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Events & Tournaments / NA 1v1/Duel Tournament! Prizes/Rules Confirmed!
« on: September 25, 2018, 11:36:47 PM »
cRPG Duel Tourney

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I have been given permissions and blessings by Tristan and James to host a duel tournament for cRPG.

Hopefully with the participation and engagement of the community this can be the start of a new life for events and tournaments in cRPG as we now have several new groups of active players!



Signups begin today and will likely last 10 days-2 weeks, but depending on the turnout, I may increase/decrease the signup period!

In order to sign up you must reply to this post AND add me on steam

Here is the signup format:

STF Character Name: *Character Name*
Steam Name AND link to Steam account: *Steam Username*, *link to Steam profile*
Have you added Assington on Steam?: *yes/no*[/b]



The amount of stages will be based off of how many players sign up. At the beginning of each stage, a time period begins where the two opponents MUST communicate to each other and organize their fight. As the stages progress, the allowed time period for you and your opponent to schedule your fight will decrease. The amount of days allowed to schedule your fights in each stage will be based off of how many players sign up. Once the duel is concluded, both players MUST message me confirming the winner and also, optionally but preferably, send a screenshot of the results.


If your opponent refuses to duel you, or is offline, and not communicating with you, you MUST send me screenshots of your attempts to fruitlessly communicate with them, otherwise you will be disqualified, as will they.

During the final stages (which will be determined once signups are complete) both players must notify me when they are going to fight and MUST send me confirmations of the winner AND screenshots.


- Duels will be in a First to 7/Best of 13 format.
- Character used MUST be a STF.
- NO crushthrough weapons
- NO horses
- NO ranged weapon of any form. If you wish to use a throwing weapon in melee mode for whatever reason, go for it. If you throw it, you are disqualified.
- Max armor value of 40000 gold! WEAPONS DO NOT COUNT TOWARD GEAR VALUE
- All fights will take place on NA_8, the event server, using the Arena map. If both players are fine with it and there are no strat battles, feel free to use NA_3.
- Players can decide to duel ANYWHERE in the map; HOWEVER, if either opponent requests it, the duel can and MUST be fought in the actual Arena Pen pictured here:
(click to show/hide)
- If you don't understand the reasoning for the above rule, feel free to ask.
- NO changing character stats mid fight

Breaking any rule will result in disqualification.



Before I go into the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, I will note a VERY IMPORTANT prize rule to encourage sportsmanship and participation:
Showing up to ALL assigned fights over the course of the entire tournament will earn you 1 Loompoint upon its conclusion, or your final elimination. If you are completely eliminated in the first rounds, then you will receive 1 loompoint if you showed up to all of your fights. If you are the winner, you will receive 1 loompoint in addition to your first place earnings. Every round you win will earn you 50k gold. You win 3 matches, but are then knocked out? Then you complete your lower bracket matches and receive 1 loompoint and the gold from your 3 wins in the upper bracket and any wins you had in the lower bracket.

1st Place:

500k Gold in addition to all gold won from winning individual duels, 3 Loompoints, 30m XP, event item of your choosing, and the temporary title, "Champion of Calradia". This title will be held until the conclusion of future tournaments.

2nd Place:
250k Gold in addition to all gold won from winning individual duels, 3 loompoints, 15m XP.

3rd Place:
100k Gold in addition to all gold won from winning individual duels, 2 loompoints, 10m XP.



As previously mentioned, signups begin today and will last, most likely, 10 days-2 weeks. If you know people who would be interested, but they do not browse the forums often, you should alert them as soon as you can.

The first stage will likely last 5 days. Giving both participants all the time in that period to organize and complete their fight. Each successive stage will likely be chopped down in allowed time; HOWEVER, because I will be communicating with EACH player individually, case-by-case judgements on time extensions/rescheduling WILL BE POSSIBLE. Just contact me, I'm your friend!1!

(click to show/hide)



(click to show/hide)

Beginner's Help and Guides / cRPG Nudge Guide
« on: September 22, 2018, 01:17:43 AM »
NOTE: if you don't want to watch the video I will describe the entirety of nudges in text below the video!


Nudges add a lot of complexity to the game and give you lots of options to support your team in defeating enemies, even if you're a lowly peasant with a knife!

Nudging by default is bound to the "V" key, and when performed has a cooldown of 4 seconds. This cooldown timer prevents you from kicking or rolling.

