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Updated Reinhardt II's Return to His Fathers Title. The last section will be supplied by Reinhardt himself and ill put it in when he sends it to me :D. Gonna start doing this so that everyone can have very personalized rp that they want inside of the larger faction rps.

The Reclaiming of Nova Slezkh Castle

It had been a struggle to contain the levels of excitement brewing inside the Acre encampments. The villages of their forefathers had been retaken, homelands once worked by the glorious Kingdom of Acre had again been reclaimed and were once more bustling with production. The Tundra had not changed since James had known it. The beautiful white rolling snow covered hills brought back a fierce amount of memories. With both the fortresses of Nova Slezkh and New Yruma within a yeldurhts march of the camp the men were growing emotional. They knew the orders for the attack would come soon. A 1750 man force had been gathered and informed they would be moving within a fortyeldurht. The men had been equipped with a devious selection of weaponry. There was no doubt they would overpower the nomads who had since taken the historic castle.

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☩ ☩ ☩

Time passed and as a heavy fog rolled in the men became uneasy. As Brother Westgate was ordering the contingent of camp guards to double their watch and send out scouts to ensure the safety of the camped troops the horn of a rider was sounded. It was the scouting party of Lord Blue. Blue had been out scouting the castle to determine if the time was right. "My King the nomads are ill prepared and number significantly less than we initially expected. We are ready to commence the attack." Blue spoke swiftly. "Gods be good. We will march then on the hour" James replied. The Seargents were dispatched to their battalions and in no time the camp was on the move. Leading the vanguard were the renowned 13 Kyeldurhts, recently vassalized into the Kingdom. In the command tent, as they completed the necessary strategic conversations and were preparing to don their armour, James spoke to Lord Bryggan of the 13 Kyeldurhts "Here you are good friend, the chance at glory for which you long. Give them nothing and take from them everything. I have seen your victory in my dreams and know fully the butchery of which you are capable. Do us proud for the Gods alone will judge you and theirs is the just cause."

☩ ☩ ☩

With the castle in sight just barely through fog the men began unloading the equipment. It immediately became apparent some kind of mistake or dark magic was afoot. Near a third of the quipment the crusaders had packed when leaving the encampent was gone. "I WILL FIND OUT WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS GOD DAMN THEM TO HELL" James ranted, furious that his men would go into battle less than perfectly equipped. Thankfully James knew his planning for contingencies like this would see them through the battle, albeit with added losses. Luckily none of the siege equipment had disappeared and the catapult teams quickly went to work.They destroyed the targeted wall within 10 minutes of the first rocks being launched. Once Crusader Arquus who was bravely scouting up near to the walls gave the signal that the breach was cleared James ordered the assault and the vanguard led by Lord Bryggan made at full speed. The assault mainly poured into the courtyard but several battalions were also flanking either side of the castle with ladder teams. Losses were heavier than James had expected due to the supply mystery, he would have to ensure higher levels of security on the camp armouries from now on.

☩ ☩ ☩

As the battle wound down and all but a few quarters of the castle came under Crusader control King James returned to camp to meet with his Officers. Walking to speak with Bryggan who was drenched in a sickening amount of blood, James noticed Delson was being bandaged around the head by one of the silent sisters. "chadz! what has happened to you Delson" James said. "It was a shaft from Yumi. Filthy Godless nomad almost got me, but its just a flesh wound. Also I must stop wearing these pelt hoods. Stylish but perhaps less desirably effective." Delson replied. Just happy that his friend and master of coin hadn't been killed James patted Delson on the shoulder and went to speak with the Officers. "Today is the first step in a glorious Crusade. My Brothers today we were blooded together it was an honor to fight with you and those lost today will live on in the Kingdom of Heaven as heroes. Glory to the Gods and Glory to Acre!" James shouted zealously. With some more talk of strategy and coming battles the men retired exhausted by the siege. There would be more to come soon James thought to himself as he passed out on his bearskin furs spilling a cup of wine on a nearby maiden.

Reinhardt II's Return to His Fathers Title

Lord Reinhardt was deep asleep in the siege camp outside of Yruma castle when Crusader Westgate burst into his tent. Momentarily in a dream haze still dreaming of pirate infested seas in a far away corner of the world Reinhardt muttered “If you don’t suck on the limes your teeth will fall out you fucking idiots” before becoming aware of his surroundings. Allowing Reinhardt a moment to compose himself Westgate spoke “My Lord Blue has arrived sir with tidings of the siege, I will allow him to tell you himself. He is inspecting the horses and will be here momentarily. “Very good, I will meet him in the War tent” Reinhardt Replied.

