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General Discussion / Monthly Ranged Appreciation Thread
« on: October 07, 2018, 12:00:59 AM »
Dear Diary,

today EU1 had almost 20 players thanks to Azap spamming tags on Discord. It can be annoying, but he means well and I appreciate it.
I drew a picture to remember the moment, it was quite nostalgic.

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General Discussion / NA: Why are they playing?
« on: May 12, 2018, 10:37:50 PM »
1. They don't give a fuck about ranged, even when their whole team gets destroyed by them.
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Extra: afterwards, no whining, only mush
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2. They don't whine about everything and don't care much about trolls and retards.
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3. They don't get easily offended when trashtalked to + a lot of trashtalking
Indeed NA is just so much more balanced and chill, its really fun and relaxing to play there. It feels like one huge family and youre a foreigner entering a pub full of drunk rednecks and hillbillys while getting a drink for free just for joining them
- bundle of sticks 2018

For the people who don't use or check Discord regularly, since somehow no one bothered to make an announcement here on the forum and it's really easy to miss.

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EU (Official) / Report Pas
« on: March 19, 2018, 05:22:14 PM »
1. Name of your character involved

2. Name of offending character(s)

3. Time and server, as accurately as possible
EU_3, 4:25pm CET

4. Written description of what happened, the whole story. Also what happened before and after.
At the start of the round he attacked the Vivi multiple times and at the end he tk'ed me, both intentionally.
TK: I was standing at the entrance of the hut holding my shield up, he kicked and attacked me continuously to the corner until I died.

5. Why you think the offender did what he did.*
He probably thought no one would care anyway, well yes, until the tk happened. For the latter, he may have thought that I was afk, but I moved my character already after the first kick&slash attempt.

6. Multiple Screenshots

7. Names of players who witnessed what happened.**
Kurak, What_Is_Love (not sure when exactly he joined though)

Tbh I was kinda in a bad mood (otherwise I wouldn't really be upset by this) and launched cRPG wanting have some fun, very unfortunate for him and me that this happened right at the beginning.

Strategus General Discussion / Bear Island, Kwynn
« on: March 13, 2018, 04:55:03 PM »
Part 1

Coming from far east, through the vast territory of the Steppe Hordes and the cold tundra south of a mysterious kingdom called Tormatun, our group of caravans finally reached its destination in the fertile lands of Battania, which is settled around the River Curin.

And just at the right time, the smaller tribes of Battania have rebelled against the reigning clan of ODSNG and were in need of resources, that we were able to offer. Gold and silver were rare thanks to the tumult, so in order to pay us, the rebellious clans offered us lands and fiefs instead. We were sceptical at first, but after an open discussion with all our caravan leaders, we decided that this could turn out highly profitable for everyone. So we agreed...

The land they offered is the island of Kwynn, also known as Bear Island due to the huge bear population and famous for their Dried Bear Meat.
We were told that the elder of Kwynn agreed to let us utilize their lands, since we're mostly just simple merchants who want no harm to the locals.

But who knows what the rest of the population of Kwynn thinks about foreign merchants ruling over their home? We don't know, we'll arrive late noon tomorrow and then we shall see...

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Part 2

To our pleasant surprise, there were no resistance to our arrival, quite the contrary actually, the locals welcomed us good-natured. We were told that they were eagerly awaiting our arrival, hoping that we're able to improve the situation on their island. After our inspection, we realized that improvements were definitely needed.

Tomorrow at sunrise half of our caravans will journey on and deliver our message all over Calradia, while the rest are staying here to improve the infrastructure and development of the land. The island of Kwynn will be a hub for all traders of Calradia, no matter their affiliation. We will buy all goods for a decent prize, that we can bring back to our homeland.

But travel carefully and stick to the roads, do not wander into the woods or other Battalian villages, people are very sceptical and cautious these days. Under here is a map of the territory of the new Battanian Confederacy and the roads in and out of Kwynn, who itself is marked too.

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General Discussion / Your daily record with 2x EXP
« on: January 06, 2014, 12:00:12 AM »
When I'm ready to go to sleep I grab my laptop and get in bed. I open my laptop, go to Kripps youtube, turn the brightness all the way up and watch the video with the laptop screen close to my eyes. When the video is done I close my eyes and can still see Kripps face while I go to sleep. It's the only way I can feel safe.

Sell/Trade / Heibai's Bric-à-Brac Shop
« on: October 20, 2013, 03:36:31 PM »

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Welcome to Heibai's Bric-à-Brac Shop!


Polehammer / Long Maul
Masterwork Lowlander Sword

Lordly Open Visored Sallet / Heavy Eyeslot Kettlehelm / Closed Sallet
Lordly Heraldic Brigandine / Lordly Heraldic Tunic over Mail and Plate
Lordly Short Plate Mittens / Lordly Plate Mittens / ____ Gloves
Lordly Light Mail and Plate Boots / Lordly Mail and Plate Boots

My Items for trade

Deadly Steel Pick

Masterwork Stones

Superior Eastern Soldier's Hat
Lordly Saracen Turban Helm with Coif
Lordly Nordic Helmet
Lordly Novgorod Helm
Lordly Open Sallet with Coif
Lordly Faceplate

Lordly Cavalry Robe
Lordly Heavy Kuyak
Lordly Heraldic Brigandine with Plate
Lordly Heraldic Tunic over Mail and Plate

Lordly Wisby Gauntlets

Champion Saracen Horse
Champion Plated Charger

Be careful of following scammers:


Other / People want to get banned (HRE)
« on: June 26, 2013, 02:56:55 AM »
Today was so much shit on HRE server whenever i was there. Just annoying.

Aetorix raped virgin till death, X_Squad_Wolf founds funny to tk (2 times), tyhemad14 attacked virgin, Templar_Ziu shot the virgin almost every round with a bolt and at last he tk'ed someone and left the server.

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X_Squad_Wolf and tyhemand14
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I don't want see these people again.. at least for one day~

Other / Ban request (HRE): The_Italian_Chuck
« on: June 14, 2013, 11:21:09 PM »
I killed his peasant, omg omg omg.  :cry:

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