There are 3 types of nudges:
- The Attack Nudge is performed by holding an attack and tapping your nudge key. There is no reason to use this nudge UNLESS you aim on trying to stun your opponent. This nudge can only be used with 1h weapons, shields, and 2hers in the up direction. This nudge cannot be performed by polearms.
- The Block Nudge is performed by holding a block and nudging a target. It can send them hurling, and the distance is based off of your strength and their agility. This nudge cannot be performed with 2hers unless they are in polearm mode.
-The Standard Nudge is performed by simply tapping your nudge key on a target. It is a quick interrupt and has many uses, I will elaborate further below.

Nudges can stun in THESE scenarios:
-Attack nudging an opponent who is kicking
-Attack nudging an opponent who is throwing a nudge themself
-Attack nudging an opponent who is holding an attack
-Attack nudging an opponent who is recovering from a horsebump or a strike from an enemy
-Attack nudging an opponent who is landing from a jump

Nudges can knockdown an opponent in THESE scenarios:
-Nudging an opponent as they are raising their foot for a kick (advanced, do not try if you're a normie)
-Nudging an opponent who has just jumped, or is landing from a jump (also advanced)
-Attack nudging an opponent who is S-keying and Holding an attack
-Nudging or Attack Nudging an archer, crossbowman, or thrower who has their ranged weapon raised

The stuns from attack nudges that would otherwise give your opponent a free hit on you can be countered by using a regular nudge to bash them while you are stunned. The only actions that can be performed while you are stunned are jumping and counternudging. Use either of these to attempt to counter the stun.

Your stun timer is based off of your armor weight and weapon proficiency as far as I can tell. The exact math I am unsure of. I have always been unable to nudge stun people who are high agility (21 or above) with light armor (less than 20 total armor weight) and have high weapon master. The only reason to nudge these types of opponents is to try and damage them since they are in light armor.

Nudges CAN do damage, with the exception of the block nudge. As far as I can tell, nudge damage is based off of your strength and gauntlet weight, and POSSIBLY your shield weight.

There is a specific animation your character performs when an attack nudge stuns you vs. when it does not stun you. You can easily recognize these and know when NOT to counternudge in order to avoid the timer/cooldown.

Shielders can perform all of the nudges in the same manner with the exception of attack nudge stuns. Due to the animation for attack nudging being longer on the shield, this prevents the possibility of getting a free hit. I'm not sure if it's possible for super agility shielders with light shields to get the free hit, I will have to test further.

If you're interested in seeing some techniques for getting more chances at free hits while in combat, please go to 6:12 in the video above.

If you're new to cRPG and are having a rough time defeating opponents, the best thing you can do is stick to your team and improve your skills; however, nudges allow you to support your team immensely. Try getting into the thick of a fight with a shield or something and just nudging enemies for your team so they can strike them.

If I missed anything in the video or this written guide, please inform me!

« on: August 27, 2018, 10:49:37 AM »
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assington set down the newspaper on his bureau and shifted himself over to sit down in his neon green egg chair. he pulled a bent, and slightly bloodstained doobie from his waistcoat and proceeded to place it between his lips. he then bent forward and attempted to light it up with the candle that rested on the side-shelf of his bureau...
assington was nearly knocked from his eggchair as the massive coach house lurched over a pothole on the roads on the way to Suno.

"damn it" he muttered to himself as he finished lighting his doob. he took a large drag, which seared his throat, but he enjoyed the burn. opening the shutters near his chair, assington saw what was left of his army marching alongside his extravagant coach house. he thought about allowing them to take shifts riding inside, but decided the effort of clearing off the extra chairs and couches would be too monumental an effort simply to earn the appreciation of his men.

assington took one more large drag of his pacifier, and as he exhaled, he said aloud, his voice deepened by the smoke,
"we are gonna need some relly powerful friends if we are to win this war."

he then proceeded to pull parchment and crayons from his bureau and began writing letters to all his former comrades of days long ago passed.

General Discussion / unmute an innocent victim
« on: June 22, 2018, 03:07:02 AM »
unmute sugar plz he was muted for "racism" but i went through his last few posts and its only runinthemill shitposts

Suggestions Corner / change experience requirements from levels 1-30
« on: June 16, 2018, 01:25:29 AM »
so the tl,dr is: i think lowering the experience requirements to reach level 30 will not only get players more interested in spending more time playing, but also maybe encourage players that dont want 2 play because they feel overwhelmed by high level nerds to give it another shot. but lets be real lets stop using the word "players". everyone that actively plays the mod will probably read this anyway (which is like 30 people).

