Author Topic: Peasant_Woman's simple and easy guide to making a playable map for cRPG  (Read 17403 times)

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just ignore and go on..
script errors are happening because you launch the game without wse2 for scening purposes and scripts are broken at this state.

Don't get feared by this and go on. Blanks might be filled but since you modify an  copy of crpg i recommend to get an empty scene code from singleplayer generator, add this code into scene.txt to the first blank map.
After done load the blank map and select all scene props in the list (ctrl+f+entf)..

Here you go: a blank and ready map to go.
If you want to modify existent maps, search for their scene code, copy and paste it into scene.txt after scn_blank_....sco, copy the file_name.sco and rename it to blank as well, override the existens version of it.
Here you go everything ready to go..


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Necro'ing a valuable thread.

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Just so others are aware, I'm still kicking around here and on the EU servers from time to time and have some new maps I'm working on bringing to the community (hopefully this year (A Rageball map and a battle map planned)).

As always feel free to post in this thread if you have questions on map making that need answering, someone will be along to help shortly!
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