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Game Admin Feedback / Re: [EU] Pandemona
« Last post by Blackbow on Today at 04:22:09 PM »
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General Discussion / Re: Cpt. Georges should get a free respec now
« Last post by Asheram on Today at 04:16:53 PM »
Gnjus,  what movie is that gnjus?
It's from that history channel show Knightfall.
General Discussion / Re: Cpt. Georges should get a free respec now
« Last post by Torben on Today at 04:03:37 PM »
Gnjus,  what movie is that gnjus?
General Discussion / Re: Buff Franciscas
« Last post by Corsair831 on Today at 03:54:48 PM »
IMO the strength of the throwing axes, particularly the franciscas, is their ability to counter other throwers/cav/archers better. i have an 18/18 thrower/shielder alt and I can carry a hand pavise shield and 18 franciscas (6 ammo per slot). Cav can only attempt to horsebump you, archers can only try to kite you (but u got a shield and ranged of your own) and other throwers, unless they are using axes as well, won't be getting through a shield. Plus CUT damage means your strength is against light armored opponents (ranged and horses).

also think of your melee ability when you have to engage enemy archers/throwers/infantry in melee. just give them a couple blocks/attacks, bait them into trying to s-key you since you're a shielder, and then S KEY THEM RIGHT BACK and throw axes back at them

shield thrower may have had some 'nerfing' done to it, but it's still more than viable, it's probably the best global counter-class (horse archers can't even do shit 2 u xdd)

Yeah, so that doesn't work.

I tried a variety of builds, and by far the most effective was level 32 12/27, with which over a week managed to get around a 1.3kdr on, using iberian mace for melee damage (don't even try to kill an average player with franciscas in melee), 3 shield skill and 145 1h/throwing.

That's compared to my normal build of level 32 18/21 hoplite sword shield, with which i average ~~2-2.5kdr, everything heirloomed on both classes. Quite clearly the melee was a lot better. It's ~~ 3-4 franciscas to kill an archer, and sometimes ~~5-6 to kill normal tanky players. Javelins are usually ~~2-3 and 4-5, as well as being much much much easier to hit with, and you only get 1 more ammunition with franciscas to compensate for that (which is clearly not worth it). So again, no point in taking the franciscas (and tbh very little point in taking throwing in general; there's so much hate against archers, when's the last time you actually saw a player doing really well with throwing?).

I've honestly had cases, wearing almost no armour, +3 franciscas and 145 throwing, where i've missed 3 axes in a row stood ~~2-3 metres from someone who was stood still with the reticule right on them. It's ridiculous, they're just almost impossible to hit with, and when they do, they do practically no damage.

Just buffing their accuracy and reload speedwould go a long way to making them a viable weapon
General Discussion / Re: Remove turnrate nerf
« Last post by njames89 on Today at 03:50:55 PM »
James is just looking for excuses to post this gif again.

 :lol: heh uh NO...

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Game Balance Discussion / Re: Balance for crossbows
« Last post by DaveUKR on Today at 03:50:24 PM »
I think the hunting crossbow and light crossbow roles should be reversed. Hunting crossbow is atm the weakest one and most closely fits with your suggested role for light crossbow. I don't see the need for the change in hierarchy.

Overall the changes for heavier and medium crossbows look alright. I Wouldn't slow down the weakest crossbow's reload or give it so much more damage, though. I currently run a pretty niche crossbow build with hunting crossbow, where I compensate for the lack of damage and missile speed with headshots and mobility. Willing to give suggested changes a try though, even if it would pretty much ruin my current playstyle.

Hunting crossbow fits the place of a low tier medium crossbow (it even shares the model of regular Crossbow). I agree that there is a vacant place for a faster but weaker light crossbow, probably need an entirely new weapon. Like this
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P.S. Missile speed : damage ratio will get out of the conception but we can pretend that this crossbow uses different type of bolts ;-)
Or you can just be me. I am approaching my gold boarder and I only play meme characters in competitive. It has gotten to the point where if my gf doesnt say "Hanzo please change" during sex I just cant get off.
General Discussion / Re: Remove turnrate nerf
« Last post by McKli_PL on Today at 03:44:20 PM »
Little do you know about spears then. Of course you can still duel with them, there are tricks that many fall for that work even without turnrates, its just that they are unreliable when someone can simply sidestep faster and make it glance.
Oh and sensitivity does nothing.
sensitivity does nothing on stabs :mrgreen: hehehe
The Overwatch paradox: The more hours you clock in the game and improve your play, the more tryhard and fun-punishing your matchmaking becomes.
Sell/Trade / Re: ALDI Nord
« Last post by Finse on Today at 03:15:42 PM »
Just saying, you would get it quicker by just adding that trade to the market
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