Author Topic: Opponent name and duelling option still available after starting duel  (Read 272 times)

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A very minor "issue": in duel server, after starting duel, the opponents name and the option to challenge him to a duel still remain on screen for a few seconds. iirc, before they would disappear immediately after you have started the duel.
This is, of course, very minor, but can get a bit confusing sometimes, when you are looking for visual feedback (whom are you starting a duel with?) on the screen.

Also, what is it with both combatants having to challenge each other in a super-short amount of time to actually initiate the duel? I believe this started a patch or two ago...

Sorry, if this is way irrelevant.

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First issue seems to be the case in native as well, second one should be fixed with today's server update.