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Announcements / An Actual Patch
« on: July 23, 2018, 01:31:11 PM »
Changelog (items):
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Commit Log (Code changes):
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title pretty much sums this post up. respecs and exchanges can now be bought in the shop, for 100k&750k, respectively. there's a new category in the shop navigation that is directly to the right of the button for bolts. until 24 hours pass, or if you recache the page (by pressing cntrl-f5), the icon won't be visible, but the button for the 'goods' category is still there, and it does work. I haven't found any bugs during the testing I've done, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. if there are, please let me know

since there is now an option for you fat cats out there to empty your purses in exchange for a heirloom exchange, reforges will no longer give 3 loompoints, and will instead just give 2. again, reforges will give you 2 loompoints, not 3. if you manage to reforge an item without knowing this has changed, well... you have been warned, especially considering I added in two more confirmation messages to the reforging process.
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this won't take effect until later this week. time TBD, but it will be a reasonable length of time for people to get builds back to normal.

besides that, yeah I still want to get the pseudonym and small siege tower bugs fixed, so I'll dive back into those this week. hopefully the focus I had today will continue throughout the week, if it does I might even be able to fix both those bugs in a day. wouldn't that be real swell

oh also free respecs are back to once a week. most of yall are loaded, buy some respecs from the store if you want em. same applies here as with the reforges

final note, the prices for these services are subject to change. the economy is bloated to all hell, and with the free reforges we've had for the past while, the price of a loom point is up in the air. these services should act to stabilize the economy to some extent and bring back the marketplace, which in turn will allow us to better gauge the correct price of the services. these services have also never been offered in the shop before, so we're in unexplored territory. exciting stuff

Strategus General Discussion / strat reset (well, kind of)
« on: April 09, 2018, 10:41:08 AM »
clearly, this round of strategus has gone off the rails. it turns out that the discount bug was still repeatable thanks to the wonders of strategus's great terrible structure, and also the production point creation/amounts were generally considered absurdly high. given the rather shaky nature of NA strategus, i wasn't too keen on doing a full reset and starting a new strategus round, and resetting EU by itself wasn't a good option either. neither is the option of doing nothing, especially with the disappearance of strat goods, things need to be set right.

so, to alleviate the problem, i'll be resetting each and every player's silver (strategus gold or whatever) back to some amount (more than starting), all strat goods (equipment and goods) will be removed, and also the PP of each town will be reset, as well as the upgrades made. there will be no refund for any of this, even if a player did not come into contact with any 'counterfeit' silver. it's unfortunate, but i believe it's the best solution
came to the conclusion that having a semi-fixed economy with little player work erased was more important than having a fully-fixed economy and lots of player work wipe. as of now, the plan is to remove cheated silver/goods, revert fief upgrades, silver, PP, and leave everything else untouched. essentially, players will not see a large portion of their work deleted

why this?
clearly, the economy in strat needs to be dealt with. unfortunately, there isn't any way to do this without negatively impacting players that were not involved. the economy had to be restored to a point before any of that fake cash got poured in. to do that, i could either do a full reset (bad for na), roll the entirety of strategus back (wipe all work done for two weeks), revert player/towns to a normal state (what i am doing), or just let this strat die quickly (quite a few eu players are not interested in playing until this is fixed, which i completely understand. i'd rather have them back)

doing this revert isn't a fantastic option. it penalizes all players equally, even those who spent a lot of time trading clean goods/money. but as of now i see it as the least shitty option. since it's fairly time-sensitive, i'm going to roll with it. expect the results to be out in the next few hours

on a side note, apologies for the wacky stuff that happened while i was attempting to fix the equipment box bug. goods were lost, things were remapped, and it was frustrating for me as well as you guys. also, i should have addressed the PP issue in strat far earlier. i was a bit worn out, and let the issue slide for a week or two. at least next strat should go smoother

General Discussion / the deve wipe?
« on: April 09, 2018, 09:20:16 AM »
like every other decision i've made as developer, the answer is yes and no. no, your characters will not be wiped, but yes there will be the option to play on a wiped server.

my current plan is to set up two additional servers, one for NA, and one for EU, each of which can only be played on by certain characters. that is, the new servers cannot be played on by characters made on normal servers (NA1, NA7, the EU ones), and characters made on the new servers will not be able to play on main servers. additionally, there will be no option to transfer between these two types of characters, and characters made on these new 'wipe' servers cannot be strat heroes.

essentially, the wipe servers will give players the choice to participate gameplay on the same level as everyone else. additionally, these servers will be wiped semi-annually or something. ideally this could include seasons or special items for the person who performed the best on the servers during said season. or other things, it's more of a concept at the moment.

