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Announcements / New Strategus (new round & mechanics)
« on: February 19, 2019, 01:30:16 PM »
Strategus is very close to official reset. We are on the short test round phase. It is LIVE already, feel free to test it out! Changelog is:
· 9 unique Nations are added: Swadia, Rhodok, Khergit, Vaegir, Nord, Sarranid, Yamato, Berezium, Tianxia
· Each faction (clan) and fief have its own nation. Fiefs can only sell/upgrade items of their nation's and common items (construction equipment and some basic items)
· Heroes can only use their nation's and common items. Although they can loot/buy/sell/convert other nation's items or treat them like goods
· Completely reworked fief locations to provide strategical advantages
· Switching between heroes that can take part in Strategus now takes only 1 hours instead of 72 to let mercs pick the most fitting character for certain battles
· All regions will use the same map (former EU map)
· Battles now only happen during 4 hour prime time for each region. If attack is launched less than 12 hours before prime time, it will get postponed to the next day's prime time
· Region of battle will be defined differently: if attacking AI fief or hero on the open field - your region&time will be used, if attacking a fief with the owner - defender's region&time will be used
· New heroes now start with 200 troops and 50,000 gold to give a better start
· Troop Generation decreased to 1.5 per hour (randomly 1-2, planning to change troop generation mechanic entirely)
· XP rewards formula change. Overall XP increase, huge XP increase for lower tier gear battles, slight XP increase for shiny battles
· Mercs autohire until roster is filled with people or gets updated during last hour before the battle
· Strat Equipment Buff: HP increased for most offensive equipment
· Change to Looting Mechanics: you now loot 10% of silver if you successfully perform a raid or win an open field attack
· Garrison & population hard caps added: village max population&troops - 200&1300, castle max population&troops - 1000&2000, town max population&troops - 2000&2500
· Gold (not silver) reward (5-30k of cRPG gold depending on performance) for merc participation in strat battles added: Formula is "base reward (10k) + (kills*300 - deaths*100)"
· Merc gold reward is doubled for defenders if it is a successful AI defense (10-60k of cRPG gold)
· Strategus Tick Generation during Strategus Battles added
· Added freeze of Attacker&Defender troop generation until fight is over
· Added a softcap of 1500 troops per hero. Wage for 1,500 and below stays the same (174 silver per hour for 1500 troops), after that it rapidly goes above (1600 - 460, 1700 - 1356, 1800 - 3133, 1900 - 5989, 2000 - 10094, 2100 - 15597, 2200 - 22630, 2300 - 31317, 2400 - 41772, 2500 - 54102)
· Many minor bugfixes (such as Mules and Plated Donkeys becoming Slow Horses, bugged itemsheets for AI battles etc)
· Increased Fall Damage so it's more dangerous to jump from the walls (planning to change damage calculation entirely)
· Merge Function is changed: reduced to 2 items per loom level
· Strategus map only shows approximate numbers of Troops and Gold other heroes have. Numbers for troops: >100 - pack, >500 - lots, >700 - small army, >1000 - army, >1500 - huge army, >1500 - horde. Numbers for gold: < 1000 - poor, <= 10000 - handful, <= 50000 - abundance, <= 100000 - a lot, <= 300000 - rich, <= 1000000 - tons, > 1000000 - shiny
· Playing other game modes now generate more silver
· Catapults now take much less shots to destroy the wall
· Added item conversion mechanic: you can convert looted items to your equal or cheaper national items of the same item type and rank
· Using construction/siege equipment and throwing weapons now generates additional XP (all throwing category didn't generate XP at all in the past)

Announcements / cRPG team: Call to arms
« on: February 06, 2019, 05:04:32 PM »
Hello, my fellow cRPG player!

I'll try to be short so that there is a higher chance that you read it to the end.

cRPG's dev team has never been as tiny as it is right now. And to make it more productive we need people. Sadly I can't be a one-man-army for long because it simply demotivates pretty hard to do such a huge amount of work with no significant active playerbase. At this point we can do everything: I managed to reach cmp and we got WSE2 source code so we can implement whatever we need. It would be too sad if we stop where we are because we can make our beloved cRPG a highly populated mod again!

Who do we need in cRPG dev team:

1. People with any experience of Warband modding.
2. People with any general experience in programming. Warband's mod system syntax isn't really difficult.
3. 3D or texture artists.
4. People with experience in web programming (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML&CSS).
5. Community managers and basically people who would spread the word about cRPG bringing players.
6. Experienced players who are willing to be a part of global and item balance teams.

