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General Discussion / Re: We are still alive
« Last post by Yeldur on Today at 04:46:44 PM »
yuhmaz please just kill yourself you're more retarded than all of us autistic krems fuckers rolled up into a ball
page 4, no point in going further for me

abandon thread
visitors can't see pics , please register or login
There are way too many Supreme Overlords on this forum. I think the three four (my bad forgot about Dupre) of them should be required to fight to the death IRL with a single winner keeping the title.
"I'mma stop you right there" you're fun  :wink:
Jona, your attitude really doesn't get you any favours with us.

Oh hey, the mute -1 clicker finally speaks out. Anyways, I'm a stop you right there. No one's attitude should gain anyone favor with you. If someone starts sucking your dick you shouldn't weigh their opinion any more than someone slinging shit at you, or someone else who is entirely indifferent. That's half the reason crpg became the mess it is today, people taking the advice of their friends and disregarding equally sound reasoning from others not in their little circle. Take this for example:

a long desired change - something to lower the levels and go back to somewhere similar to pre-PoD levels.

Desired by who, exactly? The few people you spoke to on discord? The others in your little circle of devs? That poll on here sure as hell ain't enough to validate this change, as that wasn't about lowering the levels, it was about reverting to pre-pod and nothing more.

we've MANY MANY TIMES linked to the discord on this forum, saying that this is where our discussions, ideas and announcements are happening, that you were somehow "barred" from sharing your 2 cents about the topic? If you saw that we were using a chat server like discord to coordinate our development, why didn't you partake and instead stayed here? I'm genuinely curious.

I never claimed to be barred from any discussions, I only said that they didn't take place here, and instead on some other medium. This here is the crpg forum. It's got a section called game balance discussion, no reason not to use it. Discord isn't convenient for everyone. It isn't necessarily a website I'd want to go on at work where someone can be spamming racist or otherwise offensive material, posting sketchy links, etc. Sure, that happens on the forums here, but it is far easier to avoid such things when it isn't automatically updated live.

How is offering to have an actual polite discussion not worthwhile?

I made my offer at a civil discussion in my previous post, even made a template for your response that would allow for an easily continued discussion since it would ensure you hit on all the major points and provide follow up questions of your own to keep things moving forward. Instead you made another reply that moved the topic further away from the OP.
The Chamber of Tears / Re: Zottlmarsch
« Last post by Gravoth_iii on Today at 06:05:53 AM »
Dishing out bans in a near dead community for a dead mod. Its almost as if it wouldve been better to just drop development so we can at least keep forums on life support.
Aaaaand no worthwhile response, yet again. Not surprising.

You ask why I reply in this manner? I ask why this thread was moved here in the first place. It was quite tame at the time it was moved. All it shows is that the current devs have the lowest tolerance of criticism out of all their predecessors, which is truly remarkable. There's apparently no way you'd have an intelligent discussion if someone had a viewpoint that differed from your own. If you want a real discussion move this on back to general discussion or game balance discussion, ain't getting shit while its stuck in the land of the shitposts. I'd make a new thread, but big bad dupre told me I'd get in trouble if I do. QQ
How is offering to have an actual polite discussion not worthwhile?

So, let me state this clearly. I have said that I will have a conversation with you. The location of where that conversation happens means nothing to me. I will treat it as a conversation anywhere else.

If you still refuse to have a conversation free of snarkiness, then you obviously never wanted to have such a conversation in the first place. Or, you are unable to get over the "trauma" of having your thread moved to the QQ subforum. In either case, I won't spend any further time trying to discuss this with you.
General Discussion / Re: We are still alive
« Last post by Yuhmaz on Today at 02:44:05 AM »

And why is Oberyn being such a toxic cunt lol
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its still ok, good time killer for down time at work or school.
General Discussion / Re: post urself irl
« Last post by Pollux on Today at 02:19:23 AM »
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+3 umbrella
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