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The Chamber of Tears / Re: The Dark Lord of Chamber of Tears
« Last post by IR_Kuoin on Today at 07:27:34 PM »
As the Dark Lord sits down at the table to eat his supper, I, having crafted a genius plan starting with me enrolling in the service of the Dark Lord as a taste tester with an impenetrable resume and experience which through my loyal service made me the lord's personal stool man (I wipe his butt after shitting) readied my spoon to taste today's special soup, nothing wrong with it, except I planted a little submarine in it (left over foods that are spit back into liquids) to make him consume some of my personal spit, today was the day he would swallow a part of me which would make him an incel on the spot, invalidating his rule as lord.
cRPG Technical problems / The Archmage of The Castle White
« Last post by Yuhmaz on Today at 07:22:01 PM »
3 days left to the final battle with Castle Black.My mage army is not duly equipped nor it is trained to fight with huge army of ghouls.I am anxious,trying to think of a plan in front of the map in my warroom.I am confused,the mage girls drained all my energy last yeldurht,i am trying to come up with a plan but can't.Oracles came in to the room and told me that either i am going to lose this battle and forfeit the castle,or a hero will come up and save me.I see there is no point in making plans now,i must find the hero that will save me,my warlords judge me for trusting the oracle.They say we should be preparing for the battle nonetheless.I,archmage of castle white left the warroom,now going back and forth thinking how can i survive a ghoul army that triple the size of my army.
Announcements / Re: you to decide
« Last post by Yuhmaz on Today at 07:09:25 PM »
Dave you told us that we will decide the games future,3 pages long posts are here and you did none of them thinking it would be bad.What if you just doing everything that is written here and take back the ones that doesn't work?Just like autist solving a puzzle,just try to put the piece on the board if it doesn't fits take it out.
Historical Discussion / Re: Can we have new subject on this board?
« Last post by Yuhmaz on Today at 07:06:23 PM »
you are saying Cassi has had a positive influence on you?
She is influenced positively by me,i influenced her ass and inspired on her back.
The Chamber of Tears / Re: The Dark Lord of Chamber of Tears
« Last post by Yuhmaz on Today at 07:04:50 PM »
My mistake, for some reason your posts did not show up and I though it was only me and yeldur, if I had seen your posts I would have gone further. My bad.
Np start another one.
... and all the other things floating around out there / Re: WoW
« Last post by Gravoth_iii on Today at 06:20:53 PM »

Our first Nefarian kill. Struggled on Chromaggus before, but he changes from week to week and so it was easier this time around which allowed us to down Nef as well. Im dps druid, so i get a lot of gear quickly because many pieces are not shared by other classes. Going to probably try to snatch the Nef head next time though, gives a juicy ring. We run a DKP system so most people save their points for big weapon drops, meanwhile i got my weapon for minimum price and its bis, druid life <3
General Discussion / Re: yeldurht kyeldurht toyeldurht
« Last post by Yeldur on Today at 05:53:43 PM »
Announcements / Re: you to decide
« Last post by Yeldur on Today at 05:52:51 PM »
hey i'm still here and ready to help if u need me and yeah, san did make the ranged classes more melee heavy
General / Re: Let's talk fondly about OKAM.
« Last post by Yeldur on Today at 05:51:15 PM »
Announcements / Re: you to decide
« Last post by DaveUKR on Today at 05:26:06 PM »
What about melee-ranged balance? Any news?

Since there is no active balance team and if no one else is against (San, Uther, James) I'll have a ground to experiment. I'm thinking of reducing ranged capabilities a lot (ammo and damage first of all) and increasing their melee potential a bit (this part is actually done by San already but I haven't tested it yet honestly)
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