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Diplomacy / GO, DRZ, Kapikulu are Shunned
« on: April 10, 2014, 01:47:32 AM »
From now on, GO, DRZ and Kapikulus
You are shunned, in a void, i dont see you.

1) I will not attack or defend your fiefs or armies.
2) I will not defend any longer any of the AI fiefs you are taking or be on any roster of factions who would attack you nore would i apply for your rosters instead, whomever you would attack.
3) When you attack my fiefs or armies, you will find no resistance. For me it will be as if a higher being would just have taken them from the map.  If you would in this way delete me from the map, i will not return.
4) I will not take you on my roster in the case i would fight others, nor will i accept players with Pseudonyms, so that people see i dont take you in my roster.
5) I will mute, all clan leaders and diplomats of DRZ, Grey Order and Kapikulu You had your chances, plenty of them.

Those clan leaders who would put a *shunned* below this topic, state by that, they do the same as i do. ( guess UIF will do that too to troll  :rolleyes: ... you are muted remember? )

This is like excluding someone out of a game inbetween friends who now all dont want to play with you anymore. Sod off, bite me, but you wont get XP, you wont get satisfaction, you can wank of on someone elses behalf.

On my map, UIF does not exist anylonger, GO, DRZ, Kapikulus, dont exist.
In another topic i prepare, i will start a discussion on rules of engagement for those clans who also think this is the only other way we can find which actually may grant fair fights and no i dont care anymore about the opinions of Grey Order or Druzina what they would have to say on such a topic as it is quite clear they are not inclined to change. Well us others still can.

sofar muted are:
Abay, Diagonal, Erasmas, Harpag, Hetman, Nebun, Ozan and Vovka
Edit: added Zaharist, Thorondor, Yarl

Any other of their clan members answering in this thread will also be muted, just to make it perfectly clear, i am through with you, this topic was open for 2 days in my browser before i send it and i spoke with a lot of other clans and well this is how it is. It is not a capitulation, it is ignoring you as you ingored us, which may turn out to be bliss.

Strategus General Discussion / Strategus Cardinal Sins
« on: March 31, 2014, 06:58:03 PM »
there are a few things within Strategus, not game mechanics but humans mechanics which drive me nuts.

Top 3 cardinal sins , of donts, of do not do this shit ... ever and if you have people like that then mute them for life, ban them from ts, hack their computers and delete their cRPG accounts, if you dont shut them up they lose your battles before they have even started.

so here we go

1) people laying the undertone for a battle in a bad way, like before the battle even started, in form from "we cant win this", "they are too strong", "we have less people OMG", "our gear is crap" establishing a bad moral for the battle from the start and it is spreading like an infactious desease.
If you cant spread fun, if you cant reformulate the dark truths into something joyfull, then better stfu.

2) complaining about not getting enough people for the roster and then either not doing their own roster at all or not in time like in the briefing described(or not even having a briefing description filled out). You guys are the real nubs.

3) Shouting at people who attend your battle, because of others dont, so you end up in the next battle with even less applicants ^^ wonder why.

You could think these are nobrainers, still i see them happening every strategus over and over again.
When i see that shit i want to shout myself at people for not getting it into their heads that this is what creates the mindset for bad battles, not only from a k/d ratio, but also from the atmosphere, even if you win those battles, they are not kept in mind as a nice experience. I had lost a hundred times with shity gear, aslong the commander and the participants were able to take some fun out of it, which often they did, then it was a good battle. I still remember my first village defense of Ayyike in strat 2.0 Damn i had a wonderfull battle plan :) and everyone gave his best, yes we lost, but it still stays in my mind as one of my alltime favorites, where we defended in the end with naked tickets and with the gear of the dead till the last ticket was used up.
-Never ever give up-

Also something i have to tell myself at times, lighten the fuck up, but still do your basics in an orderly way. Even though winning may not seem as an option, (as noone would have forseen that coming  :lol:), try at least to make defeats as joyfull as possible. I cant stand anymore these superserious battles, this is also in my eyes one of the reasons people are often not applying. If you spread a bad mood, pfff perhaps even shout at them or insult them ... that this even needs to be pointed out ... mindboggling ...  makes me think i would be the only sane person left on earth  :shock:

Strategus Issues / Suno Equipment
« on: March 26, 2014, 06:40:59 PM »
A simple question, has the Suno Equipment always been that crap?

