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... and all the other things floating around out there / Celeste
« on: January 14, 2019, 11:12:00 PM »
One of the gems from last year. Just started playing it, and can say the platforming is on point. Just my pace of gameplay, and with just enough gimmicks to keep it continuously interesting. OST is amazing too, perfect mood setter for what the game is.

... and all the other things floating around out there / Diablo Immortal
« on: November 03, 2018, 01:46:30 PM »
Its finally here guys, diablo for mobile!!

Its a mix of diablo 2 and 3, best of both worlds!

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General Discussion / Buff Spears
« on: October 01, 2018, 11:50:44 PM »

As is scientifically proven in this video spears are generally better than swords (not to mention spear users are smarter, cooler, more handsome and generally more pleasant to be around than sword users). You may commence the buffings now, i'll happily take back some turnrates, perhaps a bit of damage too. Oh and a overhead stab since the polearm one is trash.

Dont @ me.

New from software title, looks a tad like nioh but with some far crazier mechanics


Yeah, you betcha, Maplestory 2 is finally coming out. We've all been waiting for this, right? /s

So its finally dropping in western countries after only being released in asia and i believe it was recieved poorly there. I've been following it a little on and off for years, but you never know with asian releases if they ever decide to send it over here. It just seemed like i should give it a shot since the original is close to my childhood and i still find it genuinely interesting to play at times (through private servers)

I dont even know what to say about the graphics design, original maplestory had an extremely charming style, this looks a bit goofy and doesnt really do it justice but im not completely turned off.

Gameplay in second video looks a bit like a wacky action rpg, like diablo esque, looking at the berserker class skills and stuff actually made me a little bit interested in playing. I was ready to go in with a mindset of completely playing for goofs and gags, spoofs and laughs but im surprised i may enjoy it for a bit more than expected if it holds up in other parts. I'll be streaming ( beta if i get in on that stuff which i will make an effort to do, they have some kind of sharing the game roadmap that the first 10k that finish it all get confirmed invite, all the parts are not out yet though.

Could be fun for a bit. I saw some fishing in a video so thats cool i suppose. Honestly yearning for some mmo to sink a bit of time in, and i could easily do it in this and since its free that'll make it even easier. I was actually considering playing Project Gorgon, which looks absolutely wacky and fun but the price tag put me off. Im not picky at this point.

General Off Topic / RIP Billy Herrington
« on: March 04, 2018, 05:22:49 PM »
Praise be to gachimuchi, one of the most bizarre internet phenomenons, very popular on twitch. But now Billy has passed away  :cry:

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Suggestions Corner / Flag changes possible?
« on: March 02, 2018, 06:53:21 PM »
Any possibility to edit flag cap speeds? Perhaps stacked infantry caps faster. If it was, say, twice as fast as it is now with ~3 people on it, then the battle pace would be far faster than it is now. Ranged would have far less time to dwindle down infantry, and infantry would be forced into combat at a more rushed pace making for more explosive and compact battles.

It seems that people just get bored quickly because the pacing of battles right now can be extremely slow at times, which makes them basically just rush in for a quick fight fix and then quit because they got shot to death. And sometimes its not even worth going flags because it simply takes too long, and over that time youve lost your teammates anyways and so you get pushed down. This seems to favour ranged and cav to just take their time and get pickoffs.

Could end up negatively with people just not caring about losing to flags because they dont die (muh k/d), so rounds end fast without any action at all. But i think it would be worth a shot, a lot of balancing issues seem to be fixable through gamemode changes making it favourable to infantry.

Suggestions Corner / Gravys General Suggestions
« on: February 10, 2018, 07:10:13 AM »
Ive been considering piling up a bunch of suggestions that i think could help melee become more enjoyable. I have mentioned earlier that i dont think ranged is being played a lot because its OP or anything even close, i think it is being played because the choices are not as enjoyable at the moment. You can get that thrill of headshotting someone which can often result in a oneshot (i think, at least thats what happens to me but i dont wear much headarmor atm), and melee simply do not have that same satisfactory feeling.

Most of this will just be my ideas on how to make classes stand out more as their own gimmick. This can be considered in a sense of Fun/Frustration, when you are fighting someone using X you will be aware of their strong sides and will probably get frustrated if you lose to them. But on the other hand, using these strengths of a class is what makes them Fun, it makes them stick out. You cannot really have one without the other, if something doesnt have such a strength it wont be frustrating to play against but it wont be very insteresting or fun to use either. A chessboard with only pawns and a king.

For starters i would like to see more melee damage in general. I think a Power Strike buff could improve the satisfaction of hitting someone as you wouldnt have to hit them 4-5 times before they go down. Instead maybe 2 good hits would be enough or a clean head hit could even potentially oneshot. This would make strength builds all the more satisfying as well, because they would be brutes.

I've made another thread arguing to revert turnrate nerfs, which i still stand by and think it could only make things more enjoyable. The control you get makes everything much smoother. I dont think frustration at controls should be a thing, it simply makes people not want to use thrusts or overheads. That is not a very enjoyable gameplay change.

