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Finally out of it's beta, i present to you Dungeon of the Endless, from the creators of Endless Legend and Endless Space : Amplitude Studio.

Trailer :

It's an original mix of rogue-like, tower defense and rpg. Primarily single-player, but there's also a multiplayer, for up to 4. (and any less will ake the game harder)

You control 1 to 4 heores aiming to reach the surface through a dozen floors, randomly generated, after having crashed in their escape pods on an hostile land. And quite deep at that.
The heroes must protect a Dust-based energy Crystal, initially part of the power supply for their escape pods, from creature attacks while exploring the dungeon searching for the exit to the next floor and then transporting the crystal with them to that exit, as it represents their only controllable source of light and power. Each opening of a door will give you ressources, depending on your production, but each new room explored may give ressources, items, nothing or worse, unleash monsters. Better get prepared and have a strategy, ready for the worse, before opening some badly placed doors.

In each room, you may be able to build modules, granting you ressources or various offensives/defensives bonuses, that will help you in your journey. Building them wisely will reap some benefits, but don't forget to protect them from the hostile creatures. --> Tower-Defense part.

You initially start the standard game with 2 heroes, from an initial pool of 4 (there's 18 different heroes though, unlocked in your playthrough). You will encounter other unlucky passengers while exploring the floor/searching for the exit. Some are cupid merchants, offering you some items in exchange of ressources. Others are heroes like you, who can be recruited with food (one of the four ressources) or left to die. Your heroes can also be upgraded with food, granting them bonus stats or special skills. But we warned, as food is used for healing your heroes, so you don't want to run out.  There's also some character background behind that, and having some heroes in the same team may trigger special dialogue after completing a floor. --> RPG part.

There's seven different escape pods, from the standard one to others with special rules. From the pool of 18 heroes, find your four-man dream team, and pray to encounter them during your playthrough. Protect your crystal at all cost, as the destruction of that one, or the death of all your heroes, will end your journey. Be greedy and explore all the rooms in each floor, or play it safe and head for the exit as soon as you discover it. A mixture of boldness and rationality is best, but your curiosity may get the better of you. Rogue-like saving is alll there is, and any death of an hero is unrecoverable. --> Rogue-like part.

In my own opinion, it's a really enjoyable game. The music is nice, and the pixel-art graphic gives a nice retro feeling. Currently, there's a "very easy" difficulty, to learn about the different modules, heroes and ennemies. Then there's an "easy" difficulty, more challenging already. And if you're ready for more, i believe there's one beyond that. I haven't finished an "easy" run yet, being quite unlucky with the main ressource (dust) on some floors, or just too bold and opening doors i shouldn't have. The items are also important, and with funny names. The "hipster scarf" will force all monsters to attack it's user, for example.  :lol: For it's price, it's definitely a good deal.

The "very easy" run gives you a pleasant walkthrough, and providing a good start, you can know by the 8th level that you'll survive, no matter what future encounters await you. So not too frustrating. If you're up for more, go for the "easy" or above difficulty, and start praying every time you open a door that you won't encounter some damn rhinos or whatevers.

I need some volunteers to start a multiplayer game, sounds fun.^^

Edit : Plenty of youtube videos out there, though the first one i watched was in french, with one of the developpers. That's where i saw what is the "normal difficulty", if i'm right, where rooms are unpowered when you're moving the crystal when reaching for the exit. Much more realistic and interesting. As of my current runs, every "get the cristal to the exit" was but a formality, this should spice things up. Still looking for that video, to check if it has some translated subtitles. :s

Edit 2 : Replayability may be a bit overrated, since the floor strategy to deal with the monsters spawn aren't infinite. So probably a bit repetitive once you found out the best possible run and strategy. Some items also really simplify your game. In one, i didn't encounter a single "taunt" item. In another, got one on the 2nd floor. And damn, life is so simpler then. Simply get in a defended room, then get out, monsters will follow you. Then go back in and through to a different rooms, monsters won't attack in the "doorway", since it's a sort of transition between rooms, and will chase you to the next one. Minimum damage for maximum effectiveness, granting good offensive modules in the room.

Finally decided on creating a topic, to keep track of everything by just updating the opening post.

Team "_LastMinute"

(by alphabetical order)

Players|Class (in order of preference)|Confirmation of willingness to join||Number of matches played
1h-Thrower /
Agi 1h / Support Polearm / 2h
Archer / Agi 2h
2h / 1h shielder /1h cav / Polearm cav
Polearm ?

Yes, willing to substitute to let everyone play

Honorary captain : Bulzur
Effective Lieutenant : Egehan

Thoses aboves are the preferential teammembers, with "first come first serve" rule.
Reminder of the class rules :
Matches will be 5-a-side, the team may only use a maximum of three infantry, two ranged, one cavalry and one horse ranged.
  Throwers counts as ranged.
  Horse Ranged counts as both cavalry and ranged.

I don't mind taking care of all the paperwork (temporary captain), but will of course step out if either Phase, Elmuri, or anyone else feels the confident to be our captain.

