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Announcements / Donkeys looking for new members (carrots guranteed)
« on: October 17, 2018, 05:17:36 PM »

As you know, Donkey Crew is currently developing a new large project that is not a space simulator. We've got around 30 talented people and myself, plus a bunch of outsourcing guys working on the game day and, sometimes, night, adding new features and polishing before revealing the game to all of you and the rest of the world. We've got no unsolvable issues so far, and internal deadlines seem to be quite doable, so we're hoping to share our little game pretty soon™.

The project in general is very different from anything any of us did before. It's not medieval, it's not match based, and it has no lolstabs. However, among many entirely new features and mechanics you will definitely see some connections and inspirations directly from cRPG and other similar games, so I doubt the game will feel foreign even with completely new direction.

Since we're a big and professional company, we're continuing to welcome new people to our friendly donkey stable, and considering that around 1/3 of the team started out as mere cRPG players, we'd be happy to have more people around that could keep up with discussions about how archery is too OP (we literally have no ranged other than siege weapons) and why Danish Greatsword is the best weapon.

If you think you could fit in and become a valuable team member on our current (and future) project(s), our doors are always opened for passionate people who would want to or already work in gamedev.

There is the website with some of the positions we're interested in the most -, but we're actually looking for pretty much anyone with great interest in gamedev. So if you're a concept artist, an aspiring producer, a UI designer, or doing anything else remotely related to games and the industry, let us know and get in touch.

We're always looking for paid interns to actually take part in game development instead of being a human coffee machine like in some other places. So even with very little skill, as long as you have a general understanding of the field you're interested in, we'll be glad to speak to you and discuss a position within the team.

Say hi back and join us by sending a message -

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EDIT: Rereading the post, it actually looks like I'm trying to hint that it's a space simulator by specifically saying it's not. It's actually just a meme on Leshma's recent post here.
It is actually not a space game in any shape or form.

Game Admin Feedback / [EU] pogosan
« on: July 11, 2018, 03:07:02 PM »
what a meme

only cringe posts allowed

General Discussion / king longshanks kills philip rip
« on: April 19, 2018, 02:37:20 PM »
click the image or the link below

this silly forum doesn't support gifv

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Spam / ulfur
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:28:58 PM »

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General Discussion / A LOT OF FREE ITEMS and my game about shitposting
« on: March 16, 2018, 02:13:07 PM »

I made a small trivia game about stupid quotes. It'd be pretty cool if you checked it out.

Basic idea is that you can choose a pack of quotes from three different sources and select one of the three game modes to play. You then get randomly chosen quotes from your pack and sources for them. Depending on the mode you chose, you have to guess correct answers.

There is also other stuff like:
  • Achievements that give XP.
  • XP for correct answers and multiple of those in a row (streaks).
  • Gold to use for reviving yourself if you lose and calling for help with a hard question.
  • Retirement. I know you like that. I used ranks instead of gens so chadz doesn't sue me though.
  • Two actors say random stuff when you do basically anything. I might add some crpg memes later if you like the game.
  • Other useless things.

If you're already interested, here's the link Says Who - Game of Quotes. But wait, there's more!
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Now for the good part and the whole reason why I posted in General instead of spam.

There is a quote pack filled with quotes from your favorite forum shitposters that you can get right now.

The whole thing of the game is that the quotes are out of context, so it's not as easy as you might think, but there are some classics there too, so those with no life since 2011 might recognize some. I literally went through over 700 pages of forum posts, so they're all genuine.

Shitposters are:

chadz - The original shitposter. Newer players might not recognize him as such, but he's a major troll and his posts were pure gold for the pack.
Smoothrich - Was a hell of a ride going through his older posts. A lot of usual chatter there, but some really cool quotes too.
HESKEYTIME - Couldn't help adding him. Obviously he's not a shitposter. Love you.

All you need to do to unlock the cRPG Shitposting pack is to:

  • Download the game - Says Who - Game of Quotes
  • Choose a game mode on the main menu.
  • (if launching for the first time) Try the original pack first as a tutorial, then go back to the menu.
  • Enter crpg in the code entering field.
  • Choose cRPG Shitposting pack.

Now to the load of free items

10 +3 items
1 +2 item
1 +1 item
7 loompoints
2.500.000 gold

To get them:
  • Get the game here - Says Who - Game of Quotes
  • Play the game until you have at least 1000 XP (can be done even in 40 seconds with some luck).
  • Take a screenshot while in one of the game modes(!!).
  • Post the screenshot here.
  • Post your contact (discord tag, steam name, or, at least, your crpg char name)

I will then assign each of you a number based on when you posted and run an integer set generator on to determine the winners.

(click to show/hide)

You will have time to submit your screenshots until 18.03.2018  13:00 GMT (about 48 hours from now).
Use when in doubt.

You should then have enough time to play around with what you won and maybe use or trade it for the tournament (Starts 5 hours after the end of the contest).

Also, apply for the tournament!! -

Winners received messages about their winnings, so I'm just waiting for your marketplace offers to send the free stuff!

