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Strategus General Discussion / Max Roster sizes in Strat
« on: January 17, 2018, 05:51:20 PM »
Cba to find the thread that mentions when or why the max roster size was increased from 51, so writing this here. It was a ballsy move to increase roster size when pop was so low and fragile, but I think it paid off over the December period. A game that should by all-rights be fully dead and buried was able to have Strategus battles bigger than ever before. Awesome.

Even with some roster problems, at least in EU the biggest and best battles have still had over 54 mercs a side.

But my questions are:
1. Does anyone know why it was changed? For the record, I think it's been great, but it seemed counter-intuitive/ballsy to raise it given the circumstances at the time.
2. Do people think next Strategus should remain with these higher max roster size? Or should it be reduced again?

For the second question, I'm really asking for a couple of reasons. Higher max rosters have the potential to create even less balanced rosters, but so far I havent seen this actually happen - can't rule it out though since we're in a lovey-dovey phase of Strategus right now.

I have seen some commanders complain about the quality of mercs or their ability to follow instructions as a result of desperation to accept every possible merc. If interest remains the same or grows when we reset Strategus, would commanders prefer smaller max rosters in order to be more selective about who they accept?

Thoughts? Opinions? I'm not going to do a poll for the second question cos plebs don't deserve to vote, most interested in what the commanders who organise battles and lead them think.

General Discussion / GG guys
« on: January 02, 2018, 10:27:57 PM »
Was fun,

Didn't notice but since revival I've been burning gold on upkeep. A LOT. Ran out of my sweet 40k gold and now everything's brokey.

See you when Strat resets!

General Off Topic / Catalonia Referendum
« on: October 01, 2017, 04:46:42 PM »
I've been following this for a while and have been consistently surprised by the lack of international news coverage.

Interested to know what everyone's thoughts are. I know based on common interests a lot of people here are nationalists, so where does that leave you on the subject of sub-national independence movements and religionalization? There's a lot of it going around with Scotland's push a few years back, the Iraqi Kurdish vote the other week and some recent noises in that direction in Cameroon.

I know some Scottish people were all about getting out from under the UK's thumb, and there was a similar ideology in place driving Brexit from Europe (though that was at a national level). But on both occasions the nation/group involved were given the freedom to vote and choose, how very progressive. That's a luxury that Catalonia hasn't been given.

For me, I'm all for it. At times like this the narrative that "these are Spain's pre-ordained borders that were always meant to be and should remain forever" immediately slips, it's more a case that at one point in history there was a unification between your territory and your neighbours and ever since then you're forcibly kept a part of that larger whole through violent force.

That said, even with a 'yes' vote the electoral process has been so fucked around by police raids that it will be hard to claim legitimacy. And even if they could, Spain could simply ignore the outcome like Iraq has done with the Kurdish referendum. It's hard to see a scenario where Catalonia actually takes their independence without somehow doing so by force. For all our democratic values etc, the world really hasn't changed that much in the last 1000 years has it?

General Off Topic / Primitive Technology
« on: September 25, 2017, 01:27:01 PM »
I got weirdly addicted to these videos last week, short and interesting to watch when you've got a couple of minutes.

The guy doesn't speak, but if you press the 'CC' subtitles/captions icon on Youtube there are some annotations.

There are a couple of moments in the vids that take me out of the moment in terms of the skills only being viable because of the country/climate he lives in. Like "grab a massive palm branch like you're bound to have lying around" or "you'll never go hungry in the wild, thanks to these calorific black beans that grow all the year round".

Anyone else got some good shit like this to watch?

General Off Topic / A North Korean website about their country? Yes please
« on: September 01, 2017, 04:58:56 PM »

"A state in which all the people are completely liberated from exploitation and oppression"

"The workers, peasants, soldiers and intellectuals are the true masters of their destiny and are in a unique position to defend their interests."

"They also have freedom of speech, the press, assembly, demonstration and association, freedom of religious beliefs and they are entitled to submit complaints and petitions."

During the "Fatherland Liberation War":

"The Korean people and the KPA, however, displayed unrivalled bravery, self-sacrificing spirit and mass heroism to the fullest and fought to humble the arrogant US imperialists who boasted about being the "strongest" and shattered to smithereens the myth of the US "invincibility".

On July 27, Juche 42 (1953), the US imperialists finally knelt down before the Korean people and the KPA and signed the Armistice Agreement. Accordingly, the 3-year-long Korean War ended with a great victory of the Korean people."

"The KPA killed and captured 1,567,000 including 405,000 US soldiers, destroyed and captured over 12,200 aircrafts, over 560 vessels of different kinds, 3,250 tanks and armored vehicles, 13,000 trucks, 7,695 artillery and other numerous combat equipment. It is 2.3 fold the size of losses suffered by the US in the 4-year¬long Pacific War in the period of the Second World War."

General Off Topic / McBain appreciation thread
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:41:45 PM »

General Off Topic / Top tier troll wins the internet
« on: August 01, 2017, 03:03:39 PM »
Did he... did he get Scaramucci fired?

"How White House officials were 'fooled by email prankster'"

TLDR - amongst other stuff this guy sent emails to Scaramucci pretending to be from Priebus, being an ass, just prior to Scaramucci's phone rant with a journalist about him.

Disclaimer - I'm not impartial but I love stuff like this regardless of what party/country it's against. It is funnier that it's top officials in the most powerful country in the world.

I have a healthy respect for people doing more with less, and this looked like a potentially very low-tech trick to play. Good old-fashioned phishing, but actual competent tailored phishing which is much more fun than 'No Joke! You win big! Please to endter details'.

