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Strategus General Discussion / Strat is ded
« on: May 31, 2019, 05:07:53 AM »
I have never given up on strat.  In fact, I take credit for helping revive it a few times.

But, despite Dave's best efforts, he fucked up.

The initial grind for silver turned pretty much every North American off.  Grinding is for cell phone games that at least give the option of Micro-transactions.  We have a lot of good gents who are willing to move armies and trade and attack, and even show up to NA1 to get some ticks.  And odds are fans of cRpg might take a break from Mordhau to play important strat battles.  But they can't raise armies without grinding, so they just said 'fuck it'.

The shared map.  Well, ok, it could work.  If factions were open minded and had a mixture of NA, EU and CN players, yeah, it could be fun.  But while I noticed NA and CN players tend to stick together, most of EU players seem to want to fuck the CN players up.  I myself, noting the shortage of NA players, but even if we had a lot, realize inter-continental alliances are important.  But a lot of EUers just want to bully them off.  But, if we had an even strat, we could learn to play together.

Strong AI.  WTF is with 500 man lightly armed villages?  Fiefs should just be a formality.  200 farmers with peasant gear, thank you.  Let the active players grab shit quick.  Let's let people build their kingdoms so we can go fight each other.  Right now you either waste 400K of gear if there is a defense, or you gain 400K of gear if there isn't.

The Vicinities.  Too big for cities.  You cannot blockade an area that huge.  We need a little more no-man's-land to keep travellers scared.  Relying on Ping and battle times and Eu Bro-coding makes for unfair strategy.

We had a bunch of new players all excited about strat, and I chatted with them and offered advice.  But now that they've seen what the game is like, they are all quitting.  I tried telling them about the exciting times we had on the NA map, with manoeuvres and counter manoeuvres and sacrificing armies to buy time; and blockades and reinforcements and chasing caravans... and quite frankly, they were excited.  Well, they were.  They realize now it all depends on people working together to not be dicks... assholes, yes, but that is part of the game... but dicks ruin the game... much like they have always ruined half the map before.

Strategus General Discussion / You gotta come back.
« on: December 12, 2018, 08:48:54 AM »
I tried playing native, and it sucks- just a range fest.  So I'm gonna attack AFK fiefs until you fuckers fight me.  The Mad Emperor is back!

General Discussion / Throwing?
« on: November 28, 2018, 07:47:01 AM »
hey, where are the bitch posts about throwing?  I've seen so many about bows, x-bows and cav, but none about throwing.  Pure throwers are a joke class, especially the pure throwers.  Anyone who can tell their A from their D can dodge and kill.  A thrower does less damage than an Xbow but requires being closer.  So why the nerf?  And don't go on about the melee buff.  It is a big boost, but most throwers throw or are hybrids.  Hybrids have throwing to take on archers or cav, plus the few idiotic melee guys who run in a straight line.  Throwers throw and run.

But seriously.. who bitched?  Who considered throwing a cancer on c-Rpg?  Gimme a link. I've read all the whining about cav and archers and X-bows, but i have never seen an anti-throwing post.  SO WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?  DOES SAN HATE THROWERS PERSONALLY. PLEASE JUSTIFY THIS RASH DECISION THAT HAS ONLY MADE YOU ENEMIES AND NOT ANY FRIENDS

Diplomacy / Me being a Dick
« on: October 19, 2018, 06:22:42 AM »
I want to thank everyone who supported me during my battles.  Which unfortunately involves ever clan and faction that ever played this game.  I have back stabbed, screwed, had unnatural relations with, and fucked every clan or faction that worked with me.  While I love you all (except for you Arys, you filthy peasant), I like to play the game.  I have fought for and against most factions.  I started as an Acre merc and did serious damage against G force, and then I fought the Squids... and then I merced for the Squids and fought some successful battles for them.  And then I fought for Jack1 and and then I fought against Jack1, and then I fought with Dutchy and then against Dutchy.  And the, when things got boring for the HCE, I left that.  Not really a desertion since I shot to the top of the ladder board fighting their enemies.  Cuz all the wars were up north, and I did what I could to make it that way.