Here's how the raffle went for the curious:

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General Discussion / 110+ players JOIN
« on: December 20, 2017, 10:09:00 PM »
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visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Welcome to 5v5 Crpg Tournament
The best opportunity to prove your might

Everything here is made by Drappi
I just posted a thread and help

What is it?

5v5 tournament where teams are created randomly from participants list with manual balancing afterwards , preventing particular teams from having certain win and giving the chance to everyone else.

TeamSpeak - (thanks for that)
Use channel named "Tournament"
Teams will receive password to Team 1 and Team 2 channels.

When is it?

This Saturday, July 23th - 20:00 CEST (check it)

How to apply?

Reply to this thread with:

1. Your name
2. Your class
3. Contact info (Steam)

What are the rules?

  • No level restrictions (all levels allowed)
  • Cost limit for armor is 35.000 gold
  • No ranged
  • No cavalry
  • Map is Arena
  • 5 rounds

Banned Weapons:
(click to show/hide)

What rewards are?

(click to show/hide)

Donations are welcomed in order to attract more people. Names of donators will be forever written in first post.

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Contact Judges
Drappi - STEAM
Hobo - STEAM


General Discussion / get in here
« on: July 18, 2016, 08:17:08 PM »

OKAM is great.

Join Somber Wanderers - more realistic version of hobos but still with stones.

just pm me on steam

or go here and reply to official thread


ps When is our fight Kratos you dem badmin

EU (Official) / Killmax is unstoppable
« on: May 28, 2016, 10:38:12 PM »
1. Name of your character involved - Sad_Hobo
2. Name of offending character(s) - Killmax
3. Time and server, as accurately as possible - EU1, today 1 hour ago
4. Written description of what happened, the whole story. Also what happened before and after. - So I was running around the tower to kill 2h hero and noticed that he was running from my 3 team mates. I made a stab to stop him which helped my team mate to slice his head with sword. Everybody else instantly ran away to destroy remains of their team and I was trying to pick up an axe when suddenly Killmax rushed and made a powerful overhead hit with intention to kill me. I didn't even have time to scream for help so bad my wound was.
5. Why you think the offender did what he did. - because it's his way of playing crpg, just check his other bans
6. Multiple Screenshots
(click to show/hide)

And some other teamhits (same day and server):
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

7. Names of players who witnessed what happened. - Aptalpeso, the rest are on screens

Bans clearly don't help him change his attitude.

General Off Topic / buff throwing
« on: May 12, 2016, 04:11:33 PM »

General Discussion / cRPG WIKI REVEALED - Can't wait anymore guys
« on: May 07, 2016, 06:56:04 PM »
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First choose a theme for this thread
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I just can't keep it a secret anymore since half of cRPG already got the link from me and I doubt it can harm if I post it already.

Better read the thread before going there.

Priority changes list (by importance):
  • Finish Beginner's Guide
  • Add balanced builds
  • Add guide to clans with joining, armory, ranks, etc.
  • Add maps with pics so people would know what maps they want
  • Explain how every game mode works with tips + dtv and rageball guides
  • Strat guide
  • Add words and memes to glossary so players know wtf we're talking about
  • Add rocket science mechanics with formulas
  • Completely redesign whole wiki to amazing dark theme like on witcher wikia. That's my job.

You're free to make stuff outside of priority list of course but that's what I personally find most important right now.

Don't screw it up guys! Reverting pages versions in wiki is literally 2 clicks. For ip ban I need 2 more.


visitors can't see pics , please register or login

So, while making crpg great again by organizing amazing events and making pics to post on this forum I've got an idea of making a cRPG wiki to help new players learn the mod and oldmy old friends to increase their e peens by sharing their wisdom.

Since it will be a wiki for all of us I want to ask what YOU want to see there. Of course on wiki you're able to edit whatever you want but I'll need to organize all categories first some there won't be 3 pages about registering in game written by different people.

Some of my own ideas with explanation about why it would be a good idea to add something like this:

  • Beginner's Guide - guide for new  players with all major stuff explained. There's a bunch of random guides on this forum. Some are outdated, some are way too complicated with formulas and stuff and completely new players don't really need that. Guide will cover everything that new players need from installation to picking right equip for your 2h hero and random tips.
  • Builds - 2 dead threads in noob section here on forum, would be useful for old players too to check some other classes or silly builds.
  • Players and Staff database - full list of admins, event managers and other staff with contact info and database of players both active and not. For players you could tell your own stories or stories of those who quit but are famous for any reason.
  • Rocket science for pros - all those formulas to find how many seconds it takes to fall from that roof on that battle map so you kill cav moving on full speed with 6 riding and 56kg of equip.
  • Strat - all stuff related to strat. Updated strat guide, current diplomacy and maybe history
  • Items - all items from shop. Ye, it's kinda pointless but with wiki tables you'll be able to sort all items by any criteria, see screens of players wearing it, read if it suits your build and most important imo to see stats of secondary modes of weapons that can be seen only in game.

You can give your own ideas in this thread.

You can vote for every section if you want.

forgot thread theme
because crpg is never dead, obviously

« on: April 24, 2016, 01:10:04 PM »

In order to get your prize for participating in yesterday's themed battle please reply to this thread with:

1. Your main character name
2. Character name you used during the event

Thank you.

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