When i think back to strat 3, i was under the impression that towns have had plate armor.
Instead we had a ton of lady dresses like 1300+ of those and the best armor has had 28 bodyarmor with about 600 something.

If this is the best in towns i am not impressed as castles did have better gear sofar then that shit.

Suggestions Corner / Faction Member Location [Strategus]
« on: March 03, 2014, 01:25:46 PM »
In germany we say, "Aus den Augen aus dem Sinn", which roughly translates to, what you dont see you dont have on your mind.

While i am able to find my friends on the map with ctrl+F, aslong they are already in our faction, it becoems tricky with those who just entered a fief.

Please add fief which would be currently being visited in the faction overview in brackets behind the player name. Perhaps that also in a different color(green/blue).

Diplomacy / Wolves of Fenris
« on: February 25, 2014, 12:08:18 PM »
This shall be a place for signing or cancling treaties, for first contacts, invitations and how people see their relations in the terms of the defined Diplomatic Categories and Definitions below, with the Wolves of Fenris.
Please keep other stuff to other threads.

Diplomatic Categories and Definitions:
(click to show/hide)

Treaties & Relations:
(click to show/hide)

Fenris claims:
Curaw, Rebache, Khudan, Tismir, Reyvadin, Ayike, Rivacheg, Vezin, Yruma Castle, Slezkh Castle

All others would be temporary Fenris holdings to safe keep till the claiming party would arrive.

Battle History
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
Rebache, Vezin, Slezhk
(click to show/hide)

Trade & Border Guide lines:
closed borders: Even though that half of our claims are still AI controlled, we have patrolls active and anyone been seen stealing from our claims, will be brought to justice as we see fit.

If you want special trade deals, permanent agreements, please contact for EU Guard_BD_Bjarky and for NA Fenris_Iwein(QuisUtDeus).

Trade Outpost New Shulus:
It is cold in the world of the north, a harsh climate where only the strongest survive. Still there is an urge for exploration and so the pack ventured far east, further then any would have thought possbile.
(click to show/hide)
Out of nowhere we then met new people, partly strange looking fellows, nevertheless full of hospitallity, kind words and honorfull actions.
(click to show/hide)
As we got to know them and they us, we couldnt but notice that we may have things they dont know and the other way round and as we spoke we saw possibilites arise and made our first deal. New Shulus a trading outpost, so goods could flow both ways unhindered. For the balance to stay in tact, EU Fisdnar shall belong to the Free Peasents. Peace, friendly & fruitfull relations to all NA clans we hope for ... and lots of silver for anyone willing to exchange goods with us.
(click to show/hide)
As the pack has no ill intent in this new world, there is hope for acceptance and mutual beneficial trade, therefor anyone who has goods shall send a messanger and we maybe able to make profitable deals with each other.
(click to show/hide)

Game Balance Discussion / how to buff shields?
« on: January 11, 2014, 05:49:04 PM »
This topic is about shields and how they could be buffed to balance the at times massive amounts of ranged players.
This topic is not about 1h, i think 1h stab needs nerf and kick range decreased, still not this topic.

And as there are more then enough ranged balancing topics out there, this should be specificly how a shield buff could help the overall class balancing.

things which could be improved

1) increase block speed => increasing chance to counter attack
2) decrease shield weight => increasing athletics effect => increasing wpf dmg effect
3) increase hp => surviablity
4) increase shield resistance
5) increase coverage => more forcefield
6) change difficulties/requirements
7) depending on 6) a rework of "shieldskill" would be needed

personally i see reasons for tweaking one or more of the following points 1) 2) 4) 6)

1) increase block speed
when you are supposed to be able to block multiple opponents, but you cant shake them of or get rid of them, as they time their spamming against you and they have also good athletics, blockspeed could help slightly

2) decrease shield weight
to get kiters and to be able to keep up with s-key heros

4) increase shield resistance
Many do have nowadays shieldbreakers and while i still am able to survive that for a while, those who face a player with very good manual blocking skills, their shields live on borrowed time. Also it was said that you could get rid of xbows penetrating your shield this way, which also was said the only way that would actually work without too much coding(devs?).

