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Even without holidays, i know how i'll plan out my day tomorrow.
Wake up in the morning, launch the download, go to work, come back in the evening with some kind of take-over food, sit down. Read a bit of lore, then launch the game.

A game i was happy to back up, and i do hope it lives up to my expectations.

General Off Topic / Re: Why I love Japan
« on: March 06, 2015, 10:32:27 PM »
Alright, added all entries and some additional stuff I knew

COME ON PEOPLE, WE CAN DO THIS (last update: 26.12.2014)
were almost there, only a few left! (I also discovered that that 9. maid is from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya")
(click to show/hide)

don´t ask on 4chan, that´s cheating!

16 : A Grand Witch maybe ? From Pumpkin Scissors maybe ?
24 : Looks like a secondary character. If it's a gun she's holding, then i'd say Valkyria Chronicles, maybe Name :... forgot
41 : Tsubasa, Reservoir Chronicle. Name : Mokona

Hope it helps.

Should i feel proud of knowing a bunch of these, or ashamed of not knowing them all ?

Total War Series / Re: Total War Arena
« on: February 17, 2015, 08:26:15 PM »
Looking forward to seeing how they bring this one up though.

Faction Halls / Re: [Guard] The Caravan Guild (Recruiting Worldwide!)
« on: January 28, 2015, 07:36:10 PM »
I wouldn't know, since we're not doing the same job.

I'm a mechanic engineer, modeling stuff on computer, and running programs to make sure it's "stable" and can hold the loads, and if not, improving the structure.

Personnaly, the start was a bit boring. Not even tough, just boring. I actually managed to do what was asked of me in way fewer time than what they expected. Probably because all the previous people were lazy. And future people will do the same thing, since i continued in that trend. I was then asked to work for a way bigger company, because they needed manpower for a huge project, and don't hire people since it would be a pain to fire them afterwards. I've been there for 6 months already, and the work is way more interesting and challenging. Even if i also stay on my computer most of the day, i know why my work is important, and i basically just like it. Working 37,5 hours officially, probably around 40h actually, but time flies by so quickly.

There's always temporary boring jobs, needed before doing the interesting ones, so it's not 100% fun. But still worth it.

Faction Halls / Re: [Guard] The Caravan Guild (Recruiting Worldwide!)
« on: January 12, 2015, 10:52:41 PM »
On a side note; how do you people work for a living?  :cry:

I live to work.

General Off Topic / Re: OMG I M GERMAN !!!!
« on: December 16, 2014, 12:37:32 AM »
Damn canadian personality. What did i do wrong...

Was it the "manageable" for the eye contact ? Should have gone for the downright terrifying, I knew it.

General Off Topic / Re: Suicide
« on: December 10, 2014, 08:39:44 PM »
Going to add my own thoughts to this topic.

As many, i'm all for "helping" the medically ill to pass away, if they are willing and confirmed this in a determined fixed period (a month ?). Who are we, to force people to live on in pretty harsh conditions, when they've already "lived" for longer than us ? Establishing this age limit is of course an whole different problem, but i believe, as already said, than 80 years old is a decent age. The good thing about medically assisted suicide, is that it's being controlled/followed. And that is usually not the case for the standard suicide.

[Cynical tone]
Standard suicide, as in people killing themselves by themselves, without any secondary help, are very selfish people. For first, they don't even care about the police, who will have to conduct a search and investigate, to confirm if it's really a suicide or if it's a murder. Oh, he left a note saying it's a suicide and all. Better check the handwriting,... And what about the medical department, having to verify the corpse, if it has any other wound. Is it a suicide because of working conditions, because of emotional conflict,.. ? Someone blowed his head off in his appartment ? I pity the worker who'll have to wash off all this blood. If only the dead could have done it in the bathroom, damn selfish bastard.
The worst people are of course the ones deciding to end their life in public. "Let's jump off the roof, i don't care if i hit someone or someone's car below, since i'll be dead already." "Let's jump in front of that train, i don't care if all the passengers will be postponed for half an hour, and if the driver will get an emotional trauma."
And, obviously, it's better for the society if the suicidees don't "miss" themselves and are actually helped in that matter. In special houses or whatever. The cost of a suicidee is huge. And it's the people living on who have to pay it.
If you have the will to choose thir super ugly wardrobe and wear it in public, no matter what people told you, then why shouldn't you have the will to die, no matter what people told you. They didn't even WANT life, they were just given it.
[End of cynical tone]