The point is, I may have been a dick in the past, and probably am a dick in the present, but I always try to play the funnest game I know, win or lose.  I started with a bunch of losers, and ended up with an empire. Last strat I tried getting the game going by being an asshole, but failed, yet when it did get going I did a fine job of defending my ill begotten fiefs and got number one on the renown board.

So, my point is... when I started I was a Hound.  Then they killed me cuz  was bored of being a brood hen.  Then I tried to go to war with the Hounds.  Then next strat I was allies with them.  Then I was at war with them.  And then they disappeared.  And then they were at war with me.  And then they signed against me.  And then we were allies.

And now I must follow Tristan's lead.  He bought my army, he equipped it, he brought buttered scones for tea.  I am a merc, I am unabashedly opportunistic, and while I love you all, we got a game to play.

General Discussion / Mauls- are they appropriate for a game like this?
« on: September 06, 2018, 05:24:57 AM »
99% of the players don't like them, but use them cuz they are OP.  They were never used in medieval times, because if you did you would be winded by the third swing.  Yet, in this mod you can block as fast as lightning.  Why do they still exist?  Why are they even in this game?

People bitch about them all the time.  In Strat battles you need them, cuz they are OP in a group.

But seriously- do they make the game better or worse?

Diplomacy / Front de Liberation du Suno
« on: July 22, 2018, 03:41:14 AM »
Suno desires to be a Free Sovereign state.  Occitan has the power, the strength, the armies to control it, we (read "I") will resist until we gain our freedom!

When asked about this, Arrowaine said this:

Mercenary Recruitment / 22 looms to be given
« on: July 14, 2018, 07:54:20 AM »
I am attacking Suno.

This prized possession, coveted by all, should be mine.  I swear by whatever god you want me to swear by I will maintain its neutrality.  I also promise not to try take over the world should I get it.

But what I do promise is 3 LPs to the top scorer, 2 LPs to the second, and 1 LP to the next 17 top scorers.


For those of you who don't know me, I have fought battles as soon as i could raise an army.  I merced for Acre and for the Squids, and I was an aggressor, attacking whenever I could.  But after that I became King of the North, fighting the last active remnants instead of reaping the multitude of afk fiefs.  And then emperor, which I lost to my own bitchiness due to a cleverly planned betrayal.  And then elected Emperor in which we slowly gained ground until our worthy enemies invited the Eu to rape and destroy us with thier massive shiny armies (and pretty much all the 13K abandoned me (good merc attitude guys- still love ya)).

I guess my point is, I did a lot for strat.  I revived it when people thought it was dead, I pushed it as far as I could, and hey, I won the most renown last strat.  And it was fun!  But, unlike a duel, you don't win no nothing.  No fancy hat or anything despite providing hours of entertainment for the crew.

So give me Suno.  Back in the day I put a lot of effort in this game, and all I got was a lot of hate and no fancy hat:(

Mercenary Recruitment / Suno!
« on: June 29, 2018, 04:08:14 AM »
I don't want to take Suno, I want to buy it... with looms.

I will give 3 lps to the top scorer, 2 lps to the 2nd scorer, and 1 lp to anyone who is in the top 17 of the scoreboard.

Of course, if we lose, no one gets a loom.  Fuck you- I don't support losers.

If I do get Suno, I will make it an independent state with a lowish tax, and I will give refunds on armour/weapons purchases.  Refunds will be given on the odds of you actually using your bloody gear.  Pussy foots need not apply.

General Discussion / Mauls are rather ridiculous
« on: June 09, 2018, 04:48:05 AM »
We all know a little about history, and the one thing we all know is that mauls were not a weapon of choice.  I've swung a sledge hammer or two in my life and I have found it is tiring.  Yet this beast which can kill you in 2 seconds still exists.  With its crush through and length and lack of fatigue it makes one absurd weapon.  Yet it still blocks as fast as a bamboo stick.  When Armagon developed this game he was aiming for
 historical accuracy, but yet this 'weapon' remains the most popular for sieges and pretty much everything else.