Please PM here or in discord, or simply post here.

Announcements / you to decide
« on: December 10, 2018, 11:01:30 PM »
Hello, my dear modmates!

At this point cRPG is on the crossroads: death (which is imminent since nothing is eternal) or still a short run.

I know this happened quite a few times already in the past but this time it seems like there will be no other chance, cRPG was never as close to death. Not much left from a dev team, it's basically just San and me joining the sinking boat. We had a Strategus Council which was successful IMO and we didn't only come to certain decisions but also implemented them, but then we couldn't patch them in because we didn't have enough access, Professor went missing for ages (can't blame him) and everyone lost motivation. Above from that Strat got entirely broken with the a dozen of changes that were waiting to be patched from previous dev team and it took quite an effort to at least fix it back.

It's up to us, just a bunch of people who truly love this mod: what we need to make its last months (and who knows, maybe more) a better experience for everyone. I know that the original dev team with chadz on top (my personal thanks to original dev team!) did the same threads and I'm aware that mostly nothing got implemented, I do remember how long it took for decisions. I assure you, this is not going to happen again, if we do stuff - we do it blazing fast, no more months between patches, we don't have this much time.

One thing that we need to do: what do players want the most to get at least minimal population back? We don't get paid and can't afford us development with 1 player online
(click to show/hide)
. Doing something that grows population back is what can inspire and motivate us.

I took this incentive and responsibility to make this post and truly hope we can save cRPG from inglorious death. Please share your suggestions from in-game rules to item balance, from new mechanics to strat changes (trolls with suggestions like I love you, let mod die etc will get punished, remember Rando  :oops:).

So it's up to you what we see in the upcoming changelog.

Patch notes (updating):