Of course, we're not even discussing the "reason" for the suicide, just the plain fact, and what usually follows. If only the government allowed people to suicide, create a special service, to confirm if this person has thought it over, and if his life conditions are indeed pretty terrible, if he doesn't have the courage to live on,... Then things will be a lot less messier. It won't be that much of a selfish suicide. But as it stands, it is a crime to suicide, no matter your age, no matter your circumstances, so why care about the rest of the world, when this world doesn't even care about you ? Is it consider selfish not caring about a stranger, that doesn't care about you ? What about a group of strangers ? What about the rest of the world ?

If someone is so isolated, that he is in that case, then no matter his age, i would assist him and support him in his suicide attempt. If he thought it over. No matter the age. He doesn't have the courage to live on ? What use is it for that person knowing that it will be better nine months from now, if he can't stand thoses nine months and don't want to stand thoses nine months ? Because people usually go through some sort of rebellious stage when they want to suicide (to show off to the rest of the world, to laugh happily in hell when watching the people who shouted on him earlier, now crying blaming themselves,...) and shrug it off/survive through it, they think everybody can ? We're all different emotionnally, some are weaker then others, no matter the age. Limiting assisted suicide to only the elderly is forcing the people to live whatever shitty life they have, even when they don't want to. And even worse, it can make them feel terrible : For example, a man wants to suicide. He's 30 years old. He can't. He has a life insurance, but has a terrible life. And just wants to end it. He thinks he'll write a testament, giving al money to some kind of charity helping ill children. But he can't die. And everytime, he'll see numbers about dead ill children, and other numbers near it : "Help us. For every 30 euros, you'll make a child happy". But he can't. He can't be happy, and he can't even make other people happy. Even worse, since he's so poor, and isn't allowed to die, he's taken in a hospital. Watched, taken care off, all of this using the money of people who would maybe need it more than him. He feels terrible for not dying. No matter his age."

[Personal thought : ]
I'm all in favor of assisted suicide, provided a real helper following that person, and confirming it's not just a random thought. It's actually VERY selfish of other people to force strangers to stay alive. Just because themselves decided to, when confronted with a maybe, somewhat, relatively similar situation. Again, we're all different, we never asked for this life, we have rights. Why not the right to die, without having any negative impact on anybody ? Who are we to judge that his situation isn't that terrible, he should be able to live through it, and hopefully it will get better ? The parents may have a bit of that right, since they gave birth to that person. But at [insert legal age of your country], this person is independant. And his life should be is. So after [legal age], this person should be able to get the right to suicide. As for AntiBlitz affair of the 12years old age suicide, this is imo a special case. Bullies being left to roam around, emotional assistance not available in school for that age, friends not noticing about it or not telling about it, and parents not noticing about it. It is a "forced" suicide, imo. Not the standard suicide. And should never happen in our society.

I don't know if that's still on topic, but for me, everything that is neither a murder or an accident is a suicide, this below could serve to either get a 0/20 (or F) for offtopic, or be considered a good "opening" in your conclusion :
Another peculiar case, that i didn't see mentioned so far (or that i've missed out, sorry if that's the case), is the people in coma for very long period. There's no knowing when a person will, if she ever will, come out of coma. And this person clearly can't express if she wants to live on, or not. An affair was brought to light in France, when an husband had been in coma for a very long time (5 years maybe, don't remember). And the wife, the friends had all lost hope and wanted to ask for the right to kill him off, let him go to heaven (or hell), rather than spending hundreds and hundreds to keeping him alive. Will the doctor be labeled as a murderer for killing him off, or is it a form of suicide ? It all depends on what you consider "living". For me, it means expressing yourself in one way or another, in our world. And that's clearly one of the things any people in coma can't do. They can't interact in our world. In that, they may already be dead. But deads don't rise again, but people in coma can. Pretty touchy subject. Who has the right to decides of one's own life, when that person can't ? In our affair, the parents were against killing off their son, so even if the lover/friends/everybody else wanted to end it, it actually went to the justice.

It's not even easy deciding of a legal clause for assisted suicide, so talking about people in coma is a lot harder. But i feel it is somewhat linked, as in as long as people won't be able to gain a legal clause for assisted suicide, then people in coma won't be allowed to die either.