☩ ☩ ☩

Upon entering the War tent Reinhardt was immediately able to ascertain that the battle had been a victory. The grin on Blue's face could have been a mile wide. “We’ve captured Slezkh my friend. The orders from the King are to move on Yruma with haste” Blue spoke. Honoured at the opportunity to retake his father’s title Reinhardt replied “Then it will be done, give the orders to commence the siege. Godspeed”.

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☩ ☩ ☩

As the siege was nearing the stages of first assault Lord Reinhardt, Ranger Cameron, and Ranger Sellka found themselves sharing a pint of ale before the fight. Lest they never get the chance again. The three slammed their glasses on the table and a chorus of “Deus Vult” was echoed by the three. Cameron and Sellka had both fought Yruma as young men, now grizzled veterans returning home after a lifetime away. Reinhardt, named as Ronald in infancy, raised to the kyeldurhtly name of Ulrich, and finally who had retaken the name of his father in Lordship, had not. This would be his first time entering the glorious Acre fortress that was so long the seat of his father. Words could not explain the emotions coursing through his veins. This was his reason for existing his cause, to bring glory to his father’s name, to the King, to the Gods.

“Thank you friends, you have stood at my side, supported me in regaining the glory of my name. I will never forget this.” Reinhardt spoke. To which Sellka replied “Your father fought bravely for decades for this faction. Any man of such a bloodline is nothing but a true holy crusader. I fought alongside him through hundreds of battles. Our friends were lost together, our battles won and lost together. He would be so proud to see you here today. It is an honor to fight with you”.  “Aye, couldn’t have said it better. Your father was a kind man to me, he taught me most of what I know. Also who else would let me keep all these penguins in their Castle. Too cute to let them die or get eaten by weirdos right?” Cameron replied. To which Reinhardt, with a serious but amused look on his face, said “…Yes Cameron. Well my brothers today we carry out our holy duty let the Gods give us strength!” and with that the trio moved to meet the rest of their brothers for the assault.

☩ ☩ ☩

With the battle started it became quickly evident that there was little opposition in the castle. Perhaps the nomads had somehow already gotten word of the fate of their brothers in the north. The decision was made to save the rocks and siege equipment for another day. The Castle would be assaulted by ladder. In the front ranks Reinhardt gave the command for the vanguard to attack head on. He then took a small group of kyeldurhts flanking around the right of the Castle. Crusader Tanner flanked by Saint were first up the ladder. Tanner was first at the top of the ladder and swiftly put his spear into the faces of several nomads, causing some initial panic in the nomads immediately ranking behind the dead. Some of whom proceeded to stumbled backwards off the wall and to their deaths. Saint wielding the newly acquired Heavy Goedendag smashing people over the head jumped in behind Tanner. Reinhardt having flanked  around right was able to secure the right wall and good positioning for the ranged fighters. On the walls Sellka and Cameron began decimating the lightly armored nomads. From the castle courtyard you could hear someone yelling “pew pew pew pew pew”. The elite fighters supported by a core of Crusaders and an excellent complement of mercenaries soon controlled the walls. With the remaining nomads being shot down by Rangers, Genoese Crossbowmen, and mercenary archers/crossbows the remaining enemies were routed. The Siege was a success.

☩ ☩ ☩

Reinhardts Final thoughts on the siege and conversation with officers/men COMING SOON….

An Epoch of Divine Enlistment

He was running, sprinting through the woods. Something was chasing him. A dark figure, as he looked back he could roughly make out its shape. The beast was tall maybe 7 feet, it walked not on human legs but on hoofs, the sounds was terrifying, not those of a man. Looking back again the fucking thing appeared to have horns. Gods help him what foul beast of the deep was this? Having been unable to find his horse it was a moment of time until the beast would catch up to him. James readied his sword hand as he prepared to turn and cut for beast’s throat. He had been raised knowing one day the satanic beasts of the underworld would come for him, he hadn’t expected it so soon.

As he heard the beast nearing to several meters behind him James spun quickly to his right holding a swing to his left and cutting at the creature’s throat. It was little to no use, the creature had a thick mane and James was unsure if he even drew blood. It was a demonic minotaur, unbelievable, it must have been 800 lbs. Blood dripping from its horns the beast had no doubt recently killed. Perhaps that is where James’ horse had gotten to he wondered. The Maester’s of Nova Curaw in his childhood had learned him of such beasts but it was accepted that they had disappeared from the realm a thousand years ago. Most claims of their sightings were attributed to lunatics and madmen.

