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Game Admin Feedback / [NA] Zeus
« on: June 02, 2018, 05:07:37 AM »

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General Discussion / Rebalancing of New Polearms
« on: May 28, 2018, 10:53:48 PM »
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Case 1: The Latene
(click to show/hide)

Case 2: The Yari
(click to show/hide)

Case 3: The Tiger Fork
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Tl;dr: New weapons/items should be added in an attempt to breathe new life into this mod, and seeing how these were the first new polearms in a while*, I was looking forward to their arrival. Unfortunately, their arrival kinda fell flat due to lackluster stats and in-game appearance. There is no real reason to use the latene atm due to being quite severely underpowered, nor the yari, due it to being a butt-ugly eyesore :wink:. The Tiger fork is the only "usable" new weapon added and to be fair the entire fork family of polearms has always been a bit of a niche anyways. On a side note, the prices of all of these may want to be adjusted a bit. For instance the yari would actually be a pretty good pick for a strat weapon, especially earlier in the round. As it stands it is nearly as cheap as the bamboo spear, but a good deal better. Looking at the model I would have assumed it'd be among the more expensive polearms, closer in price perhaps to the naginata. The latene looks a bit too fancy to be priced among the cheaper polearms, especially considering the flambard/flamberge are among the most expensive 2hs (and if it costs more then the proposed buffs shouldn't be as big of an issue). At the very least there is no reason why the yari is cheaper than the tiger fork.

*Other than the native american weapons REEEEEEEE

Suggestions Corner / Shield Rebalancing
« on: January 17, 2018, 06:45:52 PM »
In the past few weeks (and let's be real, for all of crpg's history) there has been a lot of talk about ranged balance, and naturally their perceived counter, shields, were mentioned several times. I too am in agreement with many who say a good starting point to balancing ranged would be to re-examine shield balance, since imo shields have always been gimped. They provide no advantages other than the abiltiy to block ranged (no small advantage, mind you), however they come with many drawbacks. Here are my suggestions for how to make them more accessible to everyone, and also less of a burden for those that choose to bring them. Note: I'm not advocating all of the following suggestions should be implemented at once, but even then, I don't foresee shields being completely OP.

1. Remove a shield's effective weight (when it is carried on your back)
  • One of the major drawbacks from taking a shield into battle is that even when it is not in use, it is severely hampering your movement speed. As it stands, carrying a shield into battle is like carrying an extra set of mail armor in your pocket. Now, we obviously have more ridiculous weights in the game, such as those of certain ranged weps, however that is in place for balance reasons. Are we really concerned with people running around at their maximum potential speed when their shield is unusable? Honestly, there is even an argument to be had to remove a shield's impact on movement even when it is on your arm, with only blocking slowing you down (although this admittedly may be pushing it a little).
  • Carrying a shield on your back is bad enough as it is since depending on the size of the shield, they can severely hamper your vision, thus having a negative effect on your combat ability. This hindrance is not accounted for in any stat on the website or in-game, as it is merely visual. If we expect people, even 2handers and polearmers, to carry shields into battle when they have no intention of using it in melee, we shouldn't make it feel so bad to simply carry around. Having both a deduction in movement speed and field of view is honestly too much for something that you currently aren't even benefiting from, hence why dropping it is far more likely to happen. Imo, we should never be encouraged to outright drop a part of our toolkit when there are other options available. Previous devs even made a quick-drop function for shields because this was more likely than people simply sheathing them.
  • Proposed Alternatives: Severely reduce the weight of shields when sheathed instead of removing their weight entirely, or severely lower shield weight across the board if it is possible to rework the crushthrough mechanic. As it stands, the heavier the shield the more resistant to crushthrough it is, but obviously that increased weight comes at a huge price (especially when having a lighter shield simply lets you outmaneuver a maul swing much easier).
  • "But muh realism" counter-argument: Carrying things on your back/close to your center of gravity is the best place to put them to them in order to shrug off much of the added weight. Since sheathed shields are attached by straps across your shoulders, they realistically shouldn't be slowing you down much at all in this position.