Anyway, a nice topic of conversation, and how i would love to be sitting a a circular room, hearing directly everyone's thought, and debatting about it. A way more interesting subject that the death sentence, imo.

Yeah, the first minutes are when he shines the most.
I was completely taken aback one game. Was playing on radiant side, and decided to assist our offlane. Started by mining the side shop, then went for the level 1 jungling creeps path, being carefull about not being spotted by ennemy creep wave, then randomly in the movement section. After that, i moved to mine rune, and headed bot.

In 5 min, i didn't get a single kill, not a single mine explosed.
-Mid didn't care one bit about rune, and didn't get bottle (wich may have simplified our team's mid life, if he was remotely decent. Wich wasn't the case)
-Only 2 ennemies top. They didn't pull jungle a single time, nor go to the side shop. Instead, they stayed in lane and focused on the tide offlaner. Who got zoned out real fast.

Got my first kill bot on a void, going to the side shop after being wounded.
We cruelly lost that game, thanks to multiple throws (carries staying in ennemies base when they respawned), while i was defending/pushing bot after barracks destroyed).
Also, in the back and forth waves, not a single carry had a battlefury or aoe attacks. Tiny (no agha) and PA (no BF), not caring the slightlest about fast pushing/depushing...

I'll probably play techies only when i'm with at least one friend. To laugh and all. Else, i'm too serious to apreciate.

If the enemy team doesn't have significant ranged and a way of taking down the mines before reaching your base it's great.

Any super farmed team that isn't brainless will have either :
-a ranged hero and a tank with gem
-a necronomicon 3, to scout out and push that tier3 tower
-an agility hero with a manta style

Even by picking techies after making sure the ennemy team doesn't have an enigma/nature's prophet/lycan/naga siren just to counter my early bombs (not even speaking of special heroes to obliterate me, such as BH or Nyx), my own team forces 4v5 fights in peculiar places, and then blame the techies for not being there. I'm so fed up of playing this hero with randomers... there's just no fun.

Played a long game vs sniper previously, damn his scatter rain is a pain, and always misjudging where he'll stand to attack our towers. He was probably a good player, but i added sniper on my not-to-play-with-techies-against list.

Winning with techies depends so much on your teammates...

Warned team i'm going to give him a try if they don't have any big counters to it. They don't. I pick techies. Team picks BH and Potm. Ennemy team buys gem, thanks to mirana failing all her arrows. gg.

Another game, goes into the 70min + mark. Ennemy team has 5 carry, we have one alchimist with no bkb. So fed up of this hero that doesn't have a clear impact but rely on luck (i hope they'll go this way...)

General Off Topic / Re: Political compass thread
« on: December 06, 2014, 12:50:21 AM »
Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -4.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.28

I don't know what category of political of person it makes me, to be too lazy to print the image and instead just gives the number.
And i do consider myself more right than left, but thoses questions were really... formulmated in such a way with "big corporation" and the like, that i just became a left economic man.

I'm also surprised at the social libertarian, feeling more authoritarian (specifically about the death sentence and the uselessness of tryting to rehabilitate some of the criminals). But again, some pretty obvious liberal questions where you just can't go full authoritarian makes me a social libertarian.

So overall, this test gives pretty inaccurate results.

General Off Topic / Re: Turks assault US sailors
« on: November 14, 2014, 08:30:45 PM »
Pretty mad at people being so stupid, ganking a poor lad employed by a different country than the one he's currently in.
Also, definitely some stalking, since the dude was in a civil attire.

Kuddos to the man for keeping his calm, and not throwing his fists around, wich would have brought havoc.
I just hate this kind of people, and how they're proud of their useless actions.

Thank you for making me mad. Dammit.

Faction Halls / Re: [Guard] The Caravan Guild (Recruiting Worldwide!)
« on: November 12, 2014, 11:57:07 PM »

... and all the other things floating around out there / Re:
« on: November 09, 2014, 06:46:58 PM »
Damn Moon or whatever came in the range of our planet, changing the gravity. Killed off everyone. I was the leader for a few seconds, with a mere 200 points, but crashed out of range thanks to the damn second planet.

Faction Halls / Re: [Guard] The Caravan Guild (Recruiting Worldwide!)
« on: November 04, 2014, 07:07:48 PM »
Feign absence, to better stab at the back of the unexpected.

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