But, the maul was a peasant weapon and in reality it should take two seconds to swing or block after the first swing.  Even with high(ish) agi you still got be out of the 45 degree killing zone.  I hate to say it, but I'm calling OP on this one.

It almost makes we want to be an archer.

Diplomacy / So, I'm bored
« on: June 09, 2018, 03:19:25 AM »
Retirement is a bitch in Strat.  No fishing, no golf, no shuffleboard.  I've made several millions trading (only moving when I was bored), but I'm still finding it hard to get involved.  A few people invited me, but quite frankly I love/hate you all equally.  So I figured I'll keep trading til someone attacks me, then I'll go full fucking commando on them (as in attacking mercilessly, not as in wearing no underpants... or maybe both).

Plus I might host my own tournament.   I got a lot of LPs I can't be bothered using- I may use a field battle for an excuse to give them away.

I'm thinking everyone signs one side, then get split up into duels.  Winner advances with no health increase.  Maybe a timer where I start shooting with a hunting bow, slightly hurting each combatant if they are dragging their asses.  How about 5 lps to the winner, 3 to 2nd place and 8 more lps to randomly selected participants?

Diplomacy / The Thirteen Knights
« on: March 25, 2018, 01:38:12 AM »
We now, as always, only accept the ruler of New Curaw, the accepted capital of the North, to be our liege lord.  With so many pretenders about, we ONLY accept the commander of the ONE TRUE CAPITAL OF THE NORTH to be our feudal overlord.

Nova or New Curaw has always held a special place in our hearts.  Acre accepted our sovereignty once we captured it.  Civil war brewed and eventually erupted when I gave it away.  Thousands of lives were thrown away as CC tried to take it, and they finally did through treacherous means, but they did it, so I capitulated to the victor.

Curaw was always the focus of the War in The North, and, before my time, it had a many storied past with idiotic sieges and and grandiose sieges.

Due to the that, I will only accept the Lord of Curaw to be my superior.   

Strategus General Discussion / Strat winner? Not really
« on: March 17, 2018, 04:37:28 AM »
Um, I won last strat in NA.  I know winners of random duel events get looms or cool hats.  Do I get a cool hat?  I think I would look awesome in a cool hat.

I do regret that I was born without that innate skill that makes it so easy for some of us to slay our enemies, but though I have no 'skillz' I managed to enlist some gents who do, and dedicated a lot of time and energy to this game.  And what is my reward?  Not even a polite mention.

So, everyone, doing good at strat means less than coming in third in a best of seven duel.  Kinda sad really.

PS- not trying to sound needy

Diplomacy / Who is the Emperor?
« on: February 25, 2018, 04:29:14 AM »
I have heard that King James abdicated in favour of Reinhardt.  James has taken the title of 'Marshall', which implies he still runs things and Reinhardt is just a figure head- just like I was till I retired my emperorhood.  I think it's called 're-branding'.

As anyone who is a fan of history knows, the title of 'Holy Roman Emperor' could be claimed by anyone.  In order for it to stick, you actually needed an empire, but still you could claim it in hope someday you would.  Little things like the Professor and his Reformation would throw things off, but a good politician could always reinvent it for his own needs.

I myself, after serving as a figurehead, had to give it up.  When my mighty warriors turned into surrender monkeys (a fine bit of mercenary attitude; they prospered for it and I admire them for that), I had no strength to enforce my will.   I became a figure head, and it was fun for a bit, but then it got old.  My commands became requests, and they were mostly denied.  The last army given to me to support my endeavors was Rodrick aka Goblin King aka Viscount aka Saturn.  And you can guess how well that went.

That was disappointing, but when the uber wealthy south did not help us defend Curaw, the soul of the HCE, the birthplace of the HCE and spiritual headquarters of Acre, well then I realized the Empire was dead.

But, like the HRE, the HCE can disappear and reappear.  Does the HCE have an emperor?  Or is the 'empire' just the old kingdom who lost interest in ruling the world?