Ground hitboxes need to disappear, 1h overheads hit the ground constantly, and so do other weapons. It's as previously mentioned, a change that simply makes you not want to use certain attacks at all because the risk isnt worth it. It also makes hillside fights incredibly awkward if your weapon is decently long.

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Those 3 are the essential things i think would quickly spice things up without too much effort.
However ive got some specific weapon class balance ideas too that may require a bit more effort to implement, and they may not work out as well as i would wish even if they were, but the core gist of it is finding a middle ground between what we've got and what native is. When i delve into native i find all these incredibly fucked up weapons killing me, but i also enjoy abusing them for those particular reasons. See them maybe as a different balancing philosophy to peak into, rather than playing it safe with small tweaks.

One Handers/shielders
This weapon class is alright now the cut buffs from a recent patch, but i think they could be improved to become more explosive. As currently it seems like the best tool they have is the stab, left swing shortly after and right swing third. Over head hits the ground too often, its good for feinting with left swing but you dont want to actually use it. Everyone remember the left swing spam we've had, but its not really there anymore and i kind of miss it.

Native has the 2 swing meta, where you basically always do a double left swing spam because it works well and is hard to fight. I like that, i think One handed weapons should be close range spam machines that are capable of insane pressure while obviously lacking the range other classes have. Frustrating to play against immense pressure because its scary to deal with, you have to really pay attention to the openings, but on the other end its really quite enjoyable to have full control over your specific scenario.
At some point this seems to have left crpg, i dont know when as i havent been that active as a 1h untill recently, but even with a steel pick now it takes far too long to ready another swing. I might be wrong here, but essentially im asking for more speed/ less stun from having the attack blocked.

For shields in specific i simply refer and agree with Jonas thread

2 Handers
I would say this is the least affected class from the balance patches of the mod. The strength of 2h has always been their animations being very clean, objectively the best if im not mistaken. Best sweet spots, best range increase, best for feinting and better for spamming. Even in native when i get a great long axe i ditch the polestun instantly for 2h animations. This is why, at least from my observation, the best players still use 2h and simply outperform most others with them. It is the well rounded beast of melee, and will probably always be the duel weapon choice. I dont mind them having that status at all, people like their 2h swords and they should be good.

Because it is still so well rounded i dont have many suggestions to improve them outside the general enjoyability from higher damages and regain of control from turnrates. I can however mention that the thrust glance is brutal, i love hitting a jackass 2h that glanced with his stun but it seems a bit too much for something like that. This actually goes for 1h too, same issue on thrusts.

This is a weird class now because i dont see much point in actually playing it over 2h outside style points. The right swing is probably the only actually good tool for polearms but thrusts are rather poor, left swing is not very good and overhead is decent but not really impressive. Thrusts are only really good here because the class has weapons with good stats that make those weapons very good, the animation itself though is weak. But these things go mainly for the swingy polearms (ill mention thrusting polearms later), they have some decent damages and some are pretty long but in general it just boils down to holding right swings (which i do enjoy quite a bit, but when you switch to 2h and can actually left swing with good reason you get sort of sad when you look back).

Which makes me suggest adding back the stagger, not the RNG free hit one but the movement stagger that stops people dead in their tracks. This at least made polearms a respectable weapon in any teamfight situation because losing mobility if only for a short bit is quite deadly. It makes the class unique from 2h because polearms will never be on par with their animations, but at least they have something to fear outside their slightly higher damages.

Stabbies kind of redeem polearms as a category because they are still very useful in teamfights, even without staggering people. Highly affected by turnrates makes them less enjoyable because they just completely rely on being able to turn into sweet spots to avoid glancing. Dont need much changing to be honest except for the turnrates as mentioned.
Hoplites however could use another attack animation. Ive suggested a left swing before, a sweeping left swing would help a lot i think, a simply mixup to the otherwise only 1 directional arsenal would be nice, just any kind of attack.

I still consider cavalry the most destructive class in battle, highest mobility, highest damage and so the highest potential. Yet i would ask for more, lance angles should be like in native. It would help picking off archers and other pesky slippery turds that are alone. An indirect nerf to archers i suppose though infantry will probably suffer more. I also suggest more speed in general, bigger surprise attacks and faster exits, maybe even more maneuvering in general. If possible i would also suggest reducing the speed loss that slants and hills cause, to make people even with high ground not feel safe.

However with such a change cavalry would become incredibly strong so ive got some suggestions to counter the imbalance that may present itself. First off i would like glancing thrusts to rear horses again, as it was removed for whatever reason. Secondly i would like all thrusts from all weapons to rear horses. A big nerf obviously but i think it would even out with the lance angles and etc since they are still the ones picking their fights and with lance angles they could do so much much safer. When cavalry picks you off you basically die in one hit, with this any class would be able to stop a reckless horseman and maybe even kill him.

A minor nerf/buff i'd like to see is to make Stakes actually hurt horses. In fact id like them to one shot horses often, like they once did, as of now they basically just infantry traps.