2. Remove/severely buff shield speed
  • I suppose that the initial thought behind balancing shields was that since they block all directions at once, there should be some drawback to using them (other than the less-than-obvious-to-a-filthy-casual movement penalty), so the devs made shields much slower to block with than any weapon. Assuming you could stomach the movement nerf a shield gives you, this has always been the second biggest thing that made using a shield in melee unappealing. When everything else about melee combat is smooth and fluid, shield blocking has always felt unnecessarily sluggish and gimped.
  • Using a shield in melee shouldn't detract from your ability to block things, quite the opposite in fact. As it stands, the lag between hitting RMB and actually blocking is so bad with some shields that I'd prefer losing the ability to block all melee directions at once and instead manually block each direction if I could have melee-weapon-block-speed. Sure, having yet another stat to differentiate between shields is nice, I guess, but the very premise behind it is just bad. Even with a decent connection to the servers, I've had more "wtf I totally blocked that!" moments when using a shield than with any melee weapon, even the slowest ones. And that can't be helped, given that there is a "block startup time" on shields that isn't present on weapons. This problem is only exacerbated by the delay between what I see and what the servers sees (understandable), and the fact that the "blocking window" doesn't always line up with the shield-blocking animation.
  • To those thinking that shields deserve to be slower at blocking because they allow you to 1 v. many with "relative ease," let me remind you that shields break, leaving you character staggering for a moment, and it's something that melee weapons never do. If people are concerned with shields becoming too similar with the removal of a speed stat, that's fair, although imo shields being selected based on their hp, armor, and shape (read: ranged-blocking effectiveness) should be enough. Let's not forget the most important factor of all when selecting a shield: its looks.
  • Proposed Alternatives: If you aren't content with making all shields block as quickly as melee weapons, at least buff shield speed on every shield by a significant percent.
  • "But muh realism" counter-argument: If you're thinking "this argument is stupid, how can I block as quickly with a big heavy steel shield as I could a tiny little 1hander?" well, you're dumb, 'nuff said. Irl, you don't drop your guard and let your shield fall to your side uselessly every time you make an attack. You can attack and block at the same time when using a shield, something that would obviously be OP and is therefore not present in the game. That said, blocking with a shield irl is in many cases faster than switching your weapon from an attacking to a blocking position, and therefore in-game it should be at least as fast.

3. Remove shield difficulty and increase shield skill effectiveness
  • Apart from all the above drawbacks to bringing a shield into battle, perhaps the one that turns off the most players is that you need to dedicate points to do so. Just like you can spec your character to be a polearmer, but still carry a 1h or 2h into battle, I think the same should be true of shields. Let anyone have access to them, but let those that want to be a shield specialist stand out. This can be done by reducing shield stats across the board and simultaneously buffing shield skill, so that it would be something as effective and necessary as powerstrike is for melee builds. Sure, you physically can fight with a melee weapon with 0 PS, but it is highly inadvisable. Let that be true for shields as well... replace their shield skill requirement with a strength requirement, and make shield skill actually do something.
  • If you don't remove or lower shield requirements, how are you ever going to really encourage people to "get a shield?"
  • Proposed Alternatives: Reduce shield requirements across the board, giving people plenty of decent options with only 0-2 shield skill.
  • "But muh realism" counter-argument: It doesn't really take special training to duck behind a piece of wood when you see bows pointed your way...

4. Add slots for shields to the website
  • Let us know what we're getting into before we buy something and get in-game only to find out it won't work out.
  • Please and thank you.

Let me know what you think about my suggestions in the comments below, and don't forget to like and subscribe to see more of my future content.

After this poll was conducted, people got excited to be able to do battle like it was the good old days again. The assumption that came along with that is that we'd all be able to use the same builds we had pre-patch of destiny, if not a more advanced one since some people may have accumulated enough xp to level up more since then. However, we instead are given a completely new leveling system with nothing but gimped versions of the characters we had grown accustomed to. Over 80% of the active community voted in favor of a revert, while no one voted for an entirely new xp system. If you're trying to do some partial-wipe bs, at least ask around a little bit on the forums here to get some feedback before just going ahead and pulling the trigger. If the apparent goal here is to revitalize the mod, then you should first and foremost focus on getting the vets to return, something that a wipe is likely not going to help with as much. A wipe favors newcomers, something it is highly doubtful we will ever see again unless we can draw back in the vets to maintain a decent population in the meantime.