why this?
well, the community is pretty much dead split on the issue of wipe. if you wipe, you lose players who don't want to see their progress .. wiped. but if you don't wipe, you run the chance of game slowly dying out completely. at the same time, wiping gives the opportunity of starting afresh, and drawing in new players, while not wiping leaves player's grinded items intact. now, i'm not pro wipe, nor against wiping. i just see the benefits and drawbacks of each side, and wanted to come up with a solution that could in some sense get the best of both worlds. with this system, players have the option to participate in the peasantry wars, or keep playing on main servers with their hard-ground equipment. i'm fairly sure that the new servers will allow us to test whether there is a demand for a wipe, as we will see whether these servers are popular or not. if they aren't popular, and die out, well then it's pretty likely that there aren't a large amount of players willing to come back if the mod is wiped. if they are popular, and players come back, then that's great!
thankfully, this won't be entirely difficult to implement. it requires adding in some values to the database, copying the current battle gamemode and slightly modifying it, and ensuring that there can't be contact between different types of players. if i worked like i did in november, this could be definitely done in a week. but, there's other things i need to focus on for now.

what are issues with this?
i can't think of a lot. as far as i can tell, the only risk that comes with this is splitting the playerbase. which is fairly valid. but, my hope is that players would give the wiped servers a try, even if they were not pro-wipe. alternatively, these servers could be set up for specific periods during the week, leaving the rest of the time for the main servers. if worst comes to worst and playerbase is split in a way that threatens future population stability, then there's always the option of shutting down the servers. hopefully that won't happen

that's my general plan as of now regarding the wipe issue. i'm open to ideas, criticism, suggestions, all that stuff, but unless someone has a stronger proposal, this is what will get implemented. i'm not gonna give out definite dates of when this will occur, but likely before summer. i'll try to remember to read the thread. and do let me know if my idea is unclear at all

General Discussion / why are my items messed up?!!
« on: April 06, 2018, 02:05:14 AM »
i'm shifting things around in the database to solve the equipment box bug. items will go back to normal in a couple hours

Announcements / Strategus Round 7: Started March 5, 21:00 PST
« on: March 06, 2018, 09:35:06 AM »
Finally, the bloated, half-dead body of Strat 6 has been mercifully smothered with a pillow, and some spine-tingling SQL queries. Despite my rather carefree queries, the reset seems to have completed without any major bugs. I'll post the results of Strat 6 as soon as I can sift out the results from its mess.

Strategus Round 6
Faction Results
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Most Renowned Heroes of Strategus 6
Top 15 of EU
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Top 10 of NA
(click to show/hide)

In memorium to come

Changes in Strat 7:
-Bufixes. Lots of them. As of now, the only bugs I'm aware of are the equipment box bugs, and small siege tower. Oh, and psuedonyms. Battle loot result has been fixed, peasant gear is fixed, etc
-Movement speed. It's been increased by a factor of 4. I'd like things to move quicker this strat
-Tick generation. Sorry, passive tick generation has been decreased back down to old levels. However, a hotfix soon (tm) will increase tick generation by playing game
-Criminals. Unfortunately, the efforts in late Strat 6 to keep the bad guys out have failed. Crime has returned, but only to castles and towns.
-Fiefs. The map has been radically changed, especially on NA side. Both NA and EU had their fief numbers reduced (to increase contention for fiefs), and the relative distribution of fief types has shifted towards more villages
-Villages. Additional buffs for villages to come soon
-Nighttime. Increased to 12 hours, to prevent shitty 4am battles. I'll likely do further work on this to ensure that battles are fought at prime times.
-Roster cap. Back down to 50
-Tweaks here and there. I can't remember everything that I've changed right now, but I'll update this more when anything comes to mind.

End Date:
At the moment, I'm not going to set a hard end date for this strategus. But, it's highly likely that it will be a shorter one, and see many updates/improvements as it plays out. There were many features that I planned to implement (certainly a good few ones have been discussed in threads), sadly I couldn't remember many, if any at all. All I remember is that there were some rather cool ideas people came up with that would be great to add to this strat. Now that the weight of needing to work on strat reset is off my shoulders, I can work on implementing those features.

As with my patchnotes post, I'll update this more in the coming days. It's been a long day, and I know that I've forgotten at least a moderate amount of changes. In any case, I'm pretty gosh darn pleased to have gotten this completed. Not at all like I gave my word I'd have this done last week.
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Announcements / Reset without Regrets
« on: March 06, 2018, 08:58:12 AM »
Somehow the strategus reset seems to have gone off fine. No massive bugs as of yet. I'll discuss that more in Strategus 7 thread (coming soon)

Don't have the energy to write much out now, worked all day on getting patch/reset ready. But I'll cover the jist of

Changes to xbows:
-Light Xbow requires 76 xbow WPF
-Normal Xbow requires 100 xbow WPF
-Heavy Xbow requires 139 xbow WPF
-Arbalast requires 121 xbow WPF

Changes to bows:
-All bows received -2 to accuracy, a change that was never implemented when their damage was lowered a ways back, which gave them more accuracy then they needed
-Effective WPF curve changed to benefit agi-archers, their effective WPF has been raised