i main a 1h/swashbuckler and the majority of my time goes into playing that character. when i get bored i may go play on an alt that im trying to build for lvl 30/31 but it's just unenjoyable to level with a low server population because it demands more individual performance with fewer players on a team, which means playing on my level 25 polearm or lvl 26 2h i will be mostly 1v1-ing and 2v1-ing higher level people. i get bored because i'm not really feeling like going back on my main (i just got off my main to get some fresh air right?) so i just close my game. yes, i could make a skip the fun, but it feels much less rewarding getting kills and carrying an x5 on a stf because you're not building to anything.

like i said, server pop is low, which makes being a low level more difficult than before, but strat is also pretty slow. if this were the prime days of strat with several 3mil xp field battles a day, it wouldn't be a problem, but poor merc situations and infrequent battles means strat isn't a good means of getting to lvl 31 either.

maybe if it were easier to level up to reach a solid build for melee, or cav, or even archer, people would have more fun playing alts and trying different classes. maybe this will solve the ranged problem, maybe it will make it worse

i just want to build some more high level alts like i used to so im not stuck respeccing my main when i get bored, or playing on shitty STFs.

i would suggest lowering the xp requirements to reach level 30 to a few million TOPS or increasing the experience earned by sub-lvl31 characters (although im sure implementing the latter suggestion would be hard)


i, der kekifuhrer assington, do request taht our greatest warrior, untersturmfuhrer (now promoted to oberststurmfuhrer) otto heinrich chestergang von otabben,
bearer of the knights cross of the iron cross with oak leaves and swords, be given a most magnificent
 and honorable title in recognition of his legendary, fearless, and most homoerotic performance on the field of battle in full view of a numerically greater enemy force.
von otabens tiger tank burnt out over 100 cuckculainn t-34s, and hoisted in over 1000 points in less than two hours of combat.
his title must be grand, it must be worthy of his empyrean character, and most importantly it must not expire in 30 days.

consider this request a personal one,


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Diplomacy / National Socialist Keki Workers Party (Nakis)
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:55:06 PM »

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After a bold attack by the communist retads to the east, hOuNdS oF cUckEdchUlAinN, Chancellor Assington has decided it is time to demonstrate what the forces of Kekistan have been preparing for since the last Great Strat War. For those who were fortunate enough to have been born after the conclusion of such a horrendous conflict, or simply for those with their heads in the sand who pay no attention to world events, during the last Great Strat War, the Keki Gobblins were convicted of heinous warcrimes, such as a multiaccounting, upon their "defeat", and the allied Forces of the Administration and the faltering Forces of Gaycre put massive war reparations at the feet of Kekistan. Since then, every Keki man, woman, and child has been indoctrinated with the knowledge that Kekistani people and the Keki culture is superior to all others. In order to spread our superior way of life, we need Lebenkekisraum (Keki "Living Space") so our children can have many, many more children of their own. The Slavichulainnic peoples to the east, under the rule of Joseph Bonestalinsaw and his HoC party, are truly an inferior breed. Raped by Mongols and living off of scum in the gutters, the HoC needs to been purified, and their lands made into free real estate for the Kekis.

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General Discussion / NA1 is down
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:30:07 AM »
plz fix forp

« on: January 29, 2018, 12:43:18 AM »






THEN SIGN UP RIGHT HERE FOR ASSINGTON'S HOST, SOLDIER!?page=strategusinfobattledetail&id=2460

Suggestions Corner / Please Retexture This Armor's Chainmail FFS
« on: January 28, 2018, 06:10:10 AM »
Hi so I recall looming this armor a long long time ago and it has been collecting dust in the frisian armory ever since:

heraldic surcoat over mail and plate
(click to show/hide)

here is the lighter alternative
heraldic surcoat over mail
(click to show/hide)

ok so I think that the mail on this armor is not only in VERY POOR RESOLUTION (notice the lower skirt part of the surcoat seen in the image above; between the legs) but also that the color of the mail matches very few items, if any.

here are some side by side comparisons with a couple other armors:
(click to show/hide)

The heraldic cloth texture on this armor is TOLERABLE but the chainmail is SO UGLY.

PLEASE CHANGE IT!!!! or give me a loom exchange because i dont remember ever looming something this ugly!!!