6) change difficulties/requirements
Another idear i read and found interesting, that the requirement wouldnt be based on shield skill but on str and/or agi directly. That way pretty much anybody could pick up a shield and use it.
Perhaps a mixed requirement or alternating requirement would be a possibility here, so that f.e. heavy shields would need str but less agi as requirement, medium shields would need a certain amount of str and agi at the same time and light shields would have rather higher agi and lower str as requirement.

7) rework of "shieldskill"
If done as in 6) described, the effect of the shieldskill needs to be looked into, as already it doesnt give that much for higher investments as return in comparison to other skills.
From a logical point of few, i would say someone with higher shieldskill would get better blocking speed, as he is able to handle the shield better then others. If you but not anymore bind shieldskill to an increase in surviability of the shield, 4) becomes even more important to adjust perhaps even 5). Make then all shields more resilent and more HP but get rid of the notion that they become indistructable with 13 shieldskill and have already huge amounts of HP before that.(If so you but also need to narrow down the shieldbreaking effect!!!) What player instead with shieldskill 13 would get, f.e. would be the effect they could use a combination of shieldskill and 1h, as they wouldnt carry a shield at all which would hinder them.

not to be tweaked at all is

5) increase coverage
while sure it would help against multiple ranged from different directions, i but never liked it to have arrows somewhere left, right, below or above my shield hanging in the air. Not only unrealistic, but it also looks crapy!



Suggestions Corner / Clan banner above my head
« on: January 06, 2014, 04:22:42 PM »
As there was another suggestion about banner i got one too  :rolleyes: and most likely also somewhere  already suggested  :|

Changing the banner system, so we dont have to use the default nativ banners but, deppending on ladder rank, members of a clan can put up their banner above their head. Per clan 1 banner at any given time on a server. Pressing P would activate it , but you wont be able to swtich through different banners, just your own.

People on the servers then can decide if they follow that clan or any other clan still to their liking and clan memebrs may group up faster and by that faster game play & better tactics may become possible.

Suggestions Corner / bonus against cav/ranged abilities
« on: January 05, 2014, 06:46:25 PM »
we have bonus against shields, so how about f.e.

for some throwing weapons or xbows to have
"bonus against horses"(not the rider but the horse)

and not all but a few shields
"bonus against arrows/bolts"(not against throwing axes)

I imagine these new abilites with minor/small stat effects, still an additional way to balance items.


Strategus General Discussion / Nords wtf
« on: December 20, 2013, 08:22:03 PM »
Casimir asked Nords for a fun/xp battle and came back to me that it was agreed on.

No terms were mentioned back to me so i mentioned a few i would implement at beginning of the battle.

As all of us now have taken part in these kinds of battles it have been the default things you know.

- no Spawn Raping
- no flag capping
- no destruciton of construction engineering stuff.

Now even though within the battle, the Nords told me, there was never ever anything agreed on, like in the past 2 Strategus that is their default phrase for friends and enemies alike, the same is true now here. It was nothing agreed on. True!

Still dudes, end of strategus and people want to farm XP and you instead just

1) spawn rape and then
2) flag cap

and thereby end it ... way to go, would have been better just to attack our own shit and keep you fuckers out of the roster instead of waisting it on your sorry asses.

No intrest in a chill battle without the political bullshit,
no your guys went all bragging and shit all out on my ass,
what i dont mind still the atmosphere you create is just poiseness.

I hope you guys get some sort of sticky balls deseases and smell like my armpits, sorry excusese for nolife fucking cunts you are.

General Off Topic / parrots, patriots & nations
« on: December 19, 2013, 08:20:52 PM »
People sometimes dont take national pride of others into conciderration when they joke about them, but who the fuck am i(or u) to tell others how to think, speak or not to. In many cases for many reasons forums as medium for communication, seems too narrow for me to catch all nuances.

As i was told as a child, if you give others a hard time, they wont go easy on you either and overtime i learned(not mastered :rolleyes: ) the concept of selfirony as a refreshing even relaxing way to engage with others.

Starting at 1:31 a part of an american show i like. Enjoy.
(click to show/hide)

For any follow up posts, please try to find funny,satirical, hillerious video clips of stereoypes about your own nation, country and/or patriots while not going all out into politcal discussions.