Changes to throwing:
-Several items were altered. These changes were implemented to curb the high abuse potential of throwing, and are likely to be followed by further changes. It's possible that the changes made today will be changed later

Changes to shields:
-The larger/heavier shields had their weights lowered to make them less cumbersome to use in a fight. Some changes here and there to other shield stats

Changes to leveling:
Yes, another leveling change, surprise surprise. This should be an improvement on current system. In general, the XP for levels 31+ was lowered, especially so for levels 35+, such that they are now attainable. However, having these builds more than 5 levels over the retirement level be full power wasn't a good option. So, levels 35+ no longer award a skill points & attribute point, instead, they give just a small health bonus ingame. As of now, each level 3536+ (including 3536) gives out only 2 more health. There are plans to add on a WPF bonus as well (which will only be usable towards hybridization). This is a totally different system than has been used before, so it'll be a bit funky in the beginning.
Here are the new xp requirements for levels 31+

         New                Old
31: Same xp           Same xp
32: 26207529       29119477
33: 86208979       97064922
34: 201214256     323549741
35: 366224679     1617748704
36: 576240509     8088743519
37: 826260949     40443717592
38: 1111284144   (numbers were absurdly large at this point)
39: 1426307181
40: 1766326089
41: 2126335839

As usual, I've probably forgotten a lot. When I get a chance tomorrow, or later this week, I'll flesh this post out more with juicy details and whatnot.

Item Changes:
(click to show/hide)

-Level 35 is no longer the cutoff point for only receiving health bonus, now 36 is the cutoff. So, all levels less than 36 behave normally, but for levels 36+, players only receive an extra health bonus (per level)

-Shield skill is now treated similarly to horse archery skill, where each point in shielding gives 2x normal amount, but requires AGI >= shieldskill * 6 to invest a point
-Additionally, shield difficulties have been lowered by 1 across the board, the highest difficulty shield is now difficulty 3

-Bow accuracy has been decreased by 3 across the board with some slight variations (meant to implement this last week but did not get around to it
-Reverted Archery WPF malus formula back to 2012; malus = 14 * PD

-Poked around the master cRPG computer & hopefully resolved some lingering issues from December. Equipment box may be fixed now
-Fixed the new items, they actually appear now (according to resource files, new items should be working, but apparently not)

Things to come:
-More Zimke items!
-Additional crossbows from CWE OSP
-Further balance tweaks to ranged
-Fixes to strat bugs
-Fix new item textures

don't have time at the moment, but I will look through the requests for heirloom exchanges and deal with them.

see this post for item changes

Setting a time for the strategus reset, prepare for Strategus 7!

Strategus 6 statistics coming soon

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visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Announcements / Auto-Balance, and other Balancings
« on: February 03, 2018, 11:49:07 AM »
Hey there. As now is usual, I don't have the energy to write up anything long. I'd like to do those again sometime, but it just hasn't happened. So I'll keep it short and sweet. As the title states, this patch has an autobalance fix (that probably will not work well), and other changes to balance. There were quite a few things that I should have tweaked earlier, but I never got to them until recently.
-Professor: Another attempt at happy hour code
-Professor: Coded in some duct-tapesque addons to current autobalancer. Ideally, it will balance first by class, then balance as it currently does. Time will tell if it is a good start
-Professor(and those who made the items): New items. Will provide credit and pics relatively soon
-Balance team: +3 buff to shield speed, for all shields with some investment required. (So not difficulty 0 shields)
-Balance team: Lower investment crossbows slightly nerfed.
-Professor: Testing out higher blunt damage reduction from armor. Effectively, blunt nerfed.
-Balance team: Nerf to SA items
-Balance team: Xbow price raised across board, str requirements lowered to 'nicer' values
-Balance team: Regular bolts ammo increased to improve that item's use
-Professor: Fixed many of the red warnings during loadup

There were some minor changes made to a couple of weapons, check the item log if you're curious.
Given that fairly modest nerfs were handed out to several items, exchanges might be given out. If your item was nerfed and you feel as though you deserve an exchange in compensation, post here with something like the following format:
(click to show/hide)

I'm not going to respond to PM's or messages about this in other places besides this thread, everything is far too cluttered already.
Additionally, keep in mind that ranged items in particular will receive further balancing. So you might exchange an item only to see that item later buffed. Exchanges won't be given out for buffed items like that.

Strat Reset
It's still coming. Thankfully, our lord and saviors chadz and cmp will be returning for a short period to help determine the root of the strat bugs. I wish I could give a more specific time, but all I will say for now is that the reset is still on track to happen before February 28th. Once the bugs are out of the way, it should be fairly smooth sailing.

I'll do my best to keep you all updated over the next few weeks regarding the reset. I know some of you have been waiting quite a while, and I've been fairly slow working at that. Just a bit longer.

Item Changes
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