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Strategus General Discussion / Re: New Tihr - Schoi
« Last post by Asheram on Today at 01:23:13 AM »
He should have bigger pecs with that arm size tbh, but nice gains bro.
he has something behind his arm pressing his muscle out to make it look bigger than it actually is, probably a 2x4 wedged between the back of his arm and door casing and placed so you cant see it with the camera angle used.
Announcements / Re: Donkey Crew is back!
« Last post by Asheram on Today at 01:14:34 AM »
Is this Donkey Crews new project under aliases? Or does OKaM have some competition?

"Unique combat system - as the main point of our game is realism, we have completely rejected hit points. We use an armor penetration system, involving just your weapon and the enemy’s armor. Strikes from 11 different directions and 5 block types make each battle exciting."

NA (Official) / Re: Warn albus the bundle of sticks
« Last post by Bronto on Today at 01:13:46 AM »
Albus consider this a warning. Please do not intentionally teamhit or teamkill. I can tell very little from the screenshot. Cikel considered albus warned. Justice has been served. Thread locked.
General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« Last post by Gravoth_iii on Today at 01:07:29 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Donkey Crew, a love letter for you by the Panos
« Last post by Yak_ on Today at 12:22:05 AM »
This is the scam forum...I am chill bro. You need to chill and let the OKAM boys do the talking

Pogosan dont hide come back here

Could you at least contain your autistic screeching to one thread instead of the entire forum?

thanks in advance
Strategus General Discussion / Re: New Tihr - Schoi
« Last post by Schoi on Today at 12:18:10 AM »
WOW you chinky motherfucker didn't know you were a soldier,your body,face lol its just like mine.When our bodies were in soul lobby my soul probably choose the one that was near your body.Mine is xlarge adult version of you,fits great.

Btw what do you do in army

I'm a medic, and I can either be placed as a combat medic, or a medical assistant in a clinic. Usually I am tasked with inspecting vehicles all day and doing nothing related to my job at all.
Strategus General Discussion / Re: New Tihr - Schoi
« Last post by Kadeth on Today at 12:09:31 AM »
tfw baby chink is far stronger than i am
chadz actually skyped with Prof a few times and helped him fix things such as the launcher and some strat issues, so they actually have done it it just hasn't been advertised.
Strategus General Discussion / Re: New Tihr - Schoi
« Last post by Yeldur on May 22, 2018, 09:49:02 PM »
nAM schoi xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

gl bro make sure to kill all the muslims or something idk

if any bundle of sticks attacks ur castle i will defend ur honour and crush the invaders
... and all the other things floating around out there / Re: Escape from Tarkov
« Last post by Xant on May 22, 2018, 09:30:51 PM »
I wouldn't tolerate even one quarter of the issues that Tarkov has from any other game. I guess that's testament to how much I like the core gameplay/design. But boy, is it an abusive relationship sometimes. No game makes me as mad as Tarkov does sometimes. From the hackers, to the stutters, to the desync, to cheating AI, to dozens of glitches and bugs (people glitching in walls, random sprint steps ruining your aim, full auto suddenly not working, fire rate tied to FPS, etc., etc) to low FPS, to just some flat out retarded design choices (that thankfully usually get changed after a while, the devs do listen to the community).

Still, it's everything I wanted from DayZ in an ideal package, I really like the raid format. Haven't been able to play PUBG since I got Tarkov either, it just bores me in comparison. And some of the map design is spectacular, like Interchange is super unique.
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