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General Off Topic / Re: Bieber vs. Cruise Megafight
« on: June 13, 2019, 10:48:27 AM »
I dunno, i think Bieber has been in good shape, however i dont know currently what he looks like. Tom is a scientologist though and im not sure what buffs that adds.

I wonder if they can make the combat as intricate as Sekiro if they are going heavy on RPG elements. Its going to be tough balancing so many weapons, i expect it to be a bit more streamlined. Even though sekiro isnt that complex it'll probably be a bit mouch to expect that kind of gameplay from multiple weapons.

It will be nice to see what kind of world they make though, most games so far have been relatively compact with multiple paths, but from the interviews it almost sounds like this one will be wider and open. If it is complete free roam i'll be happy, so long as its properly filled with rewarding exploration.

Cant wait for some gameplay footage.

No real substance yet, but its nice to have the rumors confirmed. Im excited to see what it looks like.

General Off Topic / Re: Guessing Leshma in real life
« on: June 02, 2019, 12:25:07 AM »

Found Leshma


So yeah, the rumors are true it seems.

General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« on: May 25, 2019, 05:10:47 AM »
As a soldier, are you not essentially a patriot? Can you become anymore of a patriot than through dying for your country?

General Off Topic / Re: Game of Thrones - Season 8 - 4/14/2019
« on: May 24, 2019, 10:33:41 PM »
Everyone knows they turned down 2 seasons because they want to go ruin another beloved franchise  :twisted: However star wars is already in ruins so i suppose they cant surprise anyone.

General Off Topic / Re: Am I racist? 2.0
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:06:20 PM »
And suddenly the army lost 90% of its soldiers.

I don't like fighting games because I want dueling skill to have context. That's why melee slashers are great. You have 1v1s, and then you can translate that skill to big battles that play very differently, and have objectives and interesting map design, etc. And the potential for team-based competitive play, of course. Makes the entire game feel like it has more depth and content. And, well, it kind of does, by definition.

I am of the same opinion, however a game with team based combat and such has to consider the gameplay out of that perspective which also limits it quite a bit. Its a different kind of depth, and ive found team based gameplay to be a huge frustration rather than reward, while properly trying to learn a fighting game is much more rewarding. The depth of gameplay in Tekken far exceeds mordhau, but i will never have to learn to use it with anyone else on my side and so it allows for more quirks and options. Ultimately it gets more interesting to me competitively, casually however id prefer teams.

If you think it's difficult to block attacks that aren't feinted, I don't know what to tell you.

You dont need to tell me much, mordhau simply doesnt offer gameplay exciting enough to bother learning and crpg is dead while native is still exciting, it also lacks rpg elements to keep me invested. Bannerlords will inevitably screw up what warband managed to become if it ever releases. Fighting games is the best experience currently by far.

cRPG had no pro scene, even talking about it is cringey. If you want a "subjective" pro scene, you have to look at Native, where there was actually some competitiveness and you needed skill to get in the best clans. cRPG actually had surprisingly few great players, you can almost count on one hand the people who could've competitively dueled some of the better Native duelists. But that kind of makes sense, because cRPG was always about casually grinding up your character, whereas on Native you had tons of people who did nothing but duel and play scrims. And in Warband, I for one thought casual stuff was more fun, in large part actually because of the lack of 1vX mechanics. Too low of a skill ceiling, no payoff. More fun to pubstomp.

And no, the timing does not have to be very good. You might be able to block two attacks in a row once, but it's not happening again, and it achieves nothing to do it once by lucky timing, you're just delaying your death for a second, it needs to be something that can be done consistently for you to have a chance. Except even that's not really enough, because you also need to do damage to your enemies, not only block.

Again, it doesn't even matter if you catch someone off-guard once with your chamber, you're still getting hit by the other player, and now neither of them is ever going to fall for a chamber again in the fight.

It's very easy to "block forever" if you're the 2 in a 2v1 scenario, because like said, the 1 has no realistic options for bypassing anyone's defense. You NEED good feints, and you need to do that over and over again, just to score one kill. But no one is going to let you go through a feint dance when they've got the numerical advantage.

In Mordhau, you regen health and stamina with kills, you can slash through people, you can actually realistically score hits without needing to spend several seconds feinting, you can block multiple different attacks at the same time and in succession, you become unflinchable after a successful parry. These are vital mechanics for a realistic chance at a 1vX against decent opponents. You'll note that there are both defensive and offensive 1vX mechanics, both of which are entirely lacking in Warband. There is NOTHING preventing a spam victory in WB. In Mordhau, you have to be mindful of getting hit and spamming, because the 1 in the 1vX can do full damage to you through your teammate, and he won't be flinched even if you do damage to him. You also have to seriously focus on your defense, because defending attacks from the 1 is only slightly easier than it would be in a 1v1, whereas in Warband it's total child's play, because the only realistic option for bypassing defense is entirely unavailable.

The objective fact of the matter is that in Warband you can only ever damage one person at a time, and block one person at a time, and that sets a hard limit for the skill ceiling in 1vXs, and it becomes very easy to simply spam for win, because there is no punish for it. And in Mordhau, none of that is true. Not to mention the actual probability of landing a hit without feints in each game.