1. Restored Rando's account with all the posts, topics, votes etc.
2. Fixed hall of fame in tavern to be based on XP rather than broken levels (since XP requirements per level were changed quite a lot throughout years).
3. San: Changes in WPF formulas:
-Every point in WM updates the minimum melee wpf.
-Shared melee wpf has been improved.
-wpf penalty adjustments
4. Website now shows all correct bonuses/penalties to wpf showing real effective wpf that you'll have in game.
5. Connected Chinese servers back to the database and made them official. Welcome back, China!
6. Toned down the amount of bad weather making it much rarer (also removed dark night, only evening and early morning left)
7. Weapon length added to ranged weapons that didn't have it (bows and crossbows), results in movement penalty with weapon unsheathed (so the bigger bow/crossbow you carry - the slower you move, sheathing it nullifies the effect)
8. Ranged ammo got reduced.
9. Masterwork reforge is back to 2 loompoints for MW item. If you need to to change your +3 item for another +3 item buy Heirloom Exchange.
10. Website is finally showing the amount of slots for shields
11. Increased strength requirements for all crossbows, slightly nerfed heavy crossbow and high pierce output is also reduced due to changed armor soak/reduce values.
12. Ranged received a significant rework, read patch notes.
13. Ladders are back to battle servers.
14. MOTF (Master of the Field aka flag that spawns in the end of the round) is changed to spawn much rarer (It spawned if any of teams had 5 or less players, changed to 2 or less, also it had a breach in formula that would spawn MOTF prematurely on lower than ~50 pop servers which was fixed)
15. WPF penalties made unique for each WPF type.
16. Website now shows correct WPF PD and PT penalties to archery and throwing wpf accordingly.
17. Char stats page is recoded and now provides raw damage for items saved in gear panel. Very useful for checking how much your damage is affected by changes in your build real time.
18. Fixed reward system. In the past everyone was seeing wrong numbers in game. You actually received 150 gold x multiplier (750 gold on x5 compared to 200 gold shown in game) instead of 50 x (multiplier-1). Right now you get 50 x multiplier gold (250 gold on x5), also fixed to correctly represent in game. Gold inflation should drop down a bit.
19. Added low population bonuses. If server has 10 or less players, everyone gets double XP and gold gain (base 30k XP and 500 gold per tick).
20. Unlocked lvl 35+ bonuses. So now you don't only get +2 HP for levelling up but get regular attribute and skill points infinitely (if you have time to grind it up to extreme lvl38+).
21. Changed retirement titles to lvl33: Veteran, lvl34: master, lvl35: grandmaster, lvl36: legendary, lvl37: demigod, lvl38 and beyond : immortal.
22. Now minimal multiplier is back to x1 instead of x2. Added a random chance to keep multiplier after lost round (separate calculation for every player, only lucky ones get it).
23. Added dehorse damage mechanic. Players now deal additional damage to rider by dehorsing him. Damage highly depends on horse's movement speed at the moment of dehorsing (dehorsing a standing cavalry doesn't deal any damage). Right now it deals a raw damage that gets absorbed by the armor (more armor less damage), body armor weight (and/or other factors) will be taken into account to later (so that lighter armored receive less damage).
24. New players now start with lvl30 instead of 20, starter kit gold increased to 100k from 30k, added +3 horse (Palfrey) and +3 shield (Brown Kite Shield) to starter kit.
25.Major rework on loom bonuses (especially armors), too much to paste because several hundreds items affected.
26. WPF requirements of crossbows reworked to become 8 x strength requirement. Will be probably adjusted later
27. Website now shows WPF requirement of crossbows
28. Website now shows what ammo can penetrate shields (Siege Bolts became the only bolts that can't penetrate shields while Bodkin Arrows are now the only arrows that can). Bodkin Arrows can only penetrate the lowest unloomed shields like Old Round Shield and only in very limited almost never happening situations (when shielder charges against a max strength +3 top tier archer, while shielder is standing still - it's impossible to penetrate even when he has a shield like that). It is impossible to penetrate any medium tier shield in any circumstances.
29. Website ow shows correct requirements for shields. 3 shields that used Strength attribute as requirement now explicitly show that in the shop.
30. Further decrease of arrows that didn't go in the last patch with bolts being decreased recently.
31. If player won the round and survived it - he has a much lower chance to pay upkeep
32. All ranged ammo now has an extra chance to get broken (pay upkeep), not just arrows
33. WPF no longer affects upkeep rate
34. Loomed items now have higher upkeep depending on item type and item loom lvl.
35. Using construction stuff during Strategus battles now generates extra XP
36. Website now shows increased/decreased prices for loom levels in item description (shop or inventory)
37. Website now also shows correct max possible upkeep value in inventory page
38. Clan banner stackers now count as a bigger power during autobalance
39. New mechanic: you can only damage left hand, forehand and shoulder if you successfully penetrate a shield, also damage output after reduction will be additionally halved to compensate upcoming armor nerf of wooden shields. Expected game impact: no more crossbow wtf-headshots while holding your shield up, more weapons will be able to penetrate shields (more Crossbows, not just Arbalest, some bows with Bodkin arrows) but performing a shield penetration would require extremely good aim and would deal a highly reduced damaged depending on shield armor. High armor shields (metal) will be still impossible to penetrate
40. New feature added: all ranged ammo (arrows, bolts, throwing weapons) can now have "Can't use on horseback" property that makes them possible or impossible to use on horse. Only 0 slot arrows/bolts are possible to use on horseback so far.
41. Fixed bug allowing to pick up ammo on horseback that was supposed to be impossible.
42. Fixed mechanic that sadly never worked: ammo stacks (quivers, throwing containers etc) with 0 ammo now can't be picked up, they disappear instead of messing with your slots.
43. New mechanic added: horses can now perform a so called "oppa jump" on siege shields. If horse jumps over siege shield from behind it will instantly destroy it with some special effects. If horse bumps siege shield from behind it will damage both siege shield and itself depending on speed in the moment of impact. If horse bumps siege shield from in front, it will only hurt itself. Also if horse dies after a bump - rider will get damaged on falling down.

Item changelogs:

General Discussion / The Mercenaries are looking for a talented artist
« on: September 29, 2018, 03:29:25 PM »

During our history, we had a set of different heraldry used for our ingame banner. It all followed the same idea, having sacral meaning behind elements of the image.

To be short: We are looking for an artist who will make us a new iteration of our banner for cRPG payment. So far we suggest 6 loompoints and a certain amount of gold. We may discuss and/or reconsider higher payment amount.

Our current banner is:

(click to show/hide)

which is basically a simplified version of this
(click to show/hide)

It is one of the oldest banner versions (originally used in 2011 and better version of this later up to 2013), back in the time when the resolution of the banner was lower (early implementation of custom banners), because the lost the one with better quality.

This one is more modern version that we used in late 2013 and 2014 (or other variations of it). Basically we want a simplified drawn version of this banner to fit the flag.