If anyone not listed is interested in joining this team, please do post here to confirm that (speaking of Guray (1h cav / 2h) and QuisUtdeus (Hoplite) for example). There's absolutely no guarantee that you'd be enlisted, but you just never know.

So please confirm your willingness to join, and if the input information is correct.


Closed Requests / [BAN] Internet_Explorer
« on: December 18, 2013, 04:59:12 PM »
1. Name of your character involved :
I was playing with Guard_Bulzur, and went on spectators a couple of round, for better screenshots.
2. Name of offending character(s)
3. Time and server, as accurately as possible
EU_1, from 14h40 to 15h12 at least, on the 18/12/2013
4. Written description of what happened, the whole story. Also what happened before and after.
Internet_Explorer spawn in Tunic, with a 2h axe, and suicide charge in a straight line, every round. He must hold the "advance" key, then open the typing screen, and goes off.
He never ever blocked, never gets any points, always go in a straight line, even when being shot.
5. Why you think the offender did what he did.*
Leeching, suicide charging with low cost equipment.
6. Multiple Screenshots
Incoming spoilers :
First map.
People that killed him were either melees, or ranged. No cav. Still one of the first to die in the beginning.
Then, after i stated the reason and did a kick poll, that failed, he decided to spawn later, for his leeching to be less obvious.

Here is another new map. Notice him going in a straight line, then realising ennemy cav didn't kill, so he turns around, and go to meet the ennemy infantry, not even bothering blocking. It's true it's harder for him in this map, unless cav kills him outside.
7. Names of players who witnessed what happened.
People on the server. Though after a kick poll that i initiated, and failed, i realised the players don't care about polls, and usually press 2 instantaneously.
Player who have witnessed it first hand would be the people killing him.

Edit : didn't expect this "simple" request to take such a long time to do. I'll probably not bother next time it's a leecher, since it's actually a lot of work, for sometimes a simple warning...

cRPG Technical problems / Barrel roll impossble
« on: November 03, 2013, 12:32:02 AM »
Since the big Taleworlds server going down, and back up, i just can't use the awesome barrel roll, by double tapping side movement, anymore.

Did the "double tapping" window got shorter, so it's way harder ?
Or did it just disapear after the new patch ?

(click to show/hide)

EDIT : Nevermind, saw someone just do one on eu1. It's probably cause of the laggy state of the servers that the timing is off sometimes

Closed Requests / [BAN] FuckYou_Sperm
« on: May 01, 2013, 05:45:33 PM »
I'd like to point out the case of this particular fellow for multiple reasons.
The first one, quite obvious, is the name.
Second one is trashtalking.
Thrid one is delaying, so that everyone may see his name...
Last one is racism.

The sole presence of that person on the EU1 server is a pain. Horrible attitude.
Screenshots were taken yesterday and today.

His usual self :

Delaying/Running away :

Delaying/Afk :

Racism,  incitation to hate :

I don't think he even does all that to be "funny", he's just being purposefully rude. A little break, to help him think over, and a name change would hopefully be a good thing.

Edit :
Started typing/uploading pictures yesterday. Now, he seems to behave a bit more. Still, name change could be appreciated.

Closed Requests / Ban AFLF_Executive_Outcomes
« on: August 19, 2012, 12:47:39 PM »
Yesterday, 11hours ago, on NA1, i got intentionnaly teamkilled in 3 consecutive hits by AFLF_Executive_Outcomes.

This was a revenge teamkilled, since i accidentally headshotted him the previous round, witout even seeing his body. (i aimed at a horse, missed, go to look for another target, and see that i just headshotted him. :/ I of course apologized, knowing it must be frustrating for the person killed.) But it's not a reason to purposefully slain me in 3 hits, and then claiming a "sorry", "tag bug".

Here you can see said TK with last 2 hits. Just before, i reminded him that i said sorry... and that i was sorry...

Here you can see the "apology". Also take a look at the timer, clearly the beginning of a round, just the time for the culprit to find me, ride to me, and kill me in 3 hits.

Here you can see the "excuse" he comes up with. While ridding in a totally different direction. As if he only went that way to kill me, but preferes playing on the other side of the map.

And finally, here you can see an unintentional teamkill by bumping, resulting in the player GTXting, probably because of the negative score.

I don't know if it was because of a bad day, so i'll leave the sanction to you.

Closed Requests / Edit : Useless topic
« on: August 19, 2012, 02:27:11 AM »
Edited : My bad. Thanks for the answer.

Resolved Issues / [Bug] Miss the bow's sheath when it's on the side
« on: August 02, 2012, 01:18:59 AM »
I never noticed it until Bifi told me.
It seems that when you use a bow like the Horn bow, whose sheath is usually on the side, it doesn't appear on the beta client. It's probably the case for all side sheath, but bows carried on the back don't have this problem.

How to reproduce :
1. Use a 5 PD character, equip a bow.
2. Look at your side, and notice you can't see the bow, nor the sheath, whether the bow is sheathed or not.