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After slashing for the beast’s throat it became enraged and smashed James clear off the path and into a tree on the edge of the forest. James heard and felt a few of his ribs give way. Why had he gone hunting alone in the forest, Reinhardt and the Bastard of Acre had both counselled him against boar hunting alone, would this be the last of King James? No he couldn’t die here, the gods had a mission for him, he had to fight. Pushing himself up with all his strength James was able to list his head and face the beast once more. Drawing his sword he figured he had one good lunge for the beast’s heart before it killed him.

Looking at the beast it appeared it was starting to glow of a gold light. “What magic is this, I will end you foul beast! TASTE OF MY BLADE!” James screamed as he lunged towards the beast. Just as his sword was about to pierce the skin of the beast and the beast’s claws were mere inches from the King’s head he was thrown back fifteen feet by an explosion of light like James had never before seen. Nearly blinded by the explosion James was barely able to see the figured of the Minotaur disintegrating through the power of the light. Yet he himself was still here and felt no pain his ribs feeling almost instantly healed.

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When the light cleared all that stood there was the figure of a woman with holy glowing angelic wings behind here. “Who are you holy angel? You have saved me from this foul beast.” The King asked. The angel just stood there smiled. As James was wondering whether had already been killed by the minotaur he began drifting away slowly realizing that it had all been… A dream. Composing himself and readying to complete his day he prepared to head down to the training that would be taking place today.

☩ ☩ ☩

With a moment to relax after the successful sieges of both Nova Slezkh Castle and New Yruma sieges. James took to the courtyard to observe a training being administered by Lords Axeman and Blue. The Crusader trials had started for Westgate and Witchcraft, two promising new recruits. He could see that the aspiring Crusaders were already engaging the first tier of opponents. Sparks could be seen flying from the clashing swords, James knew he would be needed in the courtyard shortly and made his way down. The sheer number of recruits that had been showing up for enlistment was extraordinary.

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Upon arrival in the courtyard a trumpet signaled the arrival of the King. The men stood at attention and the group of recruits that had been dueling each other with practice swords fell nervously into place. “Greetings lads, and lady” James spoke. Looking upon Witchcraft’s face, the King did a double-take and nearly had a heart attack. The face was that of the Angel in his dream. Dear god what kind of omen is this, a divine one for certain he thought to himself. Focussing back to the training he spoke “Today is a glorious day my friends. We are joined by several new Brothers.
Please welcome,
Seddrik of Acre ,Westgate of Acre, WITCHCRAFT of Acre, Zoarander of Acre , Austin Martin of Acre ,Braeden Sanguine of Acre ,Garner of Arce , Homicidicles Of Acre ,KotSA of Acre ,Bastard of Acre ,Zachary of Acre , and Rellik of Acre, who has rejoined our cause after decades of wandering the lands making way alone or in small mercenary bands.”

“The men and women you meet here today will be your brothers and sisters for eternity. Together we will uphold the cause of chadzianity and protect those who cannot protect themselves from the terrors that threaten this realm. That being said today we commence your combat training. The Quartermasters and Master Trainers will be operating the trainings and should any of you reach the point where yours skills merit a crusader trial it will be completed by The Pope, The Kings, The Lords, and the Kyeldurhts. A series of nine duels, and based on performance you will or will not obtain the rank of Crusader.” The King outlined to the group. With that said the training resumed. The King went around observing the different fighters. Their progress was admirable.

He noted that Garner seemed to have a proficiency for wearing heavier armours, the lad must have been trained somewhere already. His movements were abnormally quick. Garner was dueling with KotSA one the new members of the Kingdom who had ventured across distant lands to reach us. The two seemed about equally matched in terms of fighting skill.

Over by the range Homicidicles was putting bolt after bolt into the centre of the target bales. “Quite the shot you are my friend, we will make much use of you on the castle ramparts.” James said as he patted the crossbowman on the shoulder and moved on.

Walking along the men training James stopped at a particularly heated engagement occurring between Master Trainer Saint and new recruit Austin Martin of Acre. Saint using a fire hardened training sword was deflecting the berserker like attacking of Austin, who at the time was using a short sword and no shield. “Austin you should try using this” James said as he grabbed a steel shield from the rack and tossed it over to Austin. “Smash him in the face with your shield and he will be staggered back, then you can swing or stab and catch him off balance” James continued.