Regardless of whether or not anything should even be wiped, if you're gonna do a partial wipe at least do the smarter (although still rather foolish) thing and take away all our looms while not touching our levels. Having just one more level makes all the difference in available playstyles, and by extension having 2 or 3 more is even more impactful. Players who were previously level 36 (pre-patch of destiny) are now level 33 at best, and leveling beyond that point is quite literally impossible. On the flip side, looms have almost no affect on the way you play whatsoever, they literally only make you artificially better by giving you an advantage in survivability, damage-dealing, etc. If someone is level 35 and running around in the same armor loomed and unloomed, nothing changes other than the fact they might be able to tank an extra hit when wearing it loomed. However if you've got someone running around at level 32 compared to 35, they'll be noticeably slower, or weaker, or outright unable to use the same items as the higher leveled version of themselves. The point I'm trying to make here, is ya done goofed. You took away our ability to customize our characters and play the way we want, ruined any hybridization opportunities that may have existed beforehand, and for what reason, exactly? In the hopes that you could attract some noobs who will still hop on and see people using looms and go crying back to native? If you want to help noobs, remove looms. If you want to keep vets from coming back, take away our levels.

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I tend to get a lot of Smash 4 videos in my youtube recommended section (since google's algorithms don't yet know I have no interest in it) and tend to ignore every single one, however this here video stuck out and I figured it'd be worth a watch.

According to San's profile, he went to Cornell, as mentioned here roughly 57 seconds in. Also, San's longstanding personal text of "1/Sympathy = Divide By Zero" is a direct reference to the character Ike in smash bros, as one of his taunts is "you'll get no sympathy from me." And last but not least if you skip through the video you'll see the guy playing as Ike is black. Case closed, San left us crpgers to go play children's party games at a competitive level.  :D

General Discussion / The (Unofficial) Revert Suggestions Thread
« on: June 30, 2017, 06:25:16 PM »
There's been plenty of talk about reverting to pre-patch of destiny ever since crpg had its latest revival. However there has yet to be any details leaked of what exactly that entails. Maybe that is because the devs aren't quite sure yet themselves, which is fine as this is of course a big change that requires some careful consideration. So my question to you, the people, is what would you want to see changed if some stuff is reverted, and what would you like to see stay?

My thoughts:

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Things to avoid:
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General Off Topic / Yet another "help me build a pc" thread
« on: February 17, 2016, 06:19:52 PM »
So I'm no stranger to buying my own pc parts, although admittedly I'm a bit out of the loop having not upgraded anything for several years now. Additionally, this time I am building a pc for work, not personal use/gaming. It needs to be able to run graphically-intensive programs smoothly, but I am not worried about maxing out fps while playing the latest AAA games. Not sure if a good gaming graphics card also makes a good "business" gpu, but I can only assume so since the more powerful it is, the better at everything it should be. Anyways, here is the current build I have, any criticism/suggestions are more than welcome. Also note that I am not looking for the usual "pimped out gaming rig" look, so I've got to stick to generic-looking stuff.

Faction Halls / [HoC] The Hounds of Chulainn
« on: January 29, 2016, 05:44:13 AM »
The Hounds of Chulainn
One Lord. One Land. One Law.

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The Hounds of Chulainn bear the name and banner of the legendary Irish warrior CĂș Chulainn. We hold his namesake for we embody his battle fury and loyalty. With those ideals deeply rooted into our clan, the Hounds go into battle knowing both life and death is determined by our wall of green steel and teamwork.

