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Diplomacy / Re: Two Paths Diverge
« Last post by bensai on Today at 02:31:34 AM »
you're always welcome in frisia xdd

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Sarnos_The_Magic_Magician is banned for a day. Thanks for reporting.

Scheduled Unban   21.01.2018 02:01:00
General Discussion / Re: Could Strategus be more accessible?
« Last post by pogosan on Today at 02:01:30 AM »
With current population, you can join 90% of battles 2 minutes before start and still get accepted. I sometimes even join ts after battle started.

Just apply to every battle occasionally, come to those you actually want.
Strategus General Discussion / Re: [Add-on] Strategus Tool Belt (STB)
« Last post by Ravenar on Today at 01:48:37 AM »
I come with great news! Rejoice!

Chy, the beloved developer of the Tool Belt shall be back once more, and cook up some nasties on Strategus!
We will wait for the reset (in case more features are implemented, or the interface is changed, who knows...) before brainstorming and adapting the plug-in to the game, but you can be sure the tool will become fully operational again in the future, and probably will expand somewhat.

Completely off-topic but Chy just finished developing a indie game, if you're interested to check what he's done I'll leave a link to the steam store here:

I can get some free keys since I helped the game a bit. Just PM me if you're into it. Just sharing the word :)
Well that was a slaughter even when they had a plate armor and even numbers.
James you should put that picture in ModDB tbh, looks really good.

also thx for the scoreboard Bugnir, was leading at first but in the end barely made it into your screenshot  :?
Never mind, was not on server yet.
General Discussion / Re: Could Strategus be more accessible?
« Last post by Cassi on Today at 12:52:40 AM »
I'm not gonna join 30 mins before. I hardly know when i'm gonna feel like playing at all let alone 30 mins before I do.

30 min not even necessary, 15-10 min is ok. Join the TS, mute your mic, leave a msgs in channel chat that you will be there so you dont have to care for rolecall that much, if at all, then alt tab. Just listen a bit and hop on EU3 on time, thats all you need. I think its a nice experience, those battles are mostly pretty cool, you should give it a try when you have time and are in dire need of a ship load of autism and raging kurwa kids in TS.
Lol. You can see me in the pic in my kapıkulu heraldic armor and chichak, right before i got also teamkilled by Sarnos iirc.

This was the beginning of last nights drama actually.

This is what i wrote about this specific incident in Black Devil's thread:
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... and all the other things floating around out there / Darwin Project
« Last post by Asheram on Today at 12:46:00 AM »
If you are following this game its an open beta weekend til Sunday.
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