(click to show/hide)

Diplomacy / Collective Wrath (coallition entity)
« on: December 12, 2013, 04:39:48 PM »
It shall be known, that with the Collective Wrath a storm is coming.
A storm to devour land and people alike.
A storm of anger and hate, of blood, tears and dismay.
A storm reshaping the landscape, devouring whatever stands against it

only in the end there will be a new dawn

Founding members are from different clans, but not nessarily representing those.

Everyone who wants to be a part ... can be, then please contact me via forum pm and tell me your strategus chararter name which would join and we can speak about your conditions. Fenris will take lead in planning and diplomacy, whoever joins will have a place in the roster, any ressources you bring with you or do aquire while you are part of "Collective Wrath" can and will be ordered to be redistributed to fullfill the goals of the coallition,  anyone who helps can negotiate terms additional to what has been written sofar, like what needs to be achieved so their help has not to be only for friendship or fun or xp.

This Coallition would be dismantled, when it would have gained 14 fiefs. 7 fiefs of those going to Fenris, 7 splitted between all those who helped. The Collective Wrath members after dismantling would have a Defense Pact using then their own colors again.
Any treaties accepted by Collectiv Wrath, in the case of a dismantling will be taken over by any participant for a time of a month afterwards, as base for their own diplomacy. That is to secure stability inbetween us and our partners outside of Collectiv Wrath.

The goals are aimed high, still reachable. As always patience is the key.

Diplomatic Categories and Definitions:
(click to show/hide)

Treaties & Relations:
(click to show/hide)

current Collective Wrath claims:
(click to show/hide)

In this thread, please only post concerning diplomatic relations of the Collective Wrath Coallition.[/list]

General Off Topic / best spy symbol ever
« on: December 11, 2013, 08:42:49 PM »
US Spy Agency Boasts 'Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach' With New Logo

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

disturbing how it sucks on USA and grabs for everything else  :rolleyes:

visitors can't see pics , please register or login


first i saw it on kickstarter 9-10 months back. Meanwhile a prealpha review is out. The game set its limits they want to reach pretty high.
I am looking forward to get my hands on this game, thinking about investing 70 bucks to get beta access.

General Off Topic / Uranium in subterreanean/tab water
« on: November 28, 2013, 05:33:10 PM »
originally posted in Europeans they dont have feels
i felt this is worth having its own topic.

That might have been then. Recently, a study revealed that the tap water here is of better quality than branded bottle water like San Pellegrino, Perrier, etc. Yet people still pay a premium price to be able to haul bottles back and forth.
I just saw a new documentation on tab water here in germany.
Alarming i have to say. As it is in german, i try to translate roughly the content, this is not only a problem here i am convinced.

Over the past 50 years through fertilizer roughly 13000 tons of uranium have been put onto  crop fields here in germany alone. It now is becoming more and more clear that the subterranean water is being conterminated by that, wich is only now showing as it takes upto 50 years to reach those water resserviours.
Each year still, there are put another 160 tons uranium onto our crop fields in germany.

Uranium is part of the phosphats, as other heavy metals also. Through filtering it could be removed, but that would cost quite some money. The same sources for the fertilizer phosphats but are also already producing uranium for our nuclear powerplants, where they do filter the uranium out of it.

In germany, over 90% of all fertilzers contain these phosphats with Uranium, only those phophates wich are produced as end product from our animals "shit&piss" or other biological menur are free of that Uranium and are concidered renewable. Phosphats are running out worldwide, as other ressources too, estimated 50 years left for that product line though.

The main problem about the often already 5 times and higher values as allowed of uranium in subterranean / tab water, is if it is used by children who's metabolism is far more sensible onto Uranium then that of grown ups.
In germany there are some areas where it is already drasticly spiking the contamination and but the water provider instead of filtering, add ground water from further away as that is less costly.

The industrial union who is selling phosphat fertilizers are pointing out studies from USA, England and Australia, from wich they argue , there would be no danger coming from fertilizers. German Government officals are either not giving any comments or forbid others to talk about it.

edit: i make a sepparated thread for this

Stronghold Kingdoms / world 3
« on: November 14, 2013, 04:57:29 PM »
i started in germany roughly 1 1/2 months back.

Anyone else in that area?

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