Thats it for now, i could add more about ranged and other stuff i suppose but i dont really bother with them much now. I'd like to see stats on the % of kills per class, im sure horse ranged would be at the bottom with negative kills (fuck off stop shooting me damn teammates), would also help take class effectiveness into consideration. My current assumptions are Cav/2h on 1st and 2nd spot, then pole/1h 3rd and 4th, and lastly scattered remains of whatevers.

Like mentioned the entire thing is more of a balance path i would like to see taken to diversify classes again, there could be many more ideas better than mine but i try to keep simple and close things that are easy to fall back to native for.  :mrgreen:

General Off Topic / SpaceX Falcon Heavy
« on: February 05, 2018, 10:39:42 PM »
Worlds most powerful rocket launches to mars tomorrow i believe. Not too read up on this stuff, but spacex seem to be doing gods work as far as reusable launches goes.


So ive created like 2 other monster hunter threads, well this is the big game. Its finally here! PC release is delayed untill fall i believe so FeelsBadMan, and i thought i could keep my hands off untill then but... so ive been following like 6 different streamers playing it to get a good look and satisfy a bit of the need to play, but each one of them has given it outstanding reviews and keep singing its praise everytime they play. It is the game that has now forced me to buy a ps4 (tho i do have some other titles in mind, so its not a 1 game console purchase).

Anyone else onboard? Would be nice to exchange psn to do some co-op later, tho i might do most of the game solo since ive had bad experiences with co-op'ing in previous titles (people die and fail my missions, especially many in the wii game. Ive already seen streamers fall to the same trap).

Some info on the game. Changes from previous titles include

-Each map (i think there are around 6 or 7 diverse themed maps) is a biiig map with layers and layers to navigate, changed from small areas with loading screens between. Gorgeous looking maps i might add.
-Navigating maps is very smooth, a new addition to the movement is sliding downhills which happens automatically and is one of the coolest things ive seen to modify movement so seemlessly, also used for momentum based jump attacks to mount monsters.
-Gathering most everything is very quick and done on the run, tho with less from each node. Much more convenient than previously.
-Almost every mission has multiple monster, and they will now interract with eachother, some have turf wars which means that suddenly when you are fighting some monster, a bigger one might appear to fuck up said monster because that mofo is in the wrong hood. A fucking dragon might appear to pick up and drop a t-rex down a ledge, or he might blast your face with fire. While similar things could happen in previous titles, it was very uncommon and not at all to the depth and amazing display of chaos this one produces. There can be up to 3(!) monsters fighting eachother excluding the hunter himself.
-DLC is confirmed and is from my knowledge going to be free as it has always been in previous titles. This means there will be new monsters regularly, and maybe even launches into higher ranks of difficulty as supposedly G-rank is not in currently, which was considered the end game previously.
-Weapon upgrade trees have been made much more accessible, and convenient. As have monster info, you can gather intel by fighting them or finding traces and inspecting their behaviour to find out what they are weak to and what parts to break/sever.
-Around 15 unique weapon types all viable and incredibly dynamic to allow a very personal playstyle to develop.

Those are some of the things ive gathered from watching it. Like i said, ive ordered a ps4 for this game now, and from the looks of it i will not be disappointed, hell it seems to exceed all of my expectations.

General Discussion / Remove turnrate nerf
« on: January 17, 2018, 01:27:26 AM »
Its time

General Off Topic / God jul/ merry christmas
« on: December 24, 2017, 02:35:16 PM »
And a happy new year. Also the remember that the feasting and drinking parts come from nordic traditions dating back to the viking age. Drink plenty and eat lots of pork. Christian parts are optional boredom that infected an otherwise perfect tradition!


Bloodborne 2 would be the first thing that comes to mind, but it would be unfortunate if true. It looks like some prosthetic limb, with the wire being a tendon etc. Some say its a tenchu game, others say Shadow Tower. Speculation city going right now, i just hope its something fresh.

Might as well make a thread for it, recommend/post purchases etc.

Picked up some indie titles ive been slightly interested in: Ori and the blind forest, Hyper Light Drifter, Hollow Knight.


Anyone else tried this game? Played it with Georges and Belmont and had a lot of fun. Basically multiple servers with persistent maps of war going on. And quite a lot of fun options of buildings, vehicles and weapons to work with. A bit grindy if you are doing supply runs, but some may enjoy such duties like we did. Lots of fun voice comms going on, like getting into a town with a bunch of guns and people cheering us with redneck accents. Gun damage is very high, about 2 shots from a rifle puts you down completely and then youve got like 15 seconds untill completely dead, otherwise 1 bullet bleeds you out without bandages etc. Seems like you can put up some pretty cool defences so long as you got a group to work with, and people were very eager to do supply runs when we played. The general combat is fun, you cant see far unless youve got binoculars, and night time sometimes covers even more vision so you gotta either listen for voices in game or for gunfire to find your way forward.

Pre-alpha supposedly, but it has a lot of potential content in it to enjoy, depending on how you vary your playstyle. Will keep an eye on this at least, even though i dont enjoy unfinished games it didnt feel crippled at all. Very slow game though, youll die quickly when caught out, and it can be a long run unless you catch a ride with some transports.

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