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Diplomacy / Re: Me being a Dick
« on: October 21, 2018, 06:40:51 PM »
I sobered up and am following Tristan :oops: I took his money, I'll take his command.

Diplomacy / Re: Me being a Dick
« on: October 19, 2018, 07:00:28 AM »
It was shit, but it wasn't that much shit.

Diplomacy / Re: Me being a Dick
« on: October 19, 2018, 06:27:04 AM »
Ok, double post, but for a reason.  I guess I am saying play this game for fun.  Imagine it as a Risk board with your closest buddies.  You're not nice then,and you should not be nice now.  Play to win, and screw your friends (figuratively, unless they ask nicely).  AND... any online friend worth keeping will accept a decent loss.

Diplomacy / Me being a Dick
« on: October 19, 2018, 06:22:42 AM »
I want to thank everyone who supported me during my battles.  Which unfortunately involves ever clan and faction that ever played this game.  I have back stabbed, screwed, had unnatural relations with, and fucked every clan or faction that worked with me.  While I love you all (except for you Arys, you filthy peasant), I like to play the game.  I have fought for and against most factions.  I started as an Acre merc and did serious damage against G force, and then I fought the Squids... and then I merced for the Squids and fought some successful battles for them.  And then I fought for Jack1 and and then I fought against Jack1, and then I fought with Dutchy and then against Dutchy.  And the, when things got boring for the HCE, I left that.  Not really a desertion since I shot to the top of the ladder board fighting their enemies.  Cuz all the wars were up north, and I did what I could to make it that way.

The point is, I may have been a dick in the past, and probably am a dick in the present, but I always try to play the funnest game I know, win or lose.  I started with a bunch of losers, and ended up with an empire. Last strat I tried getting the game going by being an asshole, but failed, yet when it did get going I did a fine job of defending my ill begotten fiefs and got number one on the renown board.

So, my point is... when I started I was a Hound.  Then they killed me cuz  was bored of being a brood hen.  Then I tried to go to war with the Hounds.  Then next strat I was allies with them.  Then I was at war with them.  And then they disappeared.  And then they were at war with me.  And then they signed against me.  And then we were allies.

And now I must follow Tristan's lead.  He bought my army, he equipped it, he brought buttered scones for tea.  I am a merc, I am unabashedly opportunistic, and while I love you all, we got a game to play.

Strategus General Discussion / Re: Strat ideas
« on: October 16, 2018, 03:36:54 AM »
Fiefs should generate money, not troops.  That would make attacking AFK villages more worth it.  I'd rather attack 500 shiny troops for 3 million K silver that 3 million troops for 500K silver.  The new troop generation per player is high enough now.  By the time I trade enough to equip 1000 men I have 2000 men.

But what I do find absurd is how cheap it is to field armies.  To see 5000 shiny troops guarding a caravan seems ridiculous.

The wages of troops should be multiplied by the value of the gear they carry.  5000 shiny should cost a hell of a lot more than 5000 unarmed.

A caravan should be about 200 shiny troops and either donkeys or unarmed men carrying the goods.  Caravans should be based on speed, not pure strength.  This could make it interesting for raiding parties of 200ish men (ie noobs).  If you hold lands, caravans will be safe because you'll have armies around to reinforce them, but in contested areas... or in enemy or neutral lands, not so much.  For you mega clans, its not too much of a big deal, since (if we follow my idea) fiefs will pay rent.  But it makes a nice game for the non-land holders.

And siege armies should not be able to criss cross the entire map at a whim.  Currently, 2000 men (a good siege army) costs 277 an hour.  That is fine for unarmed men, but a shiny army should cost ten times that.  so, unarmed is X1, lightly armedX2, armedX5, heavily armedX7 and shiny X10.  This, of course, would reduce the amount of shiny armies.  No matter how rich you are, you just can't afford to have troops sitting doing nothing.  And this would also take care of factions crossing the map just to attack the weakest fief, and perhaps actually make some front lines.

And of course this would apply to garrisons.  So rather than have 6,000 man shiny garrisons, it would be better to have 5 1000 man armies attacking the attackers before they get there, and 1 1000 garrison defending the fief.  This would lead to more field battles, smaller garrisons and less plate.

Diplomacy / Re: Strategus Councillors
« on: October 06, 2018, 03:13:47 AM »


Cuz you're a douche who conquers then runs away.  No follow through bud.
Oh, put me in, Coach
I'm ready to play today
Put me in, Coach
I'm ready to play today
Look at me, I can be centerfield

Don't disregard me cuz I was looking at the wrong chats.  I have used the system and abused the system, and I have ideas which potentially could make this game better (if they are easily codable).  And you all all know I'm cheerful and easy to chat with.

Mercenary Recruitment / Re: Siege of New Ayikke Tonight [NA STRATEGUS]
« on: September 29, 2018, 06:07:21 AM »

Mercenary Recruitment / Re: Siege of New Ayikke Tonight [NA STRATEGUS]
« on: September 26, 2018, 04:06:26 PM »
Ah, thanks for the post James.

Should be a nice little village for the attackers- hills surrounding the village for ranged plus good cover for melee to group up.  All shiny gear, so the XP will be great and with only 1000 men it won't go on forever.

