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do u have map? My post in above

Thank you for supporting Haven & Hearth!
and in next min server crashed  :?

looking forward to as I will be killed in the first minute after login)))

We have an online map, with lots of intel - cant give you the link ;P
but check pm and add me FUNuberT

any tips for village planning?

and whether a battering ram to move through the swamps?

Well you could atleast hermit close to us so we can help, when dem bad man come^^

you could probably join as well, shall I ask :P

he vovka I could probably get you a place in our village, but gameplay is kinda different in a big place like our, since there are specialist for everything and actual warfare :P

ever since we moved into the city i lost my motivation

We get our own plot soon, there you can play like before. Building brickwall right now!

I missed leeches - "breeding" them is fun  :twisted: their quality raises every time u reuse them depending on your constitution

I feel like a cheater since I use amberclient.. alarmsound for unknown players, but I cannot resist using it..

how much exp do u need for clover?

I guess exploration*perception ~ 250 (+-50) :P

Edit: According to old hnh wiki 130 :oops:, but that might be outdated

Edit2: And you need a loom for gauze

eh don't mind me^^ I was thinking on spruce cap and even that quality you could increase with better strings ^^

Increase survival and you can pick up higher quality nettle, also good indicator on where to find high quality soil..

what i need for craft nettle shit with q>10 ?? i have 6+8 survival and its still q10
 can u share ur tiles? I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...  :o

You need higher quality trees I guess, which you need to plant first :rolleyes:

I don't think my tiles will help you, since the programm can only connect tiles next to each other and I moved north for hours before I even installed the custom client :P

Edit: Ignore post, I am stupid  :mrgreen:

map of my current area.. I count 10 swamps  :mrgreen:

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Was playing on monday.. walked north for like 6 - 8 hours..   amphetamine-tunnel-vision  :mrgreen:

found a cave with only 1 entrance and 3 swamps around.. idk if its worth anything  :D

Does blocking cave entrance with hf actually work? Well noone robbed me so far..

shoot me hs, if you like to

Uhhhhh :oops:

Not much time atm, but I am in for the party :D

not really related but cool in a special way :P

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