(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

It should be rewarding to effectively dodge a few archers on it's own, before being shot to death.

As it is now, archers don't care, since they can go back and pick up their own arrows they shot 30 seconds ago. And dodging arrows for 30 seconds from more than 2 archers is a feat.

I'd like to make arrows on ground (and NOT quivers, just arrows that MISSED their target) to disapear a bit faster, to reward archers caring about where they aim and shooting carefully, instead of machinegunner with only bodkin arrows that know they'll eventually pick up all the arrows they see.

I don't remember what's the time at the moment, but i'd like to drastically reduce it.
Since you can't decide to BREAK arrows on the ground, as a melee user (wich feature could be really awesome, but unfortunately probablty hard to code), making them last less time on the ground is sensible.

Please give your thoughts. And comments.

Edit : Btw, my main is an archer. And yes it's easy to pick up spare arrows on the ground. But i don't care, since i carry 2 stacks, and i "kill" ennemy archers, and can loot "their" arrows. Should be that way.

Resolved Issues / [BUG] Window called "M"
« on: July 27, 2012, 06:09:01 PM »
Our dear Warband is now called "M".
It feels really diminutive.

How to reproduce :
1. Launch game.
2. Alt+Enter to enter windowed mode.
3. Look at your task bar, and notice the horse and the letter "M" close to it.

Resolved Issues / [Miss Feature] Fast Mowing in spectator mode
« on: July 26, 2012, 08:12:05 PM »
Usually, double tapping your forward key in spectator mode, enables you to "move" the camera quicker.

This feature isn't enabled yet, it seems.

Resolved Issues / [BUG] Auto couch animation on horse
« on: July 25, 2012, 11:05:22 PM »
Title says all :
I used my cav alt, with an heavy lance* and i have a perpetual couch animation (when moving, it's the right animation when standing still), while doing nothing (no holding attack, etc...), instead of the "holding lance pointing it to the sky".
It doesn't do any damage, and when you press the couch key, it doesn't change the animation, but you can deal damage.

How to redo :

Log with a cav character. Mount horse, ride fast enough

Closed Requests / [BAN] GK_M_CAV
« on: July 10, 2012, 07:58:56 PM »
I request a BAN longer than 1 day for GK_M_CAV, for an abusive poll in order to gain victory in a battle. Such things shouldn't be left unpunished, else it would wreak havoc on the servers.

Here, you can see the effective poll :

Here, you can see in wich team dear GK is, and where is Chase. Opposite teams, of course.

Here is the result of the scandaleous poll, and just below, the effective battle at the end.
(click to show/hide)

The "official" reason GK_M_CAV gave after the poll was "teamkilling". Indeed, the round before, the GK's team got slaughtered, it was 17v1, i was personnaly going to kill the last one with a few backup. And Chase prefered having fun with a willing clanmate, and this resulted in his clanmate's death. Who didn't report him, of course.
Now i doubt M_CAV is such an altruist that he cares about the other team not killing each other, nor is it his business. But he took that as an opportunity to kick someone who had a x5, and who was a big threat, in order to win the round.

He should get a BAN to cool his head off a bit. Even with GK's roaming eu1, i never saw any people issuing KICKS to GK (who sometimes kill people by mistake) taking an occasional teamkill as a reason.

Please be harsh.
Thank you.

Closed Requests / [BAN] BashiBazouk_Hybrid
« on: June 10, 2012, 08:26:53 PM »
I request a ban for BashiBazouk_Hybrid, for bypassing death.
Today, in Eu1, this cav usually rush to the other side, and start lancing people, or horses.
This time, i was aware, and took screenshots.
The first one shows him just after he got dehorsed near our spawn, dead on the floor after having just quitted. Time :  6:26
The second one shows him JUST rejoining in time, bypassing death. Time : 6:02
Exactly the same round, as shown by my money, position, etc...
The third one shows how important he was to his team, or how usefull his second life was.
This is also the same round, strangely, the money display is broken after gaining a few ticks. But on the second picture, in his team, Bongo had 1:3 score. In the last picture, Bongo has 2:4 score. Thank you Bongo for this evidence.

I really hate cav that rush the ennemy team, kill as many as possible with a couch, and horses, then leave at 6:20, and rejoin just in time afterwards. That's cheating. I think a GK got a ban for such a thing a while before, and see no reason why Hybrid shouldn't get one also, to reflect on his actions. Why having one life is enough, and how cheating death is a bannable offense.

cRPG Technical problems / Wrong item ingame
« on: June 04, 2012, 06:30:28 PM »

I am currently the happy owner of a +2 iron staff. It shows perfectly well on the site.
But ingame, this item shows as a +2 long awlpike. And since i have a normal version of that item, i can choose between the balanced and the normal one.
Here are screenshots showing the problem :

Edit : i added the iron staff to the saved gear, and it's back to normal. For now. Dunno if such things are common.

Edit2: It actually replaced my long spear... fun thing is i have way less than 100 items... still sold two polearms to see.

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