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NA (Official) / Re: Can I have my chars and looms back?
« Last post by Bronto on Today at 09:21:33 PM »
After discussing this with the other Admins and Dupre we'll be giving you your characters back on one condition, don't fuck it up. You do and you've purchased yourself a one way ticket back to banland. Have a great day.

Thread locked.

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The throwing apples should be able to be tossed so donkey can run faster after them.
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General Off Topic / Re: Meanwhile in USA
« Last post by Asheram on Today at 08:54:06 PM »
Well that's fun, I just want to point out H.R. 5373 2018 got introduced last month.  Asheram you should write Scott Peters and tell him he is a good boy.

Ok, thanks for the interlude,  proceed with the squabbles.
opposite for me
after living with and around them and being exposed to their culture for an extended period of time i'm starting to become unironically racist

yeah. well.. thats what happens when a betacuck cant handle his own failures at being a normal functioning human being
General Off Topic / Re: Most Work Is Pointless In 2017
« Last post by Asheram on Today at 08:44:42 PM »
idle hands is the devils playground.
Loved that movie "Idle Hands"
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... and all the other things floating around out there / Re: MapleStory 2
« Last post by Vibe on Today at 08:39:09 PM »
Nope not everything I heard is based on the Japanese version. This is from an interview with the devs about the steam version.

"MMORPG: Will there be separate PVE and PVP servers, or is it all PVP all the time?

Bless Online Team: There will not be separate PVE or PVP servers, but we understand that many players do not wish to partake in PVP until it’s on their own terms. To help with this, there will be a consumable item that players can buy in-game to make them non-PVP enabled. This will work all the way to the level cap, last for a time, and has no cooldown. At the level cap, the item will still be obtainable, but via the Cash Shop. A large part of the later game content is PVP oriented (like our sieges), so we’re hoping players will try to engage in the conflict between the two factions then. Still, if they wish to avoid PVP, they’ll be able to buy the consumable in the cash shop, and you will also be able to earn cash shop currency via in-game activities as well."

"MMORPG: Will microtransaction or item shop things be available at a later point for players to purchase? If so, please tell us about the types of things players will find.

Bless Online Team: Yes, Bless Online will have a cash shop. In it you’ll find awesome cosmetic equipments, skins, mounts and pets, consumables and boosts, and more. There will be no “loot boxes” as it were."

Hopefully the grind isn't artificially made to be tedious in hopes of encouraging people to buy boosts seeing how this version is b2p.


Oh yeah missed that one. Well doesn't bother me, it's largely a PvP based game anyway from what I heard. Also based on other version it doesn't take long at all to reach max cap. Something like 2 weeks of somewhat casual playing.
General Off Topic / Re: Most Work Is Pointless In 2017
« Last post by Xant on Today at 08:34:24 PM »
Your mom is the devil's playground.
General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« Last post by Xant on Today at 08:31:09 PM »
Why is everyone implying irl fight between us would be fair when not a single fight we had in cRPG was chivalrous? From my experience you're just bunch of backstabbing cunts who'll lie their way out of any danger yet I'm supposed to believe you'll fight fair in bar brawl. Yeah right.

In fair fight bigger specimen will most likely beat up the smaller one. In actual fight for supremacy only cunning matters. Easy to be treacherous bastard in video game but try to be one irl, it takes special mindset.

You racist schmucks don't stand a chance against true and proven bolshevik revolutionary.

Oberyn Martell was using his speed to fight bigger man and he nearly won but his honest approach to duel cost him his life.
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How do you know about Saskatchewan  :shock: WHO TOLD YOU
How are we supposed to bring communism to Saskatchewan if we don't know anything about it, duh?
The Wolverines stand with you James.  :P
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