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Suggestions Corner / [Suggestion]Knockdown for wounded kicker
« on: July 10, 2013, 10:19:25 AM »
So what about letting a kicker who gets hit during a kick get a knockdown. It might work with a minimum amount of raw damage(20?) as a threshold or a minimum amount of real damage(5?). Either way if you get whacked while kicking you land on your ass. Any objections?

Guides / Nudge guide
« on: May 18, 2013, 02:27:37 PM »
With the May 2013 patch nudge got introduced to all gamemodes, at least for 1h without shield players.  Updated to the 3.0.3 patch:

So what is nudge? Nudge is a mechanic I stole (at least the idea) from Jedi Knight Academy mod Moviebattles II. There it is used in (very blockheavy) lightsaber duels as a quick interrupt and as a way to punish mistakes. It's a quick slap with the off-hand there, doing very low damage, but being able to knockdown under certain circumstances.

In cRPG I made this to spice up fighting a bit, giving players a new option in facehug distance to break blocks or to create distance to the opponent. Even then  shieldless 1handers will still get the most out of nudge though, using their off-hand for quick punches or pushing. All nudges will knockdown a jumping target player.

Nudge is triggered by the v key. Later with forced WSE2 clientside we might get a gamekey instead, so that it will be customisable then. As it is now there are three types of nudge; normal nudge, attack+nudge and defend+nudge. There is a 5 second cooldown between each nudge attempt and during this cooldown the player can neither kick nor nudge.

The amount of stagger it puts on the victim depends on his atack/defend status. The longest stagger will go to an attacking player, then one in non-attacking/defending stance and a blocking player will receive the shortest interuption. All staggers are counterable by its dominating nudge. So an attack nudge can be countered by a normal nudge, a normal nudge by a defend nudge and a defend nudge by an attack nudge.

Shield, unarmed and 1h get all 3 nudge types while polearm and 2h get only 2. Polearm gets normal nudge and defend nudge. 2h gets Normal nudge and a special form of attack nudge(pommel strike).

Low left cross(normal nudge):
Triggered with pressing v while not holding attack or defend. It is a quick punch that causes a very short stagger if it connects. The damage is very low, zero against most armor, even though gauntlet weight helps a bit. On the upside the punch itself is very quick, leaving oneself open for attacks for just a moment. As it is now ALL styles apart fron shield get this nudge

It can knockdown someone who is doing a kick when he is getting nudged - but only when used by 1h without shield.

Quick shield bash(normal nudge):

Shielders get a left to right shieldbash that shortly interupts. Very low damage.

Left straight(attack+nudge):
This one is done by holding attack and then pressing the v key. It is a stronger punch that causes a longer stagger and does a bit more damage than the normal nudge. It has a longer animation duration and it is thus less safe. However it can be a great tool to open up turtlers in group fights and with clever movement one can even land a follow-up attack in one-on-one. Only 1h without shield and unarmed get this.

For 1h without shield one special thing about this nudge is that it can knockdown someone who is attacking while running backwards. It is a shorter knockdown than from blunt weapons, but it still gives good chances to land a follow up attack.

Pommel strike(attack+nudge from overswing position):

2h get something special in form of the pommel strike. It can only be triggered from the overhead strike position. It puts a good amount of stagger on the receiver if it connects.

Left shield bash(attack+nudge):

Shielders get a special outward shield bash that moves the victim a bit to the left side. It is a good tool to get someone out of the way. It does the most damage of all shield bashes but it is still lowish.

This one is triggered with holding the defend key and pressing v. It a pushing move that does (iirc) no damage but moves the target back a bit. Great to create some space or even get away from a pursuer in some situations. Also good for throwing someone into his doom from high places. However it is a long-ass animation and when it fails to connect one can be in serious trouble.

Polearm gets it's own version of this.

Shield shove(defend+nudge):

Shielders get a nudge that allows to push the enemy back. It is rather slow and creates a big opening but it might be a good way push forward or create a chance to run away. No damage at the moment.

When getting hit by a nudge blocking prevents all incoming damage, even from the attack nudges including pommel strike.

Knockdown happens for every type of nudge when the victim is jumping or aiming/releasing a ranged weapon.


Suggestions Corner / Nudge and general off-hand fun
« on: August 17, 2012, 12:11:44 PM »
At the moment I am coding some off-hand melee actions for fun. No idea if it actually gets added to the mod at some point. Depends if I can make it decent enough that I am satisfied with it and if I can convince the other devs.

The general idea is from the MovieBattles mod for Jedi Knight Academy. It has a very sophisticated dueling system and the so-called nudge is part of it. It is a quick punch or slap with the off-hand that is not very powerful on its own but if timed right can be used to punish mistakes of the opponent.

For cRPG it would be set of hotkey(v key atm) triggered moves that have a very short range(0.5m) and a considerable cooldown(3s). If missing it, it would leave the user open for attacks and it can't be done while jumping, riding or in mid-swing. On hit these moves would interrupt, briefly stagger and/or knock the victim back - even through block. They shouldn't lead to a free follow up hit like kick but might be able to put the receiver in a tight spot. I think those moves could increase the depth of melee a bit and give additional options to overcome a block.

What I have at the moment is this:

Shield wielded

Nudge while blocking -> Quick shield shove, this move deals very low damage (in fact only naked feel anything) but has a considerable knockback effect. It can be used to push people around to stand your ground but it also leaves one open for attacks if missing it.

Nudge while readying an attack -> Shield backhand , rather long duration, strong shield attack that deals good damage to unprotected, staggers the victim quite long and knocks back diagonally. Leaves oneself wide open.

Nudge while neither blocking or readying an attack -> Shield edge bash, a right to left swing that hits with the edge of the shield. Has the least knockback but deals the most damage.