(click to show/hide)

Meanings of image elements:
3 swords mean that we treat our history and refer to three original founders of Mercs: Oberyn, Olwen and Gnjus
Metal skull is a reference to "Mercenaries never die, they just go to hell to regroup"
Wings (metal or golden) refer to Angels of Death
Crown of thorns refers to switching golden crown (victory of Strat 1) to crown of thorns in Strat 2 when Mercs got crucified after a long epic war against overwhelming enemies from all sides and betrayal from our "allies"
Circle with spikes on the back refers to Cardinal Directions, "any time, any place"
Blood and Gold basically means blood for gold ;-)
Also had scales on some versions which also means the same

Colors: black, grey, golden, red.

Also other stuff related:

(click to show/hide)

Game Balance Discussion / Another suggestion about ranged
« on: February 08, 2018, 09:00:48 PM »
Hi. I wanted to share yet another possible solution to ranged population. As you might have known - I vouch for reducing the amount of ammo any ranged can carry.

I suggest to make all current ammo items 1 slot instead of 0 and add small 0 slot variants (having around 50% of ammo count and having the same stats).

For instance:

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Hybrid crossbowmen will have less ammo. Arbalest users will have maximum of 10 steel bolts (15 bolts without weapon). Was 16 (24 without weapon).

Archers will have a reason to use 0 slot weapons + smaller bows will have a benefit of being 2 slot. Archers with 3 slot bows will have maximum of 29 bodkin arrows (40 arrows without weapon). Was 36 (54 without weapon) and free slot.

All the ranged will have to loom new item if they want to use 0 slot alternative of it alongside their usual arrows.

Ranged players will have to actually care to aim better and collect&count their ammo. It will result in less ranged spam overall and less frustration in the end of the rounds because of ranged being full hp and having 20 arrows left to shoot the shit out of you.

EU (Official) / Ban Tybalt_von_Krems
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:01:13 PM »
Hello. I never created threads about banning trolls from Krems (which I regret) and now I've decided to make one.

1. Name of your character involved: Merc_DaveUKR
2. Name of offending character(s): Tybalt_von_Krems
3. Time and server, as accurately as possible: EU1, ~20:00 today (server time)
4. Written description of what happened, the whole story. Also what happened before and after: This guy and some other Krems decided to do their usual bullshit troll stuff (unlike many other Krems who are playing fine these days). First of all - they were hugging one of our enemies, not letting others kill it, teamhitting and nudging when we tried to kill. After I actually killed the guy - Tybalt kept teamhitting me, even on the next map.
5. Why you think the offender did what he did: because he's a trolling idiot. This behavior should be prevented.
6. Multiple Screenshots:
(click to show/hide)
7. Names of players who witnessed what happened:

Game Balance Discussion / Balance for crossbows
« on: January 19, 2018, 01:40:53 PM »
Hi. One of the balancers asked me several questions about crossbows so I've decided to put my 5 cents here.
Seems to me that balancers are struggling with some decisions. Hope this helps.

Before you watch the stats you should read why these stats are such.

1. My personal belief is that min-max builds is something bad balance-wise. It is not only OP in most cases but also game ruining in certain ways. None of the builds should be ultimate best.
Sounds obvious, right? Well, not when you look on item balance that makes a little sense sometimes. People should experiment with builds and try hybrids to be the most effective. Remember that you balance the game to remove the game ruining aspects first of all.
2. This thread is only for crossbows but it won't work without changes to other items/classes as it would be just a huge nerf for crossbows. I will gradually make threads with new item classes.

I see the need in dividing crossbows into 3 types:

1. Light crossbows. Only one is present so far. Should be 1 slot and have weak stats.
Should be the only crossbows possible to reload on horseback.

2. Regular crossbow. Hunting Crossbow and Crossbow now.
Mediocre stats.

3. Heavy crossbows. Heavy Crossbow and Arbalest. Should be 3&4 slots.
High damage and accuracy with low reload speed. Should have high STR requirements to prevent AGI builds
Should be really expensive.

Changes to stats of each crossbow and some side notes:

Global changes
  • Difficulty is increased by 2-4 STR for each crossbow to prevent high AGI builds with millions of WPF and athletics.
  • Accuracy is slightly increased to compensate the WPF loss with new STR requirements
  • Price is drastically increased for all crossbows

Light Crossbow
Weight: 3.6 -> 2.8
Accuracy: 85 -> 84
Difficulty: 9 -> 12
Speed rating: 153 -> 142
Missile speed: 48 -> 46
Damage: 53 -> 48
Slots: 2 -> 1
Price: 8236 -> 14778

Can be used as sidearm both for infantry and cavalry. 1 slot opens possibilities for better hybrid solutions like horse+lance+1hander+crossbow&bolts for cav or 2hander+shield+crossbow&bolts etc. Drastically weakened.