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We take personal pride in our clan's ability to form shield walls with supporting elements. If you wish to join our ranks, then please do the following:
  • Apply here
  • Send a message via the c-rpg website to HoC_King_BoneSaw and/or Jona alerting us that you have applied, keeping in mind that it doesn't hurt to introduce yourself if we might not know you
  • Feel free to join our Steam group
  • A TeamSpeak address will be provided to you upon request
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Strategus VI Diplomacy

The Hounds of Chulainn are currently laying claim to New Almerra Castle, New Weyyah Castle, New Caraf Castle, New Sargoth, Nova Shariz, Nova Dhibbain, Nova Saren, Nova Fenada, New Kwynn, New Hawaha, New Ayn Assuadi, and New Mit Nun. This is likely to change at any time, and this page may in fact be outdated as you read it. To best know our current goals, you should contact King BoneSaw or Jona.

Alliances: Currently none
Enemies: Currently none
Mercenary Agreements: Currently none
Border Policy: Closed borders unless given exclusive permission by BoneSaw, Jona, or Tumble.
S&D Policy: Our S&D is for internal use only. If you are not in the HoC faction and haven't been given permission by BoneSaw, Jona, or the fief's owner, you cannot use our S&D. Thieves will be punished accordingly, and repeat offenders will be dealt with as soon as they set foot in our lands.

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Diplomacy / Congratulations HCE!
« on: October 12, 2015, 11:59:03 PM »
Yayyyyy! You're the official winners of Strat 5! Bet it feels so good getting more and more fiefs from gear bugging and raiding than actually contributing by making fun battles for all! Not at all contradicting any of your previous posts about how you all want nothing more than some fun fights. Keep snorting that pixel crack, I hear it provides a very fleeting high.

... and all the other things floating around out there / Rivals of Aether
« on: September 28, 2015, 08:16:38 PM »
A fun game with a dumb name. For anyone out there who grew up playing the super smash bros series, this is basically a knock-off "platform fighter." Being a knock-off doesn't necessarily mean that it is bad, quite the contrary, in fact. It adds a much-needed competitive atmosphere to the genre that smash bros defined, while allowing for (relatively) stable online 1v1s. The game is only in pre-release alpha atm, but there definitely seems to be a large enough following already in addition to a dedicated dev team to keep this game going strong until an official release. There have been plenty of sneak peeks and leaks at what is on the horizon, and it seems promising. Normally I don't buy into pre-release games, but this one seems certain to grow, and even if development ceases, I'd still be happy with my purchase.

Currently the game only has 6 characters and 5 stages to choose from, yet there are at least 2 more characters coming, with 3 more stages. The stages are fairly generic, but in a game like this the stage doesn't make the game, the controls/mechanics and characters do. This game's main inspiration was smash bros melee, which is widely regarded to have the best mechanics of the series, so it's instantly great in that department. While smash has many clone and pseudo-clone characters, each of these 6 are all 100% unique. Not only are they unique, but in comparison to the smash series, each of them feel and play entirely differently. Not everyone's recovery move just sends them upwards a little. One character creates a vertical pillar that he stands upon, and it will remain there as a solid object for the rest of the match until destroyed. A different character teleports to a puddle on the ground, while another can teleport to the enemy. Instead of all characters being able to only use their strong finisher attacks when grounded, one can only use them while airborn. Then there is another guy which can create a clone of himself at any time. Every character in smash follows the same fairly generic formula, while each of these challenge you to rethink how you play a "platform fighting game."

It only offers a training mode, 1v1 online, or up to 4 players local (with or without cpus) at the moment, but there are several different modes on the way, including some sort of singleplayer story mode and challenge mode. Even with the minimal launch content, I'd give it a solid 8.5/10, with a 10 being super smash bros melee and a 1 being that playstation one that I never even bothered to play it looked so bad. The only real reason it doesn't get a 10 imo is because sometimes the online matchups can be too laggy to even bother trying to play. Unfortunately the game doesn't tell you your opponent's ping (or yours), so you never really know what is to blame, the game's servers or the fact that you keep getting paired up with chinamen. Either way, hopefully matchmaking will prove to be smoother in the coming updates.

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"It would appear that the HCE forces are mobilizing once more, Jona" stated Redgar, the steward of Sargoth. "Finally, they seem to be headed in our direction. Perhaps the rumors of them secretly declaring war against us hold some merit after all."

