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General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« Last post by Bittersteel on Today at 07:37:02 PM »
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classic brits innit m8 swoop down some tea n biscuits before hitting your local mosque for your five o'clock prayer
Game Admin Feedback / Re: [NA] Bronto
« Last post by Jona on Today at 07:32:14 PM »
yo what did you build that??? does that hold a full cord of wood?? that's such a genius idea what the fuck i've been using tarps

How the fuck do you live in the north and yet you've never heard of a wood shed? Also it doesn't hold any cords... Bronto made it purely to hold several faggots.
Announcements / Re: Santa's Presents
« Last post by Jona on Today at 07:30:27 PM »
General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« Last post by Angantyr on Today at 07:28:10 PM »

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« Last post by njames89 on Today at 07:27:57 PM »
Better have a bunch of white kids catholic style
General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« Last post by Angantyr on Today at 07:26:37 PM »
'The chief statistician yesterday identified a rise in immigration as the most significant social change in Britain of recent years.
Len Cook, the former head of New Zealand's statistical service who took over as the UK national statistician in July, said population patterns through most of the 20th century had changed dramatically during the 1990s as migration became the main engine of population growth.'

'Mr Cook said "homegrown" population increases - the surplus of births over deaths - hugely exceeded net migration into the UK from 1900 to 1990. Indeed for much of the century there was a net outflow of people. But between 1991 and 1999 net immigration averaged 104,000 a year, compared with a homegrown population rise averaging 107,000.'

'Mr Cook said the change was particularly stark in the closing years of the century, when migration became the predominant demographic influence. Immigration overtook natural population growth in England and Wales in 1994-95. By 1998-99 net inward migration increased to 194,000, while natural population growth fell to 72,000. "This amounts to a huge shift in the importance of immigration to changes in the British population, with consequences for ethnic mix and age structure," he said.'

'About 70% of the population increase between the 2001 and 2011 censuses was due to foreign-born immigration. 7.5 million people (11.9 percent of the population at the time) were born abroad, although the census gives no indication of their immigration status or intended length of stay.'

General Discussion / Re: Warnings you have exposed thread.
« Last post by traxits on Today at 07:24:19 PM »
You have received a warning
« Sent to: traxits on: September 04, 2015, 05:12:34 PM » Reply with quoteDelete

fak u Gooby


i still can't believe this is a real forum warning i got and i still want to know who did it lmao


You have received a warning for speaking the unspeakable. Please cease these activities and abide by the forum rules otherwise we will take further action.

The Melee Gaming Team.

also idk what i did for that one but
Suggestions Corner / Re: Shield Rebalancing
« Last post by Jona on Today at 07:22:28 PM »
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If I'm biased in any way it's due to my use of shields, not because I find myself shattering them too often (and to be fair, that hardly sounds like a problem :twisted:). And I seem to recall the last time I saw you on the battlefield you shot me in the back of my head even while I was using my shield as a hoplite and when I proceeded to call you a coward you said you were merely taking the opportunity to put down a key player, or whatever it was that you tell yourself so you can sleep at night. :P

Tbh the durability of shields isn't even close to the top of the list of their problems (I have 5 shield skill and use a MW heavy round, so it's pretty tanky), it's mostly the fact that shields are the supposed counter to ranged, and yet carrying any decent shield with you makes you move just about as slowly as they do... only archers can shoot you while running away and you can't do anything but block and chase, with little, if any hope of catching up.

Having a shield on your back as a melee shielder, skillfully finishing the last enemy melee while the shield on your back blocks an incoming arrow (shot from a cross eyed ranged mebbe, amirite?) does sound pretty cool.

Indeed it does, and currently your shield can block projectiles even if you're simply running with it at your side, or holding an attack, however it backfires almost all the time because oftentimes something blocked by your shield when you're holding an attack isn't likely to hit you anyways, and when it hits your shield you get put into stun for some odd reason, similar to if you blocked a projectile with your shield in a blocking position. Needless to say it can be just as bad as actually getting hit by the projectile if you're in the middle of a fight, take your chance and throw out an attack, only to have it interrupted and canceled mid-swing by an arrow harmlessly hitting your shield.
General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« Last post by Bittersteel on Today at 07:17:47 PM »
Equally ridiculous fallacies indeed. Whats your point? I never said that anyone said that, I just wanted to equal things as you said.

We can easily agree that starvation, rape, terrorism is real, yes. But I'm still not sure that you would agree (you and the other sensible persons here) that the mass in mass immigration is to be put in perspective, that most male immigrants of third world countries arent rapists and that terrorism isnt their monopoly. Realllllllllllllllly not sure yet.

You think that we're stupid enough to believe that the portion of immigrant men raping and committing terrorism aren't a minority of said group yet I'm supposed to believe you just wanted to match the fallacies? For no reason?

I do not call into question the reality of immigration, rape done by immigrants, and terrorists acts done by immigrants. I call into question the scale of those acts, and their attributed roots, consequences, and ultimately how the "fate of western civilization" is resting upon how we treat it.

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You say so much yet so little. I say these stats look the way they do because of firstly, cultural upbringing, I'm sure you'd agree that all cultures aren't equal, and I can't speak for how you have it in France, but in Sweden, people aren't exactly encouraged to become a part of society, to integrate. All cultures have the same worth etc.

There are also genetic factors that come into play, low IQ mixed with high testosterone is a recipe for stupid decisions, such as crime and rape. Biology can't be taught to go away, like you can with culture. There are also other reasons I'm sure but I believe these are the main ones.

You question this, but in what way? You still haven't provided any argument, it seems like you are tip-toeing around everything.

Its really hard to take you guys seriously because our experiences seem to differ so much, like we live in a different world.

Oh, this isn't patronizing at all. I have friends from Lebanon, Iraq and Eritrea, I personally haven't had many bad experiences with immigrants, only as a child, when I had no freedom to choose who to be with. So I'm not actually sure what you mean with different "experiences", but to be clear, I base my opinions on the biology, history and statistics I read, not prejudice or because I have some hidden anger personally against muslims or whatever.
Announcements / Re: Santa's Presents
« Last post by Penitent on Today at 07:12:44 PM »
So, uh, what if we played during december (or maybe sometime before, i don't quite remember any more)?

You were playing before December, I remember.  I don't want to tire santa any more, but I always stick up for my siege-bros.
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