Hunting Crossbow
Weight: 3 -> 3.6
Accuracy: 83 -> 86
Difficulty: 7 -> 11
Speed rating: 172 -> 136
Missile speed: 46 -> 44
Damage: 40 -> 46
Slots: 2 -> 1
Price: 4624-> 7621
Can't reload on horseback

Can be used as sidearm for infantry. Impossible to reload on horseback anymore. Made 1 slot to to be a better sidearm solution. Drastically reduced reload speed to force the usage only in really needed situations.

Weight: 4 -> 3.8
Accuracy: 87 -> 88
Difficulty: 11 -> 13
Speed rating: 135 -> 130
Missile speed: 50
Damage: 60 -> 56
Slots: 2
Price: 10326 -> 16945
Can't reload on horseback

Slightly nerfed.

Heavy Crossbow
Weight: 4.4 -> 4.6
Accuracy: 88 -> 90
Difficulty: 13 -> 16
Speed rating: 105 -> 98
Missile speed: 57
Damage: 74
Slots: 3
Price: 12437 -> 21446
Can't reload on horseback

Compromise between Crossbow and Arbalest. 3 slots make it possible to use a 1 slot sidearm.

Weight: 4.7 -> 5.2
Accuracy: 93 -> 95
Difficulty: 16 -> 18
Speed rating: 78 -> 84
Missile speed: 60
Damage: 85
Slots: 4
Price: 15196 -> 32794
Can't reload on horseback

Expensive and slow crossbow with only weak 0 slot sidearms possible. Designed for dedicated crossbowmen.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Bolts changes.
I am pretty sure that max ammo of Steel Bolts needs to be reduced by 1 more bolt so that regular Bolts could find its niche as well.

Weight: 4 -> 5.2
Max ammo: 9
Damage: 5 -> 4
Price: 493 -> 2191

Slightly nerfed not to be overall better solution than steel bolts

Steel Bolts
Weight: 5 -> 4
Max ammo: 7 -> 6
Damage: 8
Price: 5843 -> 7211

Max ammo reduced by 1, weight reduced accordingly.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

cRPG Technical problems / Fix forums
« on: April 13, 2015, 12:24:06 AM »
This kind of crap kills the code of the page. Fix it before it's getting used for derailing threads. Kthxbye.

Code: [Select]

(click to show/hide)

General Off Topic / Mouse vs Gamepad
« on: March 26, 2015, 10:39:10 PM »
In theory, yes. They you try it and it's not even close.

Well, if you just try it - ofc because you're not used to it. Remember your grandpa using a mouse and typing? That's you using gamepad in Warband.

People told me that I'm a freak because I used inverted Y axis and first person for melee fights.

Spam / I am the new guy
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:24:34 PM »
Fine content Thanks!

Also visit my website ... chadz World

General Discussion / cRPG experience
« on: April 29, 2014, 12:16:35 PM »
I had a free evening and wanted to look into a new patch so I decided to install it. In this post I'll try to give my expressions about cRPG after a break, I hope they'll be used to improve the mod. This post will contain positive and negative conclusions I made after playing it.

1. I didn't have either warband or cRPG files on my PC so I had to download it. I downloaded Warband through TW website (shitty downloading speed from there, took 20 minutes to download ~600 mb file) and then downloaded launcher. And here comes the trouble. If I were a new player I would just give up. Launcher tried to download files and it got stopped several times because of downloading mirrors with several errors. Basically it was downloading to a some certain percentage stopping at some files and refusing to download further. Sometimes these files just required 10 minutes to find a mirror again but some just refused to finish the download even after an hour ending up in failed download. What was more frustrating is that launcher didn't actually download files to a folder of mod so you couldn't continue after a failed attempt. I took numerous attempts to download it during more than 6 hours. I also failed to find any links where I could download the mod without a launcher. So I ended up in asking Tyr to upload his mod folder so I can download it and put manually. After I did it - it started to work properly. Maybe it's fixed already and this problem was just temporary but it pissed me off hard.

2. Class balance seems to be changed a lot. I saw that xbowmen population got reduced (maybe 2-3 per 30 man team), there were actually more horse xbomen than foot. I guess it's somehow connected to the str requirements being changed. The amount of archers is the same. The amount of throwers just went to double or even tripple (equal to the amount of archers), the amount of horse ranged got reduced a little bit, longspear/pike users simply disappeared.