Alright, your theorizing and objective gameplay mechanics have me convinced. Only through decent players can we actually judge the game, even though there are only a few, barely a handful around.

Its easy lol, just block everything 4Head

... You're not really calling a cRPG tournament a "pro scene setting", are you? cRPG has always been incredibly casual, with no actual competitive scene, and certainly nothing you could call a "pro scene" with a straight face.

Yes, Phyrex was a duelist, and being a good duelist is a requirement for beating multiple decent people. If you don't know, and can't execute, the mechanics well enough to beat ONE person, you're not going to be able to beat two. Phyrex was also, incidentally, one of the best 1vXers in the game, or at least the mod.Yes, I suppose feelings are much more important than objective mechanics.

Yes, you can consistently 1vX against bad players. You can switch targets all you want, it doesn't matter when you can't block two simultaneous attacks, and you don't regen health on kills. At the very minimum, you're eating one hit for every one you ditch out. And that's a very generous assumption, considering the only way to bypass a decent player's defense in WB is with good feints, which are not available to you in a 1vX.

Come on now. You need "very quick reactions" to block chambers, now? Chambers in WB are literally useless against good players, there were exactly 0 of them in the 2017 native duel tournament for a reason. And even if we assume this person you chambered doesn't know how to react to chambers, you're still getting hit by the other person.
Blocks do have a cooldown, and it's big enough that you're not going to be blocking attacks coming from two different directions if you're against players who have the faintest clue and aren't purposefully attacking completely out of sync.
What kind of magical footwork are you using to maneuver into good positions (what positions?) that isn't available to your opponents? Footwork is important in 1v1s, but almost all of that goes out the window in a 1vX, where your only real options are S-keying and trying to run between your opponents, hoping they don't take a swing at you as you do.

Pro scene is subjective to whats actually around, crpgs pro scene would be the tournament settings with the best clans because there wasnt anything else, i guess its not technically pro because you couldnt do it as a profession, but i assumed you would understand the point. And crpg has had some good players over the years so i thought it a fair estimate. Besides, how far do you have to go to find decent players? If you cant find them in an entire module of thousands of players i guess the argument doesnt matter because there are none to fill the position for ur assumptions.

And simultaneous attacks have to be very well timed in order for the blocker to not be able to block both, which can be tricky when footwork can throw off timings.

Blocking a chamber isnt difficult, however going for a held attack expecting the opponent do defend but instead he swings as a chamber attempt is very hard to react to.

Yes, sometimes things play out differently than they look on paper. You could technically block forever, however that isnt reality. But that doesnt matter to you because muh objective gameplay.

So no actual arguments, just an anecdotal "but once 8 years ago I did it against bad players"? The mechanics are objective, and there is no way in M&B to fight two people who know what they're doing because the mechanics don't allow it. The mechanics in Mordhau allow it, because they've been specifically made to allow it, with things like being able to slash through enemies, becoming unflinchable on parry, being able to parry different directions at the same time, etc. These don't exist in M&B, and it's ridiculously simple to kill anyone if you've got half a brain, it's literally a matter of spamming attacks at its simplest. Killing someone like Phyrex in a 2v1 was braindead easy.

That was my only anecdotal reference from an actual pro scene setting that i partook in, obviously 1vX wins happen like every map of the game. Phyrex was a duelist, his whole gameplan was about beating one player well, not fighting with or against multiple. I dont care about your objective gameplay mechanics that makes the game lean towards fighting multiple people, it doesnt matter. In reality you could very consistently win 1vX in warband. Fast turnrates would allow for switching targets quickly, blocks having no cooldown almost at all meant you could block 2 incoming swings if you just tapped it fast enough. If you see held attacks coming you could easily just go for a chamber and the other player would need very quick reactions to block it on time. And footwork is so incredibly strong in warband that you can maneuver into good positions and get breathing room.

Either way, mordhau is already kind of dead to me so it doesnt really matter much. I still rate native/old crpg way above it in terms of gameplay.

No it's not, I've shown several clips in this thread of top 10 players losing in 1vX to the #1. And you can't "just block", that assumes perfect reading of attacks, and what is "drops his guard"? To "just" exhaust someone's stamina again assumes perfect defense, which is not a thing in Mordhau.

Mordhau has actual 1vX mechanics that make it possible, albeit very difficult.

Yeah but dude, against decent players its impossible. Just like in warband against decent players its impossible. Even though its been done multiple times, its impossible.

Even a 1v2 is impossible against decent players, there's no slash-through (so the people with superior numbers can literally just spam attacks) and you can't do anything about two different attack directions. Two people can just spam you with different attacks and you're dead, or run at you with different held attacks and then release after you do. Meanwhile defense against just one person is very easy, especially when that one person can't do any kind of advanced feinting or they get stabbed, so all you have to do is block basic attacks.

Dude, 1v2 is literally impossible in mordhau against decent players, both players just need to block and swing when he drops his guard or to simply exhaust his stamina.

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