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[UNBAN] Teutonic_Knight_Ufoinsky
« on: July 22, 2015, 09:41:11 AM »
>Im assuming i got banned for teamkilling
>This ban is for 3 days
> No clue why i was banned when the people i teamkilled i knew personally and didnt make a complaint.
may have accidently killed someone whilst trying to kill an enemy. Didnt pay attention to kill feed while concentrating on the enemy
>Admin didnt warn me had no clue why im banned just found out now. Still not sure if its 3 days as i was never told how long
> I believe the ban should be lowered to a 24 hour ban
Ufoinsky: Why did you buy camelsinstead of gear?
Marcus_the_Crusader: i was trying to trade first, not fight
Ufoinsky: you are at war
Marcus_the_Crusader: well, i need to trade to buy more gear, lol
Ufoinsky: maybe if you bought gear instead of camels