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ProjectM:inecraft Rebalanced Weapons, Mechanics, Economy
« on: August 19, 2012, 09:46:39 PM »

    Server Name: ProjectM


    Server Address/IP:

    Game Play Type/s: Clan PvP, User-Earned Block protection, Custom Villager shops, Modified Damage and damagetypes, Altered item drops, Survival Multiplayer, No "safe zones" (kindof), No rules, No exploits.

We will allow the user to modify 99 percent of the map, with the exception of User-earned protection blocks. You will gather emeralds, and eventually buy rare diamond weapons, and protection blocks. Group up and cooperate (friendly fire enabled), or steal from one another and decimate. We have 1 enderchest at spawn to safeguard some goodies, but other then that you must learn to rob and be robbed.
All ops are mature older players who just wanted to make multiplayer minecraft have a purpose and an ultimate goal of being fun to play with others. We are pretty chill as long as there isnt excessive shitfacing going on. :)

 Imagine a server where there are no artifical restrictions, or if there are, being clever can prevail. After many debates and revisions, this server doesnt require the user to learn many commands, And changes the whole feel of Minecraft!

We have a real in-game-item-currency that alters gameplay drastically. Mob drops, while being changed, become relative and require a bit more effort to aquire. Weapons of both axes and swords, as well as fists become damaging, though tools still strike, you cannot beat down someone with an apple! While diamond is non-mineable, it can still be aquired by selling some items for Emeralds. * Rules: No exploits or Hex editors. No flying or movement speed modifiers. No dupe bugs, or glitches intentionally. No spamming chat.

Just because there are no gameplay rules does not mean for you to act like an asshole.

    Server Hardware: BEASTNODE.COM Chicago, IL Server

    Plugins: PRECIOUSTONES for user grief protection, SIMPLECLANS for clans-pvp, OTHERDROPS for custom mob loot tables, VILLAGERSHOPS for town shops, MODDAMAGE for modifying damage tables, HOMESPAWN for bed, /home, and spawning, RECIPEMANAGER for editing, removing, adding recipes any other major plugin will be added in the future.

    Owner/Admins/Moderators: owner - slimpyman mods - OPEN

    Pictures/Videos URL: older video from beta days, and we've evolved a bit!

 Join us, help us grow. The more the merrier!
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Re: ProjectM:inecraft Rebalanced Weapons, Mechanics, Economy
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2012, 08:50:53 PM »
Uhm I would like to join and bring some players! But its outdated! Please update the server to he latest version of minecraft! Then message me!