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... and all the other things floating around out there / Re: apex legends
« Last post by Xant on Today at 11:41:03 AM »
You should never give the enemies the opportunity to gun you down when you use it. You shouldn't try to appear right next to them, but preferably a bit behind. Or just use it at the start of a flank. If they don't see you, great. If they see you, that's fine, you're moving faster than usual and you should be flanking from far enough away that you can't be lasered down before you get to cover. The cloak is a "nice to have", not something you should plan your route around. Then it works great.

And yes, Lifeline is great, just don't play her myself.
Congrats on trying sth new you beutiful deve
Spam / Re: The Temple of Spam
« Last post by Gravoth_iii on Today at 09:11:39 AM »

Some interesting stuff i found on 4chan, not even sure how to categorize them but they make me feel things.
... and all the other things floating around out there / Re: apex legends
« Last post by Vibe on Today at 09:04:51 AM »
Bangalore passive is definitely amazing and needs tuning. Her smokes are also great. Probably the best legend right now.

I'd mention Lifeline here being good as well, faster item using and faster revives with that impenetrable shield can be very valuable mid fight. The healing bot is also pretty good as you can recover shields while your bot recovers your (and your teammates) health.

Otherwise agree, Mirage bamboozle skill is great, I don't agree that much on his ulti though, I think it's a bit constricting considering you can't do anything while you're """invisible""". If people are paying attention they're just gonna gun you down and you won't be able to do much about it.
Events & Tournaments / Re: When yuhmaz is gonna muted event!
« Last post by IR_Kuoin on Today at 06:33:18 AM »
in a week.
General Discussion / Re: post urself irl
« Last post by njames89 on Today at 12:15:26 AM »
... and all the other things floating around out there / Re: apex legends
« Last post by Xant on February 18, 2019, 11:20:14 PM »
As for the legends, I think Wraith is ridiculously overrated. Her Q makes her extremely vulnerable. She can't see you, she can't draw her gun immediately after exiting, she can't open doors, she's really visible, etc., etc. It's only useful against bad players and in very niche scenarios where you have instant cover and the enemies are far. Like the video I posted last page has more than a few Wraiths using it to absolutely no avail. Her passive is one of the best passives, but in a game like Apex it's just a nice to have, not awesome or anything. Her ult is a double-edged sword at best. Sometimes it can be nice, but as an ultimate it's pretty fucking meh.

Bangalore's just OP, her passive needs a nerf. Her passive is a ten times better Wraith Q and she has it up constantly. The smokes are also too good because once you get Digital Threat, you can just free kill anyone who doesn't have one. Sadly, her voice lines are so fucking cringey and annoying it's hard to play her.

Pathfinder's cool but pretty much the only legend who has no abilities that help in a direct gunfight. Grapple can be useful before or after, but hardly ever during, since you're very vulnerable while in the air. His passive is the worst passive in the game. Knowing where the next circle is does absolutely fucking nothing in this game.

Bloodhound's ult is pretty damn good in theory but in practice I don't like it because enemies glow red and the HCOG's red dot just fuses right into them, making it harder to aim. He also has no mobility/escapes outside of his ult. He's also loud as fuck in his ult.

Mirage is probably my favorite. Another nigh useless passive (except maybe if you have self-revive), but his active is the best active in the game IMO. You can have a decoy up 24/7 to scout for you, and you get a notification about where the enemy shot it from. The uses for decoys are so many, and you can use it while healing. Also a very good counter against Peacekeeper campers in houses. If you know you're against a good player, you can even do some Dota 2 style jukes where you pretend you're a decoy to escape. His ultimate is also one of the better combat ultimates. That's mainly because the competition isn't very stiff, but still. The circle of decoys is basically useless except as visual obstruction, but the movement speed and cloak can be really good. Not as a last minute escape, but for flanking and engaging. Sometimes it can be annoying, though, because you can't end it when you want to. So if you get spotted (by, say, a Bloodhound in ulti) it can fuck you over hard. Doesn't last for that long though and you can usually juke until it ends. But again, there's never a fight where the decoy doesn't help in some way, which is extremely good. Every other legend's active abilities are very situational.
It's been a while...
General Discussion / Re: cRPG server active times
« Last post by Gurgumul on February 18, 2019, 10:12:28 PM »
what the fuck are you talking about? are you seeing things? maybe in your little degenerated head you can scroll the bar on the right to the right and left and meybe even toward yourself. Do you pull the bar to yourself? I bet you do that twice a day, WANKER

on normal peaple's screens the bar on the right only moves up and down, but I guess in your 90 degree slanted head it appears to move left and right.

But never that, I actually found the proper bar, and it's on tHE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN, not right!
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General Discussion / Re: Damn admins read this before you mute me
« Last post by Yuhmaz on February 18, 2019, 09:45:27 PM »
I didn't read it
U are a moderator rn,i said admins anyways
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