Author Topic: Unban appeal for AUS C-rpg server - Kekoose/fake angus and hamor.  (Read 813 times)

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I was banned from the crpg Australian server for impersonating a admin and probably more for just being a ass.

There is a admin named Angusdabull and for some reason i thought it would be funny to log on as the name "Angusdabuii" (the double ii looks like ll in mount and blade) i came on to the server and as soon as i said "sup" i was banned. (I would like to point out at no point did i say i was the admin, also the admin Angusdabull was on when i was on as the fake)

It is probably also to do with the event before that, i impersonated a abusive player named Zealot_Hamor and started abusing people more or less. A lot of it i didn't start, since i was a known hated person i was provoked. (which was kinda what i was looking for by impersonating this player)

Anyway i am deeply sorry for my past actions, I apologize and would be grateful for a second chance. (Sorry for bad wording)

                   Sincerely Kekoose

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