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Announcements / Re: Santa's Presents
« Last post by PhoenicianWarrior on Today at 03:39:46 AM »
General Off Topic / Re: Meanwhile in USA
« Last post by Havelle Registered Voter on Today at 02:43:01 AM »
But what about criminal sentencing disparity
General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« Last post by Angantyr on Today at 01:38:01 AM »
For anyone interested in the topic:

General Off Topic / Re: Meanwhile in USA
« Last post by Turkhammer on Today at 01:36:24 AM »
Probably tide pod myself tbh

Oh man, if you ever do it, do it quick.  Tide pod can't be easy.
Announcements / Re: Santa's Presents
« Last post by RD_Professor on Today at 01:30:43 AM »
I've been giving out looms to anyone who came back to the game and posted here, even if they came back after december.

but it's been nearly 2 months since christmas, so I'm not going to give out any more. that is, unless you played before december and did not receive loompoints for some strange reason. not if you started playing again today or something. santa is tired.

you did get the LP's on Silveredge, and Zeus you got them on HoC_Zeus
General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« Last post by Leshma on Today at 01:28:11 AM »
Who cares what they want, when they obviously aren't going to get it. Just like you aren't going to get what you want. Because neither of you have any influence on the matters.

Serbs want revenge for NATO bombing, for Kosovo, for not being allowed to turn Croatia into wasteland. But guess what, Serbs are never going to get in such position where they can take revenge upon those who are now in position of power.

Besides dude is talking classic commie spiel, we're going to give powah to the people, nationalize this, nationalize that. Yeah right... he comes from a country which is fully controlled by foreign forces and white people in general. He can't do any of the shit he's preaching and he's preaching that shit in order to get in power to steal from the people and make himself and his family richer.

Take us for example. I don't like you, you don't like me. You think of me as lesser human, I despise you for that. But in the end none of that matters. I'm in Serbia and earn less than half the money you earn just because you've had the privilege to be born in France. And I can't take that away from you. But I could go into politics and talk shit about you and the likes of you and get stupid people in Serbia to elect me and allow me to become rich. Which is what this Julius Malema is doing, and every other negro politician who's trying to get in position of power. Corrupt and lying bastards, each and every of them. How does their political spiel affect you? They'll hate you as long you have better living conditions, it's called jelousy you know and is perfectly natural for humans to feel that way.

About actions of Google and other corporations. They are driven by profits, there is no big ideology behind their actions. They've already saturated western markets and have no space to grow. Which is why they are trying to expand to third world countries and best way is to try to sell some bullshit story how they care about minorities which come from third world countries. But to understand any of that you need basic understanding of economics which somehow eluded you and Angantyr. Too many history books, too little reading about marketing strategies. Btw China already closed the door for them which is why USA is doing the same to Chinese companies, so Google and co aren't targeting yellow people anymore in their media campaigns.

Of course all the usual bundle of stickss SO worried about "compassion" and "kindness" will make a huge uproar in the media...yeah, aaaaaany day now.

Those bundle of stickss are paid for their actions of fake compassion and kindness towards the less fortunate souls from subsaharan countries.
Game Admin Feedback / Re: [NA] Bronto
« Last post by traxits on Today at 01:24:45 AM »
I think it had something to do with.....
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

yo what did you build that??? does that hold a full cord of wood?? that's such a genius idea what the fuck i've been using tarps
General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« Last post by Angantyr on Today at 01:23:40 AM »

Maybe apathetic soyboys who have never traveled outside their comfy majority white first world countries should give this a listen. This is the "evolution" awaiting your children. Do you really believe once you are minorities in your own countries the idiotic hatred of white "priviledge" will end? That it will stop and we will be treated the same way we treat "minorities"? They don't want equality, they want "revenge", for all the perceived wrongs they are endlessly brainwashed into believing by academia and media. Wrongs they perceive and are encouraged to perceive as being commited on their collective, by our collective.

Rhodesia 2.0

Of course all the usual bundle of stickss SO worried about "compassion" and "kindness" will make a huge uproar in the media...yeah, aaaaaany day now.

Yes. The expropriation of the remaining farmland from the white farmers who have cultivated the land for generations, white squatter camps and racially-motivated farm murders have been ugly but it's going to get uglier still.

Announcements / Re: Auto-Balance, and other Balancings
« Last post by RD_Professor on Today at 01:22:20 AM »
reverting the length of shep axe back, as it was rather unique compared to other 1h axes. damage stats will be reduced, other stats subject to change. no exchanges for this item for the time being

slot change of execution sword makes it unusable for archers/xbowers, exchanges granted

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i never understood that but why every time a new item is added it's never shown on crpg site? i don't mind it, i know it's gonna get fixed eventually but i never understood why it always takes a while. as for the rest, 'tis a good patch, maybe the buff on 2h warhammer is a bit too much but for the rest it's fine, good job
peeps gotta take a picture of it
General / Re: They stole your money and run with it.
« Last post by traxits on Today at 01:20:22 AM »
most normal people have never even heard of crpg or chadz or okam or any of this
since when are you an authority figure on wtf is normal?... just saying

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i'm not an authority figure on what's normal i'd just be willing to wager that i spend more time in social settings than most people on this forum (yeh humble brag i go to the number 1 party school in canada). all i'm saying is that people lose like a half gram of blow on a night out and they're out $40, they get upset for like 30 minutes and move on. it's not normal to be upset over such a small amount of money years later, that's like me asking my ex from grade 11 for my hoodies back.

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