Diplomacy / Bryygan and Tammo, BFFs
« on: January 30, 2018, 07:34:15 AM »
Duke Bryggandt stared into the bottom of his wine glass.  He was not looking forward to this audience but it had to be done.

"My Lord," the holy chadzian priest said, "this is beyond belief!"

"Believe away, my friend," Bryggandt muttered, "that is your job, isn't it?"

"But, please, consider your lineage!" the priest continued, "Your great grandfather, Bryggan the 1st, was know for his piety!  He defended the Holy chadzian Faith at the expense of his kingdom".

"You know," drawled Bryggandt, "I wonder about that.  Most of the stories were written 50 or so years ago.  But, in New Shulus, where he started, they still sing the song about the troubles he had when the brothel was to the left of the tavern and the pig sty was to the right.  I heard the ditty, and was greatly amused."

"But to desert your family's faith!"

"Oh come on!" Bryggan yelled, suddenly sitting up right in his chair, "chadz has left these lands!  Ever since the Prof nailed his 95 updates to the door of the church of Reindi castle people have had their doubts."

"But.. but Tammo?"

"Ah, what's the difference.  chadz, Armagon, Moohhamed, they are all the same.  Thing is, we are surrounded by enemies desiring our lands.  As I found out during my last Euro-trip, I cannot defend my lands on my own.  I have the men, the money, and the roster, but I can not be everywhere at once.  Tammo has Curaw, which is the rightful throne to the north.  And, unless someone else takes Curaw (Tummo forbid, we are soooo sick of that fight), or I get pissed off and rebel, I must accept them as my feudal overlords.  It sucks, but when you have a two man faction..."

"One man faction dear," Lady Sweetcheeks interjected.

"Ok, one man and one woman faction, one cannot be rebuilding empires.  If I had my ancestor's heroes beside me, maybe.  Albus and Sitvek the totally cool but absolutely mercenary, and the Sword of the South, plus Dirk the Dependable (but he just disappeared), and Lars and DeLaitre... even the indomitable JayJrod, who brought such victories (until he turned traitor).  But nope, I have no heroes other than the ones who consistently roster for me for no real good reason."

The priest was about to speak again, but Bryggandt yelled at him, "DON'T EVEN START!  I HAVE DECIDED, AND I WILL HAVE NO UPSTART PRIEST DICTATING TO ME!  Lady Sweetcheeks, I am sure you agree?"

"Of course my dear," she said, then went back to scrolling through Facebook.

Anyone who knows me knows my strategy is: wait til people get bored of strat, take some AFK fiefs, use the stolen money to build some armies, fight until people come back, and, when things start going shitty for me, have my character die.  It's simple but effective, but I thought there should be a few ways of making the game require a bit more thinking.  Right now the only strategy in strat is bigger, better rosters and simple wars of attrition.  There's not much you can do about roster size except have a lot of friends, which some us just can't do, and attrition means nothing when your enemies just keep coming back to life with an unlimited source of ticks to recruit.

So, with a few of my own ideas, and a few I pilfered from others, here are my ideas:

I'd be 100% behind a 50/50 chance of capture if there was a better guarantee of roster balance.  I think there are plenty of players out there who don't care what faction they fight for, and in fact are hesitant about joining either side due to fears of making enemies.

But, when the prof is there, he can make it so people can switch sides, or go from spectator to a side.  If it were automated, or the Prof was forced to attend each and every battle, it would be nice anyone who wasn't for or against either faction just joined in spectator mode, then the team commanders took turns picking mercs until the remainder just joined the smaller roster.

But with capturing, there is a chance strat will end and won't fall into it's usual periods of stagnancy.  In a game that is really only based on attrition, its hard to win when there are basically limitless troops.