3. Throwers. It looked to me that throwers became an uber class that has no counters on the battle server. Buff of melee mode of throwing weapons was a completely wrong idea in my opinion. Also they seem to be very accurate (much more than they should be). The one who suggested such changes made a mistake, thumbs down for that.

4. All polearms stopping horses. I've read somewhere that you can't rear a horse with a glance anymore but all polearms now can rear with a thrust. To sum up: I didn't like it, even a peasant can rear an armored horse now. The idea might have been good but the realisation is horrible. Very creepy with bardich kind weapons. Also bump damage is kinda strange.

5. Onehanded animation. Seems like thrust didn't get fixed and it is still very easy to land pointblank lolstabs. In addition to the new right swing animation I would say that it was better than it is now. If it was tweaked it would be much better than before though, but nobody did it with thrust at least.

6. Flags with 5 people left. Overall a terrific idea. Especially annoying when you only have 10 players in your team and flags appear almost instantly. Also they spawn in bad places. Also sometimes they spawn right after the round start. Sometimes they don't finish the round at all. Sometimes you can see indicators of flags under the ground so you know where they will spawn. Very glitchy mechanic that kills diversity. When in the past I could win a round alone versus multiple enemies now it doesn't seem to be possible because they will just cap the flag that is in the other part of the map and that's it. Also a lot of people just ignore these flags and so on. I don't even understand why this mechanic got added (horse ranged?). Very bad idea, horrible realisation. Thumbs down.

7. A lot of new armours and new weapons. And also they look cool. Thumbs up!  8-)

8. Bad map rotation, newly added maps are mostly bad. It would be much better if maps were set according to server population.

9. Weather and day/night time still didn't get fix. Played 3 maps with rain in a row.

10. Population got dropped to ~50%. Good indicator that things don't go well. cRPG has no rivals so it only indicates that people quit the game, not just move to a better mod/game.

I didn't try xbows/archery, because I think they're all the same. Overall I can't say that mod became better. One frustrating thing got replaced by another. Game balancing team seems to do strange decisions. I don't want to sound negative but I didn't like the game that I played. There are still a lot of weapons that are just obviously OP and people tend to abuse them. I uninstalled the game in the same night as servers simply became empty.

Since I don't really have much time to play online games, I'd like to make a thread about games of different genres with solid and interesting SP (mostly not older than like 5-6 years old). Just post a title of the game and a little description. I'll start with several of them.

Max Payne 3: pretty much good shooter with a main character having midlife crisis :D If you played previous Max Payne games, you will most likely love it, though it lost it's charm.
Stanley Parable: original and interesting FP corridor walk-through with story line that you make on your own. Good 30-60 minutes of philosophical game.
Far Cry 3: good RPG shooter with a nice sandbox around. High quality product.
Sims 3: yeah, it's kinda gay, but trust me - this game can take you for a couple of hours at least.
Fallout: New Vegas: extremely good game (most of Fallout fans will like it). FP/3rd person RPG with semi-turn based fight mechanics (optional). Got a good scenario, you can play it a couple of times with completely different ways.

Buy / Eastern Lamellar Greaves
« on: November 20, 2013, 11:08:34 PM »
Want to get those. I offer +3 splinted leather greaves over mail +50k. If you want any other item for them - contact me.

Sell/Trade / Selling items for loompoints+gold
« on: November 08, 2013, 05:37:14 PM »
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

PM your suggestions.

Suggestions Corner / Button "All" in armoury [code included]
« on: October 12, 2013, 05:45:48 PM »
It's very uncomfortable and not handy to use the armoury when you have to manage with a lot of items. I myself have 14 MWs and Mercs have a lot of MWs in the armoury (no, I'm not bragging around  :lol:) so it's very time consuming to select all the items when you need to put/pull out all of them at once (i.e. I've stopped playing and want to put all my items to armoury - I have to click 14 times, same when I want them back on my char). Also when we want all the MWs back to the armoury - we need to click on all of the particular items. So what I suggest is just add this code:

Code: [Select]
<script language="JavaScript">
function toggle(source) {
  checkboxes = document.getElementsByName('itemslent[]');
  for(var i=0, n=checkboxes.length;i<n;i++) {
    checkboxes[i].checked = source.checked;

<input type="checkbox" onClick="toggle(this)" />All<br/>

Use document.getElementsByName('items[]'); or document.getElementsByName('itemslent[]'); where it's used. Add both to the management of armoury and management of your own items. Already works fine, checked it on crpg website. You just need to put it inside the template.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

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