Author Topic: Ban Kapikulu_Bathuan09 for Ragepoll and Teamkill  (Read 1547 times)

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Ban Kapikulu_Bathuan09 for Ragepoll and Teamkill
« on: April 02, 2014, 03:58:16 PM »
1:Name of your character involved : Prinz_Ascar_of_Balde
2:Name of offending character(s) :Kapikulu_Bathuan09
3:On the Eu_cRPG_HRE at 3.30 pm
4:The story: We was bugged into the wall, we waited after the round ends then i spamed in the air and i had a 150 Ping i hitted him, but it was a accident so he started to Ragepoll me i wrote sorry but the poll was rejected and he started to teamkill me.
5:Idk why he did that, retared idk.
Here you can see it:                            PS: The sentence: The Kapikulu is the nobbiest Clan allife was my  little brother he didnt mean it so.                 

7:SB_DeGaVu saw it and many other players.
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Re: Ban Kapikulu_Bathuan09 for Ragepoll and Teamkill
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2019, 02:45:04 PM »
hello sir i am head admin yeldur with the c-rpg team i am here to let u know that we have assigned ur ticket and someone will be with u shortly


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