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General Discussion / Re: Getting muted experiment.
« on: Today at 01:34:18 AM »
pls dont use that word tyvm

Experiment 2 :  gonna see if quoting yuhmaz is okay.If so we can go like you motherfucking quote "yuhmaz" etc.
You are now part of the experiment onurb gratz.

General Discussion / Re: post urself irl
« on: Today at 01:30:27 AM »
TY you are pretty cool Yeldur no matter what that Yuhmaz guy says.
Yuhmaz is a total dutchbag ,he is trying to acting like me and cypher bully others like me but he can't don't worry your savior yeldur won't let him touch you.

General Discussion / Re: Official I Like Animals Event
« on: Today at 12:57:29 AM »
Event has to be canceled due to my mute ,thanks for participation you guyz were awesome,see you guyz in next event ,you can swear to uther for muting me.

Game Admin Feedback / Re: [EU] Thorvic
« on: Today at 12:55:45 AM »
Who are u lel never saw u in the game ,introduce yourself don't be a dick.

General Discussion / Getting muted experiment.
« on: Today at 12:53:23 AM »
Well after getting muted several hundred times by now i have come to realize that the only reason that makes you getting muted for chat is n word.

Look at pogosan's thread

It is okey for utherus no matter how hardcore i swear to pogo's mother they don't mute me .Then gonna write slang afro american here and see what happens.I will probably get muted.But want to show you guyz how stupid are the rules here.Cya till it opens.


Game Admin Feedback / Re: [EU] pogosan
« on: Today at 12:48:29 AM »
I have ordered a pizza and fucked your mother pogo,and when the pizza came i have already came twice on ur mom's hair.

-Pogo im gonna hold your mother's yellow short hair and gonna hit her face to the table then to my dick and gonna use the blood coming from her mouth as lubricant to anal penetrate her.I AM GONNA INSERT MY FIST IN TO YOUR FAT MOTHER's ASS AND GONNA TAKE HER INTESTINES OUT SO THAT I CAN PUT UR MIDGET BODY IN THERE BACK AGAIN AND WATCH ME FUCKING HER ASS CLOSELY AS YOU TRY TO BREATHE.THEN I WILL COME INSIDE HER AND U WILL DROWN IN MY SPERM WHILE SOBBING IN UR MOTHER'S (uther)us.

Game Admin Feedback / Re: [EU] pogosan
« on: Today at 12:35:02 AM »
Omg this is so great because he got admin now he can't reply to me,he gotta be upright like my dick when i see her mother in order to maintain his adminship ahahahahh .EVIL LAUGHING SOUND AGAHAHHAHAH HOH HOH COUGHS COUGHS.I AM GONNA MAKE U CRY SO HARD IN THESE FORUMS YOU WILL HAVE TO GIVE UP UR ADMINSHIP TO SWEAR TO ME :Ddddd or resist and become a monkk UAHAHAHAHAHAHA

General Discussion / Re: Official I Like Animals Event
« on: Today at 12:31:28 AM »
but bitches love being insulted so therefore i am doing the right thing
Ye tru dat,you already got used to ur role :o

General Discussion / Re: post urself irl
« on: Today at 12:29:45 AM »
please stop bullying me Yuhmaz.
Asheram don't worry yeldur is here to protect you from yuhmaz.

Game Admin Feedback / Re: [EU] pogosan
« on: July 19, 2018, 06:15:15 PM »
Fucking fck pogo is still admin,im gonna clean the gap between my teeth with ur moms vagina like a dental floss.Then i am gonna chew ur moms vagina like it is a mentos and spit it to your ugly deformed fat pimpleful face.I am gonna extend your mother's threshold of pain and gonna fuck her so hard she will forget that we are in 2018.

Game Admin Feedback / Re: [EU] Beleg
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:45:28 PM »
The turk that insults turks is miserable and despisable.He doesn't have balls to insult me that's why that grotesquely formed sully faced invert motherfucker tells those insults to you.He can leave the our country anytime he wants and give up on his nationality he is our enemy no one cares about blackmailers.

Game Admin Feedback / Re: [EU] Beleg
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:13:30 PM »
I see that your informee is kratos.He is subturk that doesn't embraces his culture peacefully ,instead he hates being turk and criticise his nation in every possible way.You should learn Turkey from me,a Turk who clings on his sublime nationality with honor will reveal you the highness and greatness of being the mediator between europe and asia.

General Discussion / Re: Official I Like Animals Event
« on: July 19, 2018, 10:38:25 AM »
We should really play Defend The Virgin sometime (im a virgin too haha)


General Discussion / Re: post urself irl
« on: July 19, 2018, 10:34:45 AM »
Yuhmaz who's that mutual friend?
Some nerd from istanbul not you emre,but ye if you know kratos you too.We're still friends even though we haven't skyped for years :D

Game Admin Feedback / Re: [EU] Beleg
« on: July 19, 2018, 10:27:05 AM »
kebab with or without onions?
Omg howcome you know so much about our culture

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