Shield damage and knockback power is increased by the user's strength and shield skill.

No shield wielded

At the moment 1h/2h/pole share those moves while shieldless 1h gets a bonus for one attack.

Nudge while blocking -> Shove, this move pushes the opponent away with the off-hand, creating some space. It has a long duration so missing it gives a good opportunity to the enemy. Very low damage.

Nudge while readying an attack -> Left straight, it's a strong punch that deals good damage and causes a long stagger. I might let glove weight help here for damage.

Nudge while neither blocking or readying an attack -> Low hook, a quick punch to the liver with low damage and short stagger. It's has a short duration and is mainly used for quick interupts. If used by 1h against a backpaddler it leads to a knockdown.

Strength increases knockback and damage for those moves at the moment. Maybe I'll let Weapon Master help too. Thinking about it. If I get the animation, I might also add a pomel hit for 1h and 2h if the nudge is done from the overhead swing readying position.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Guides / RÆGBALL(rageball) guide
« on: February 05, 2012, 11:35:39 AM »
Ozin worked a lot on the rageball gamemode, changing it fundamentally and I decided to make a brief overview about the new gameplay since stuff became quite complex. Something to look forward to for the upcoming patch.

(click to show/hide)

Receiving the ball:
(click to show/hide)

Carrying the ball:
(click to show/hide)

Throwing the ball:

(click to show/hide)

Kicking the ball:
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Additional note:
A goalkeeper that is in his zone can't score in his own goal. This is done to prevent accidental own goals when fetching the ball out of the goal after a scoring.

(click to show/hide)

General Discussion / Feedback new soak/reduce values
« on: June 08, 2011, 09:44:24 PM »
For the last 4 days either cRPG1 or cRPG4 had been running with the new armor soak&reduce values I suggested here. I don't exactly remember which of the two server it was but I'll find out later. This poll is to determine if the players felt a difference such as less undeserved glances.

The watered-down version of the soak nerf and reduce buffed was tested. Theoretical outcome should be that it is easier to prevent glancing blows against armor on "good" hits - even with weaker weapons. "Bad" hits such as hits outside the weapon sweetspots or with a bad speed bonus should still glance. Furthermore it should be harder to one or two hit people in heavy armor because the reduce buff should result in lowered damage that got past the soak.

Original (Native) values:
armor_soak_factor_against_cut       = 0.8
armor_soak_factor_against_pierce    = 0.65
armor_soak_factor_against_blunt     = 0.5

armor_reduction_factor_against_cut       = 1.0
armor_reduction_factor_against_pierce    = 0.5
armor_reduction_factor_against_blunt     = 0.75

Tested new values:

armor_soak_factor_against_cut       = 0.65
armor_soak_factor_against_pierce    = 0.5
armor_soak_factor_against_blunt     = 0.4

armor_reduction_factor_against_cut       = 1.6
armor_reduction_factor_against_pierce    = 1.1
armor_reduction_factor_against_blunt     = 1.3

We also checked if there was any significant impact on the kill statistics based on weapon type but there was none.

UPDATE: We found out which server was the one with the altered soak/reduce values. It was cRPG1. The values are still used there for the time being.

cRPG uses the Native values for armor soak and reduce calculation. They influence how much damage gets through after a hit. Armor soak reduces the incoming damage by an armor depended value that is not scaled with the amount of incoming damage. The soak is mostly responsible for the glancing blows since it often lowers the incoming damage below the interrupt threshold, allowing the target to continue their action even while being struck. Because within the calculation the used armor value is randomized heavily (50%-100%) glancing blows are often frustratingly unpredictable. Fighting against a berserked tin can with a 1h sword with low PS is often enough rather luck-dependant that way because a glance means death if the opponent keeps swing no matter what.

Armor reduce is the second part of the armor calculation. It lowers the damage that is left after the soak subtraction. The reduce scales down the incoming damage by an armor dependent percentage. A reduce of 50% of course has greater effect on the 60 damage incoming from the longaxe blow compared to the meager 6 damage that are left after the soak stole most of the nordic sword slash. A proper reduce has the potential to keep 1hit insta deaths in check.

The problem now is that in Native and in the current cRPG the armor soak is alot more important than the reduce. Soak rules. I did some calculations and in most cases the soak had the biggest impact on preventing damage. This combined with the (from my point of view) often frustratingly random glancing blows gave me the idea to change the status quo.

I suggest now to lower soak values for cutting, piercing and blunt while increasing the reduce values by a good amount. The goal is to keep the average damage the same or even to lower it abit so heavy armor is compensated for the lesser glancing blow thingy.

* Less glancing blows, even with lower PS and cutting damage
  - Less frustations for low levels
  - Less randomness in fights/duels in heavy armor
  - Better chances for agi melee builds
* Less 1 or 2hit insta deaths from heavy hitting weapons + high PS
  - Makes a single mistake less lethal in an armor duel
  - Makes armor more important to survive backrape
  - Good armor helps better against high damage weapons like the heavy crossbows, lancers or heavy melee

* Archers with weak bows have an easier time actually doing damage against armor
* Piercing damage will become become better than blunt damage because it overcomes armor reduce best(solution is to lower the damage of piercing weapons like 1h pick, morning star or lances)
* Tin cans will feel more vulnerable because weaker weapons can hurt them which would have glanced before

There is an alternative solution suggested by Shik to lower the interupt threshhold to 0 so every hit no matter what would interrupt the tin can. Advantage here would be that the damage would stay the same. I don't like this much though because every hit interrupting would mean that spam with turning in attacks to the maximum would become viable. We had that in Native beta and I don't want that again.

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