To prevent multi-accounting and people just hiding out til the end, I'd also suggest the soldier cap be set by renown. 0 would be 250, 1 would be 500, 2=750, 3=1000, 4=1250, 5=1500, 6=1800, 7=2100, 8=2400, 9=2700, 10=3000.  Thus if you cap your village, castle or town you should have enough renown to protect it from the average marauder.  People who don't cap fiefs could trade or take the risk of attacking caravans (I never thought there should be 10,000 man caravans anyways; its ridiculous).  In these little battles I think most people would free their captured enemy, probably for a fee a la native single player.  With troop caps, the ticks earned for silver should pay a little more so at least people can eventually get money if they have a run of bad luck.

These small raider/traders, should they be aggressive and lucky enough, would eventually gain enough renown to command large armies, which would attract the attention of the landlords.  But currently, being a landlord is a profitless endeavor.  I think taxes should be a minimum of 20%, plus each fief should pay rents based on its population.  This way the land holders would have the money and therefore a lot more control.  They could hire mercenary armies to fight for them (or if they are they are willing to lose it all, try gain their own renown) or buy troops off the merc armies to garrison their holdings.

This gives the 'lone wolf' players a chance to get ahead.  Through mercing, selling troops or trade they could eventually get the gear necessary to take their own fief.

Get rid of discounted armour and XP based on the value of the gear.  We have too much shiny, and people don't bother signing if they don't think the XP will be worth it.  There should be X amount of XP divided among each player on each roster, so being on a low roster would get you much more XP.  In real life you get much more experience when outnumbered I should think.  And with these 70% discounts there is no quantity/quality decision to be made.  A small, wealthy trader might equip his 200 men with plate, while an army of 2000 might prefer to equip with haubergeon grade for the same price and only 30% less body armour.

Prosperity should be linked to population size.  With tax at a minimum of 20%, and money made by rents from the population, there will be good reason to keep your peasants healthy and hale, and better reason to keep your enemies' peasants dead.  In war, it is always a good idea to take out your enemy resources, and in an agrarian society, the main resource is the peasantry.  It would be very profitable to send raiding parties to attack villages, and very unprofitable to not bother defending them.  Plus, if you are in a good trading area, you might convert troops to population.  But, if you are desperate for men, you should be able to transfer population to troops.  You'll lose income, but hey, if you're desperate you're desperate.

Get rid of garrisons and arms in villages.  We all know the dangers of giving peasants weapons- they get all uppity and start demanding some basic human rights.  They can use their pitchforks and sickles to defend themselves.  If a village is attacked though, a person should be able to reinforce them.  The attack switches from the mainly defenseless peasants to the reinforcing army.  Once the reinforcing ticks run out, the battle restarts against the villagers with peasant gear but the same amount of time, and the poor peasants can only hope to run out the timer.  Doing this would cause people to go for more field battles than risk losing their precious, money making peasants.

Change the raid.  Everyone with a modicum of self respect hates raids.  It seems like an accidental glitch, but yet here it is.  Raids should be quick attacks on the population, and not just walking in and taking cartloads of gear.  A raid should be when an army attacks a non garrisoned fief and gets a set time to kill villagers.  The time would be based on the relative sizes of the army and the villagers.  In a raid, reinforcement of the village wouldn't be allowed (but you could attack right after of course).  If all the villagers are killed in the set amount of time, the attacker gets however much SD is in the village as goods.  And he just destroyed the money making abilities of some enemy lord for some time.  This would have obvious strategic value, plus it would force some more strategic field battles which are sadly lacking.  People would have to patrol their neighbourhoods, plus factions would want some cohesion to their lands to make it easier to prevent incursions.

Put Europe and NA together.  With raids and slaughtering peasants a major factor, there will need to be sets of eyes on the map at all times.  Sad to say, Eu and NA would have to work together.  Battles would be split into 2 12 hour periods, with Eu primetime battles on the Eu server and NA primetime battles on the NA server.  I would advise a freeze in the odd hours that suck for everyone.

Oh, and have merc recruitment only happen an hour before battle time.  That way you actually know who's there without roll calls.

And I think that's it.  I was rambling for quite a bit there, but to me these are all genius plans.  I have no idea how hard they are to implement, but something should be done.  People still find the battles fun, and I think the game could last a lot longer if we remove the cancer and have some 'end game' in sight.

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