Strategus General Discussion / Re: Crpg Interviews
« on: September 23, 2018, 03:09:05 AM »

OMG i cant believe it.I can't believe i forgot about we're such a big influence on mychildhood.I have all your songs.Legendary Briggan Denver, the country chadz singer that won the heart of the crpg world.

you are definitely my favourite crpg star.PLEASE GIVE ME UR AUtOGRAPH ItLL MEAN tHE WORLD to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Ah, so you do remember me!!!! And I thought the new generation didn't care about the classics.  Hey, maybe you remember this one:

John Denver – Leaving On A Jet Plane
Bryggan - Leading Some Potatoes

All my gear is bought
I'm ready to fight
I'm siegeing here first thing tonight
I guess I'll check the roster one more time
But the game has started, the fight's at hand
The mercs are waiting for my command
But we're just building one more c-site

So hold here and wait for that
Just need some more c-mats
Then we'll storm the castle wall in a group
But I'm leeeeeading some potatoes
Don't know what they are trying to do
Oh Poo, Where did you go?   

There's so many times you got knocked down
So many times you fucked around
I tell you now, you don't help a thing
Every time you go, you fuck right up
Every tick I have, you give them up
But when I attack, you never do a thing

So hold here don't be a jerk
Just need a few more mercs
Then we'll storm the castle in group
But I'm leeeeading some potatoes
Don't know what they are trying to do
Oh Poo, Where did you go?

Now the time has come to form the group up
One more time, please don't fuck this up
Then join the ranks and we'll be on our way
Stick with us and we'll be strong
And you won't have to fight alone
It's bloody time I shouldn't have to say

Oh, hold here we got the wall
We'll wait for the rest of y'all
Hold here so our buds can get up too
But I'm leeeeeading some potatoes
Don't know what they are trying to do
Oh Poo, Where did you go?

But I'm leeeeeading some potatoes
Don't know what they are trying to do
Oh Poo, Where did you go?

That one is very popular with your allies.

And, of course, I'm happy to give my signature to a true fan:
"visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Name in Strategus: Bryggan or some version of it
Strategus Rounds Participated: 5,6 and 7
Affiliated Strategus Factions Current/Historical:13 Knights, KotN, HCE and various merc agreements
Why you want to be on the council: So I can claim to be leader and do no work yet take all the credit for anything positive we achieve.
Example improvements you would suggest:
I'd say divide the armour into 5 or 6 tiers with each tier having the same stats (for strat only) so factions can choose their style without having less armour points.
Retreating should leave you with whatever men you have left plus the broken gear you would have got if you had just lost (or at least something!).
Fiefs should generate silver so owners don't have to trade, and afk owned fiefs will be worth taking.
Have fief production based on fief population.
And (probably the least popular) get rid of garrisons and fief population growth.  Make players have to convert troops into population to A) increase rents B) increase production C)defend.  Put population caps at 500 for villages, 1500 for castles and 3000 for cities (with no reinforcing (and no raids, obviously).  This would force more field battles as defenders would sally out to try prevent sieges, and afk factions just couldn't put 30,000 men in a castle and leave.

But I see a lot of other brilliant ideas in here, and would like to work with you guys to maybe put a little strategy into strategus.

Are you Kesh in disguise come to lay ruin to Calradia (Y/N): No, but I am a Kesh wannabe

Overlaying some sort of essentially Highway System over the map that would allow anyone to negotiate the terrain without having to adjust/check in on their route every 4 hours (or lose a lot of idle time on the map)...Think more formal trade routes.
This would be good idea- cut some roads through the woods and mountains so direct travel is easier.  This would lead to choke points that armies could watch for enemy caravans, plus ambushes could be set in the woods beside the roads.

Strategus General Discussion / Re: Crpg Interviews
« on: September 15, 2018, 11:49:33 PM »
Okay, I tried play it cool... but I'm not on the list.  WTF?  Even though strat was kinda dead when I made my empire, it was the first empire which defeated kingdoms and had them surrender and join.  It was the biggest empire ever in Strat history, even though I will admit participation was low, but still every battle was hard fought... ok, 1/3 was a gank, 1/3 was ganked, but 1/3 was even rosters.  And 20 vs 20 is just as hard as 50 vs 50.

Sorry for bringing this up, but it was my one glorious moment... you've seen me fight, nothing to be proud about there.

Dammit Tristan, that was some nice historyizing.  Wish you had done this from the start.

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Strategus General Discussion / Re: Crpg Interviews
« on: September 14, 2018, 04:48:44 AM »
He plays cRPG... anyone with a non-anime girlfriend can't play full time.  Meanwhile, the gay guys are taking turns giving each other head during battles.

General Discussion / Re: solution to 2h/polearm problem
« on: September 11, 2018, 10:29:29 PM »
2h/pole arm isn't a problem for shielders... except long maul.  Long maul is evil, non-historical, and OP.  Of course, if you got rid of it, half the strat population would have to learn a new weapon.

Strategus General Discussion / Re: Crpg Interviews
« on: September 11, 2018, 04:39:51 PM »
Can't wait for the Albus interview since he's had a very interesting strat career.  In fact, when he was a noob, he got mistakenly attacked by LCO which led to the creation of one of the greatest and most storied empires ever seen in strat (which is beautifully illustrated in my signature).

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