Be smart online folks. This concludes our PSA.

What have I been playing at recently not drinking much? Putting my health at risk clearly.

The researchers concluded that drinking moderately three to four times a week reduced a woman's risk of diabetes by 32% while it lowered a man's by 27%, compared with people drinking on less than one day a week.

When it came to drinking beer, men having one to six beers a week lowered their risk of diabetes by 21%, compared to men who drank less than one beer a week - but there was no impact on women's risk.

Meanwhile, a high intake of spirits among women seemed to significantly increase their risk of diabetes - but there was no effect in men.

In summary:
- Drink more red wine, good for all but especially if you woman.
- Drink at least six beers a week over multiple sessions, but only if you're certain you're a man.
- Put down the spirits if you suspect you might identify as a woman
- Spirits can be enjoyed as part of a healthy well-balanced drinking schedule if you're a man, just don't use it as an excuse to drink less wine or beer

General Discussion / Wipe - yay or nay (poll)
« on: June 13, 2017, 03:09:00 PM »
Simple question:
Would you be in favour of wiping looms, levels, gold etc as part of the spirit of a cRPG revival?

I appreciate that there are some softer 'grey' options in the middle that some people on the forum have already discussed - like some merit for the people who were high level or decked out in looms prior to any wipe, but I've kept this a simple yes/no question to try and gauge broad opinion.

Before anyone gets angry or defensive the current thought in Discord seems to be that the majority do not want a wipe. I'm only creating this thread because I'm not sure that's necessarily representing the view of this forum as initially I saw lots of people in favour of wipe but some very strongly opposed.

Want to gather as many opinions as possible of current players, returning players, potential returning players and even new players if any are present. If you feel particularly strongly one way or the other, please do make your case.

To be completely open, right now from more recent conversations it looks like a wipe would be fairly unlikely. Just based on the way key folk are talking in Discord.

General Discussion / cRPG account statistics - where did it go wrong?
« on: June 12, 2017, 02:50:28 PM »
Dupre has kindly shared a couple of graphs on Discord; the first showing total number of active accounts from Jan2013-present, the second showing the daily account signup figures from Jan2014-Jan2017.

I am missing some information that would make the first graph more useful (eg. what scale is account.age using? How long before an account is considered inactive?) but we can at least look at the very general picture.

Graph 1 - Total Active Accounts 2013-2017:
(click to show/hide)

Graph 2 - Account Signup 2014-2017:
(click to show/hide)

Total accounts:
1. Peak highest number of active accounts (since Jan-2013) was 26/07/2014. 8,804 accounts.
2. Active accounts fell off very quickly to just 5,000 active before the end of 2014.
3. Active accounts continued to fall below this in 2015, peaking once in the middle but with a continuous overall downward trend.
4. The 2015 downward trend does not appear to be significantly steeper than the 2013 downward trend.

Account signups:
1. Peak account signup was July-2014 (since Jan-14). Roughly 180 in one day as the peak.
2. Average account signups were largely consistent and stable through to last-quarter 2015, where they begin to tail off after the last large peak of over 50 signups in a day.
3. Signups appear to remain relatively stable at the new lower level (but without large peaks) until later summer 2016 where they drop off again.

Overall account numbers dropped steeply at the end of 2014, and have continued to drop since then (note that they were already dropping at a similar rate before the massive late-2014 peak). New signup rate peaked at the same time, but returned back to it's normal level and remained there for at least an additional year before dropping.

Whatever was lowering the overall number of active accounts continually since 2013, did not appear to have any effect on the rate of new signups until late 2015.

Unfortunately without understanding the 'account.age' line on the first graph I still don't have any clear data to comment on player retention. Barring one huge spike it just looks like we've always managed to lose active accounts faster than we could gain new ones, wish the graph went back further. I'd love to know how long an average new account would remain active for at each of these given points.

TLDR - The biggest issue seems to have been keeping players, not getting them to join. We have managed to decline in total number of active accounts even in periods where we were getting 15-25 new accounts created each day.


"Visceral Star Wars is developed by Uncharted creator Amy Hennig"
"Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond, and Gotham's Todd Stashwick are leading the project"
"March 27 - Portal designer Kim Swift joins up"

This could be interesting, hope it's a new character or one you can customise rather than just being a Han Solo game.

I don't know why but when I saw the above lineup of people working on it my first thought was 'Yes, physics'.

General Off Topic / Westminster attack
« on: March 22, 2017, 05:50:09 PM »
Since I'm posting news recently:

Summary (16:40 22/03/2017):
- One woman has died and several others are critically injured after a car hit people on Westminster Bridge
- A police officer has been stabbed in the Houses of Parliament in central London *edit - now confirmed dead*
- The alleged assailant was shot by armed police
- Footage on social media shows people lying in the road
- Metropolitan Police say they are treating it as a terrorist incident and buildings are in lockdown

*Edit 23/03/17
The man police believe to be responsible for the terrorist attack in Westminster has been formally identified as Khalid Masood, Scotland Yard says. 

Masood, aged 52, was born in Kent and detectives believe he was most recently living in the West Midlands. 

Masood was not the subject of any current investigations and there was no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack, police say. 

However, he was known to the police and had a range of previous convictions for assaults, including GBH, possession of offensive weapons and public order offences.

He has not been convicted of any terrorism offences.

An interesting man, worth a quick read.

Martin McGuinness: Sinn Féin politician dies aged 66

Martin McGuinness: A life in politics

"My war is over. My job as a political leader is to prevent that war"

Interesting to see the man himself get involved:

Interested to see if anything actually comes of this, his name still carries some weight.

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