"At last... it took them long enough. Well, we minds well hit them first while they are unaware that we know of their plans. Tell Largos to head out at once to return to his pillaging campaign near-"

"Jona!" shouted a courier as he charged into Jona's study. "Sorry to interrupt, but we received a raven just now, it's from Largos. He is raiding Tahlberl as we speak!"

"Damn good luck we seem to have. Perhaps his position further south allowed him to see the signs and hear the rumors before we did. This is a prime example of why I am glad to not be a king, or any sort of leader in the typical sense. Having men who act on their own instincts is far more valuable to our war efforts than having men sitting around waiting for orders. Send word to Largos that in case he is not already aware, these fools have declared war on us, and that he should continue to pillage to his heart's content."

"Shall I not say that we are declaring war on them in return?" inquired the courier.

"We would have, if we were still a part of our old alliance with fancy documents, strict codes, and the like to worry about. No, we no longer worry about formal declarations of, well, anything. We attack where we want, we take what we want, we do what we want. Don't you be forgetting that; we're openly the Hounds of Chulainn once more" Redgar reminded the young courier. With that, the courier ran off to send the raven as requested. "Well Jona, what will you do?"

"I guess I minds well make the rounds up here, check up on the garrisons at all the local villages and the like. They are more likely than not still fine, but one cannot be too sure. After that perhaps I will leave Sargoth in your capable hands once more so that I could set out in conquest... unless of course, you'd come with me on my campaign?"

"You know I would love nothing more, but I am afraid that after my bought with the Ayufkay plague, I am not the warrior I used to be. Besides, if you aren't around, someone would have to manage this city, for we all know how disagreeable some of the locals can be."

Before Jona could respond, the courier barged in once more. "Sorry again, but as I was sending the raven on its way, another flew in. Apparently The HCE King Bryggan is besieging Reindi Castle."

Jona looked to Redgar, and they both broke out in hearty laughter. "Wow, apparently he knows not what lies there. What curses lie there, I mean. Every man who was there in the conquests from long ago would recall the mind-bending reality that the place existed in" chuckled Jona.

"Aye, that place played games with your mind, that's for sure. I'm not one to be liking something else, or someone else, to be messing with my head, unless of course it happens to be a golden liquid commonly found in taverns" Redgar chimed in. "Well, let us see if he fares better than we did in the past, eh? Perhaps them curses have been lifted by now... I know not for I certainly haven't traveled the area in quite some time, nor do I plan to."

"Agreed. Let us wait and see how this plays out. Curse or not, it should be fun. Now then... I think it's time we allow some of 'the golden liquid of taverns' to mess with our minds a little, no?"

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Compared to:

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Game Admin Feedback / [NA] Jona
« on: April 29, 2015, 10:26:35 AM »
I figured I should make one of these thingies before I forget and end up getting Havelle'd. Will update this with stuff later.

In the meantime feel free to spam this thread with funny stuff.

Diplomacy / Rogue Millitants within the WotN
« on: April 25, 2015, 11:41:40 PM »
Potential Barbarian Infiltration of the WotN!?!

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           Upon the arrival of their newest recruit, two members of the illustrious Wardens have reportedly gone rogue, while still bearing their old banner! News has trickled in that they've massacred entire settlements, pillaged several villages, and more! Their rampage is spreading across the countryside like wildfire... the only question is, where will they strike next? All we can know for certain is that these two barbarians have most definitely been in cahoots for a while now, yet what I wouldn't pay to know of their plans...

~A Random Journalist

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cRPG Technical problems / Font is glitched
« on: March 21, 2015, 08:16:14 PM »
I am trying to get crpg working again on my laptop, however the bug that made me stop playing it on this in the first place is still persisting. I can't see any sort of text, and this is only in crpg. Both on the main menus or in-game, all the font characters show up as proportionally-sized rectangles.

See examples below:

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Since the font shows up just fine in native, I am guessing that I have all the necessary font texture files and whatnot. Any ideas what could be causing this, and why it would only be in crpg?

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