABT(tm) for 6pm-8pm EST.

If the two parties involved in the battle have MABT set at the same time, the battle is scheduled during those hours. For simplicity, you could make it the earliest possible agreed-upon hours.

If there's some bullshit 200 man unarmed fief battle thats gonna take all of 2 minutes, the MABT ignores that battle as if it doesn't exist. A battle pushed back by 5 mins ain't shit. If a battle of reasonable size (500 tickets or more on both?) is taking place at the earliest agreed-upon time, the MABT battle is pushed back at some arbitrary increment.

If its a real nerd night and battle are popping off all over the place, the standard 24h will apply.

naturally i have absolutely no coding or practical CS knowledge, i did clumsily administrate and run FTP shit on a DoD:S server once tho that was pretty cool

what do u think?
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