General Discussion / the power of an idea
« on: January 16, 2018, 08:15:29 AM »

NA (Official) / ban ser arn of acre
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:29:10 AM »
1. Name of your character involved: assington_the_cuninglinguist

2. Name of offending character(s): ser_arn_of_acre or some gay rp shit

3. Time and server, as accurately as possible: tuesday evening the 9th

4. Written description of what happened, the whole story. Also what happened before and after. : well this guy was being a real loudmouth in the server a couple days ago and ever since then sugarbiggums and i have been using our cunninglingus 2 put this kid in his place since he's really not funny and we are really witty so he clearly doesn't like us. he keeps challening me 2 1v1's even though he couldn't touch me if his life literally depended on it, or the wife of his mommy and daddy and sister and pet dog either.

ANYWAY, this evening (tuesday) he has been consistently hitting me in groupfights and shooting me at spawn with his xbow. in the groupfights i know it wasn't an accident as he was literally behind me spamming me, hitting me several times perpetually, later he shot me in the head with an xbow

5. Why you think the offender did what he did: some people arent born with the natural gifts of others and have to take it out somehow am i right?

6. Multiple Screenshots
(click to show/hide)

7. Names of players that can witness what happened.
all of NA thats been playing lately can vouch for this man's belligerence and bad jokes

Faction Halls / Assington's Host
« on: January 03, 2018, 09:00:56 AM »
Assington's Host:
Warriors of the Prophet

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assington always pondered his purpose in calradia, but it wasnt until his hand of cards was looking really shitty that he heard the howling of the wind mysteriously turn to words, holy words that said:

"WoWoWOooWOoowoWOOoo aaaaaaassingtooooooon despite being baaaaanned for many daaaays you must go join the baaaaattle seeeerverrrrrr"

though being both cynical and skeptical of supernatural occurrences, assington proceeded to NA1, despite knowing that he still had nearly 48 hours left until the chain of mortal serial key banning systems released him from its grip. upon entering the battle server, assington waited for the ruthless line to say "u r banned from this server idiot" to pop up and then kick him, but that never happened. assington was free. something had chosen him to be able to slip the tight grip of a ban (im not a ban evader james forgave me + great rp right).

for the next 6 years assington sought re connection with the divine entity that chose to bestow upon him the powers of righteousness, the ability to stand against the most potent forces of the cRPG aDmiNiStrAtiOn woooWOWoowoWOoOowooo. at first assington believed his purpose in calradia was to incite civil disobedience and to murder all snakes and forms of authority that ruled this land, but now.... now he is not so sure.

Assington's Host is an army comprised of humble, non-megalomaniacal people who seek holy retribution, the revelations of pilgrimage, and to understand the mysteries of calradia and crpg as we know it. a holy crusade is to be enacted in the sarranid deserts of New Calradia, and several holy sights are to be seized by assingtons host for further religious understanding of himself, those around him,
 and the reasons as to why he was bestowed such magical powers....

Intended Holy Sites to be Occupied by Assington's Host:

New Jameyyed Castle

(click to show/hide)
New Jameyyed Castle was the former seat of power of an ancient order of cRPG anarchists known as the GOBBLINS. its infinite catacombs, which are filled with holy relics and scriptures, is a key location to seize in order to understand the mysticism of the unknown divine entity. the treacherous heretic pollux will be defeated, tried, and executed for infidelity

New Samarra Castle
(click to show/hide)
Samarra used to be the center of a network of pilgrim roads, with nearly every pilgrim road across new calradia leading directly to it. not a living soul knows what sacred, holy institutions were housed there,
 nor why, but some of the oldest, wisest, and generally disgusting geriatric folk of samarra claim that the caverns under the ancient graveyards hold a pool of water so blue, and so sweet that it could have been milked from the breasts of aphrodite herself. it is said that once every 1000 years (6 months in crpg) someone is chosen to drink from this pool and be sent on a wild fucking trip i mean sent into a trance that will connect them more deeply with the gods and even be allowed to rest upon the breasts of aphrodite. New Samarra Castle must be seized, and the treacherous archibot will be defeated, tried, and executed for infidelity.

New Ahmerrad
(click to show/hide)
once the capital of an ancient desert empire, an empire that was far more evolved and advanced than the shitlords that inhabit it today, new ahmerrad's lower levels are host to a magnificent gold and jeweled statue of an unknown person or deity. it is whispered among the ancients of ahmerrad (much like the geriatric fucks of samarra) that a chosen individual, one with enough faith and autism, will be granted a set of gold and jeweled armor. when worn this armor will enable to wearer to battle indefinitely, unhindered by mortality, hunger, thirst, sexual lust, or fatigue, or venereal diseases, and the helm is said to have some sick jbl headphones that allow the bearer to communicate with an ancient, divine entity. New Ahmerrad must be seized, and the treacherous archibot will be defeated, tried, and executed for infidelity TWICE.