Again moving along he came to a duel between Braeden and Westgate, the fight seemed very evenly matched. Interesting considering that Westgate was being trained initially as a Horseman. His ground fighting skills would serve him well should he ever be dismounted.

Farther down still The Bastard of Acre was wailing on Zachary. “chadz man you don’t need to kill this one. You must understand you are near twice his size. That being said Zachary you must make use of your quick footed abilities, ensure you parry before moving in, or at least block” James told the fighters.

Coming to the last group James began to hear Lord Haldrade speaking with Rellik “Your skills in combat are good, but one thing I have noticed especially is that you are skilled and able to be humble. This is a sign of great intelligence and will get you far in this land. The King adores humility and so it will help you advance in his court. It is also a sign that you may be suited for a diplomatic position. Having not noticed the King behind him Haldrade was momentarily starteled and said “Good gods how are you so quiet while wearing transitional armour, I should be able to hear you the moment you enter the courtyard”. “Haha, it is good to sneak up on you and hear you displaying my most important values” The King said while chuckling to himself.

Satisfied with the training that had been done under his watch James gave the word to Blue to have the men retire to the King’s Arms Tavern for a couple flagons of mead and some chicken.

cRPG Technical problems / Re: Screen Messed Up and more
« on: April 04, 2014, 02:26:30 AM »
And here i thought you were trippin on cough syrup... this looks really ridiculous lol what a weird glitch

Diplomacy / Re: Kingdom of Acre Trade Policies
« on: April 03, 2014, 03:10:59 AM »
Thanks for making this post man! It is great and i love the color coding ty!!!!!!

Unban Essays / Re: McDeath the troll at large, Unban essay
« on: April 01, 2014, 06:54:28 AM »
5/5. This player is in my experience occasionally a troll but I have spoken and interacted with this person online and in teamspeak. I genuinly feel he deserves another chance to prove that he can not troll.

wow pretty epic!

NA (Official) / Ban Madison_Monster
« on: March 27, 2014, 03:23:01 AM »
1. Name of your character involved: King James of Acre
2. Name of offending character(s): Madison Monster
3. Time and server, as accurately as possible: around 10pm est today in the na duel server.
4. Written description of what happened, the whole story. Also what happened before and after: Myself and several of my guys were building catapults and practicing with them when Madison decided to break all our equipment. I explained it was a bannable offense and the person continued.
5. Why you think the offender did what he did. Probably to be a troll.
6. Multiple Screenshots

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7. Names of players that can witness what happened. Bryggan13k, Dirk13k, Yuroi of Acre

NA (Official) / Re: Havelle
« on: March 25, 2014, 09:43:04 PM »
Whether don pappy was breaking the rules belongs in a seperate ban thread unrelated to Havelle breaking the rules

NA (Official) / Re: Havelle
« on: March 25, 2014, 08:58:26 PM »
dude James you're such a fucking tard. I did a ban thread and you got kyeldurhtmare to put up ones on me you autismal shitlord

relax buddy i said nothing to kyeldurhtmare lol

Strategus General Discussion / Re: Breaking news!
« on: March 25, 2014, 08:24:55 PM »
oh stop it you guys youre going to make me blush. also i made a french canadian politics reference and no one like it wtf

Strategus General Discussion / Re: Breaking news!
« on: March 25, 2014, 04:47:58 AM »
Certainly won't be pauline marois. AMIRIGHT?!??!?!?!? Also i dont play fps games ever. Certainly not csgo. I AM NOT A SPRAY AND PRAY DOUCHE


VI. All members must be 18 years old or older. Exemptions are made for existing members under the age requirement and for players showing maturity.
(Note: Alternate characters are not permitted to wear the tags.)

NA (Official) / Re: Havelle
« on: March 25, 2014, 03:21:46 AM »
Please post ban threads for any members of Acre that are breaking the rules. It is not something I allow in the faction anyways.

NA (Official) / Re: Havelle
« on: March 24, 2014, 09:40:40 PM »
Like it says in the post he was only able to get one screenshot. Pappy being new to the game didn't realize he needed to screenshot the abusive behaviour. The logs will show what occured.

NA (Official) / Re: ban arquus
« on: March 23, 2014, 08:27:55 PM »
I will post here to explain the case of my good friend Arquus. Arquus is a stand up member of the community who does not engage in trolling. What happened in this case is that he came up to some people who were goofing around and feinting at each other on seige. He tried to do the same thing but his finger slipped. I can vouch for Arquus that he is a positive influence in the community and wouldn't teamkill someone on purpose or teamwound someone on purpose. I vouch for his character and that this was definitely an accident.

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