Author Topic: Me cago en todos los muertos de tu árbol genealógico, y si me apuras también en  (Read 122 times)

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Shit on the death of all your dead trees, and if you also rush to life, damn amorphous shit. I caught you in the street and I hit the chest, the sweet son of the big whore.

If you have children, I hope you have a physical or mental disability, or if not, you will be driven by a bus. But they do not die, they suffer from their hell, and if you do not have children, it will surely happen that God bless you with a gordaca that breaks the follapins.

When I discovered that you again informed me about something and I discovered who you are, I swear I am looking for you, and when I find you, I will remove parts of your ridiculous body and me. I'll eat them. As I eat them, I screw them up and make you eat my oily stools with pieces of your skin covered in skin. When I cleaned completely and I ate all that shit, I let my beautiful and radiant ass, I will get your sister, and if you don't have a sister, I'll go sweat your fucking, and if I get inspired, go to the thaw . I will kidnap them, put them in a van, take them to a room, put their tails through all the holes in their bodies (including the nose and ears), run into them and wait. 9 months for their daughters to be born and when they turn 13, I will fuck them too.

And if, after you still have cousins ​​or aunts, I will do the same with them, and when tired of fucking your family lice, I will put some strings, I will put in my car and go. 300 km with your whole family united with them. If after someone is alive, I throw them alcohol to further eradicate the pain.
After all, I will go to the hospital after you have returned from the exit I gave you. I'll get you out of there, I'll take you to the same room where I turned up all the women in your current family and before in your family tree, and while the public videos of how fucked your mom, I will give mini-outbreaks in part front until you leave the mark of my big and devastating shine for the rest of your life. Then every time you look in the mirror you will remember the videos and what I did with your family.

Then I'll let you go and I'll come back after you three months. I will put in the room but this time nothing soft, this time I will take my hands and I start putting needles between the nails until the level of pain makes you faint and have to revive with a defibrillator. I will take out my pants and underpants and start giving mini-mortises in your balls until they gradually fall apart and your scrotum is completely empty.
I imagine that he will subsequently weaken again because I will use the defibrillator again to revive him. I will put your feet in a bucket of water, squeeze your nipples, penis and tongue and give you the discharges until you weak. When you do, you know what to do, and I take a pair of tweezers again and pull the bitches out of a piece of foam.

Then I will tear you down, I will put a cloth on your face, and I will pour water little by little without you drown.

Then I go and come back every day for another torture, so every time you hear my footsteps approaching the door, at different times every day, feel a fear that never has been running through the body. I will stay at the door while I open until you piss, then I go in and start. When I see you don't torture more, I'll let you heal in a hospital and I'll come back to you when you get started. I will catch you, and as I burn your eyes with a blowtorch, I will hammer your nut until you die part of the great horn's son.

But don't think everything ends there. If there is reincarnation, I reincarnate in someone else and will make you and all your new family everything I have done for you in this life, but slower and without killing you, so every time you see a shadow. at night What do you think I am going into incredibly madness and fall into a vegetative state, just for fear that my presence will cause you? If they heal you, I will not return to you, you will die old, alone, without eggs, without skin and wait until I cut your fat legs. This is
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