Nova Sharwa Castle
(click to show/hide)
once the cradle of power for all civilization in new calradia, sharwa has become little more than a military stronghold for whatever gaylord holds it except assington if assington holds sharwa he ISNT a gaylord.
 whomever sits upon the throne of sharwa, should they be true of heart and brimming with courage, will be given the omniscience to understand the will of the divine, and find the true path to paradise.
 seeing as sharwa is held by the incompetent, and slightly dimwitted sparvico, who is said to suffer from leprosy for his many sins, assington sees this as the final journey on the holy pilgrimage. plus he will be able 2 test out his sick new armor and jbl beats and have his stomach FULL of HOT aphrodite titty milk. Nova Sharwa Castle must be seized, and the treacherous sparvico will be defeated, tried, and executed for infidelity.

New Ismirala Village
(click to show/hide)
being the ancestral home of the frisian insurrection, along with the era of great peace and prosperity following frisian victories, new ismirala is the final resting place of GOBBLINKINGGREATLEADER's human body, before CHOAS turned him into a monster. a sight of great darkness indeed; however, immense wisdom is kept within the scrolls of the ancient frisians, wisdom which must be obtained for a more pure, homosexual, and prosperously holy life. New Ismirala must be seized, and the treacherous Johannes_VonThalion will be defeated, tried, and executed for infidelity.

the answers to these mysteries will be unraveled and shared with those who are true of heart once the mentioned locations are occupied. if u are a warrior of virtue and a scholar of mysticism then you are dutybound 2 fight by MY fucking side until i get some god damned castles so i can have a really long title when i enter battle server.

and a message to the owners of these holy sites: surrender now or get fucked

NA (Official) / my retort volume 2
« on: December 31, 2017, 10:20:51 PM »
significant megalomania, lack of empathy, ad hominems, victim blaming, deriding a "progressive movement" in america to stop people saying friend and bundle of sticks as ignorant, proudly talking about freedom of speech and business master's yet not realizing he is playing on a private server with a specific code of conduct he is violating, making the argument that going to a burger king and yelling MAKE A DELICIOUS MOTHERFUCKING WHOPPER YOU LAZY friend bundle of sticks to get better than expected lunch would be patriotic, undertones of legitimate misogyny, homophobia, and racism in every sentence

a+ would unban for entertaining essay, but as a mission statement on the life and times of spookisland and a personal philosophy it is hilariously awful

im more progressive than u could ever imagine. you think that because i possess an infinitely large vocabulary yet i often elect to use pejorative terms for entertainment purposes among my private convocation, despite all members of said convocation being divorced from all potentially insulted groups, that i am thereby a racist, homophobe, misogynistic chauvinist contrary to me having kissed over a dozen boys in my life, dated TWO astonishingly beautiful black american women who called ME the N word (thereby allowing me to say it), and even been called the most stereotype-breaking (having broken BAD stereotypes) american ever to have been encountered by the denizens of the dozens of non american countries i have traveled to in my life???? you like that huh??

if u EVER want back into my teamspeak 2 enjoy the fun filled company of me and sugar along with the heated debates that end up with u SCREAMING at me because of my infallible logic then i expect an apology for ur fucking actions little man. u think i havent seen u double spawn before?? huh??? u think i dont remember all those times a couple weeks ago where u kept tking sugar at spawn because he was putting the battalion flag in ur face during melee??? just because u cozy up to the hierarchy doesnt mean u are safe from me u SNAKE

I'm sorry assington but this is the third ban this week, and at a time when myself and the other admins have never been more lenient with rule breaking. There is a point however when the line is crossed. You need a break. Go out to eat, read a book, talk a walk, whatever. We are actually very likely this time to still be here when your 3 days are up.

(click to show/hide)

youre not sorry. nothing gives u more satisfaction in this world than exercising ur bottled up crpg admin powers on someone who outplays ur cav build on NA1 daily. as for leniency, james banned me for 2 hours on CHRISTMAS DAY for brocoding albus just because he was suffering from a situational temper after being killed. ur guys' line is a little close 2 the starting mark for me!! and how dare u tell me to go eat or read a book or take a walk. HOW DARE YOU. do u not think i just finished a semester of rigorous college academia and athletics??? do u not think i eat 4200 calories a day and work out for 2 hours every day and enjoy my full head of beautiful wavy auburn hair?

when i get unbanned dont think 4 one second that i wont seek revenge to kill u all with underpowered swashbuckler build and spew INFINITE amounts of vitriol for this.

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