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DTV Guide, Map by Map. Part Two
« on: July 28, 2014, 04:18:48 PM »
DTV City Revolt
Description: A walled town with an arch leading out to fields and a bridge over a river. The viscount stands by a tree, there are a few ballistae on platforms and  two gates lead to this central area. Bots spawn outside the town and also in the streets further inside.
Tactics: The two gates which are closed will trap the bots, allowing you to split into two teams, one to form a shield wall between the platform and the buildings to the right of the players' spawn and the other to fight the bots spawning outside. Once these bots are dead, you can open the gates to fight the others. Occasionally one or two bots outside may stick on the bridge over the river, but otherwise this is quite a good map for a well organised team.

DTV Defend the Fort
Description: A platform full of ballistae and catapaults faces the open space where the bots spawn. There is a very large bridge behind.
Tactics: The front of the platform has a fence with gaps which can be defended, the best way of doing so is to split into teams of one shielder and one hitter. There is no place where you can form a proper shieldwall otherwise. The catapaults can't be used and they can get in the way of attacks with long weapons. There is also a platform on the platform with more ballistae which is slows the bots and is useful for archers and crossbows.

DTV Ozin Sea Raid
Description: One of the original Defend the Village maps: two wooden buildings by the beach joined by a narrow wooden bridge. There are no ballistae on this map. The bots spawn on the beach and on the cliffs behind. There is a third wooden building which is not playable.
Tactics: Don't leave the building which you spawn in. Two or three people can defend the door, but the difficult part is defending the upper floor because it will be attacked by bots who spawn on the cliffs behind in one direction and by bots coming from the beach across the narrow bridge between the buildings in the other direction. Later waves of bots will also shoot you from both the beach and cliffs if you let them. You therefore need to block the bots in three directions while being shot at. If the top floor shield walls are killed you can defend the stairs, although it is difficult. If the bots have a lot of cavalry, they will sometimes be stuck on the top floor by their own horses which makes defending easier: a single defender can kill a lot of bots in this situation so don't give up!

DTV Uzgha
Description: A modified Uzgha, a fortified town in the desert with two gaps in the walls, ahead and left. There is a platform with a ballista in the middle.
Tactics: This is not a good map because the left side is too wide for a shield wall, although the gap ahead under the arch can easily be defended by a shield wall while archers or crossbows shoot from the steps to the right. Earlier versions of this map had only one entrance; the addition of the second gap on the left side makes it very hard to play.

DTV Motte and Bailey
Description: The Viscount and the players start in front of a castle at the top of a hill. There is only one way down, protected by a wooden wall, to a bridge over a river at the bottom of the hill. The bots will spawn over the bridge and attack. Together with 2 or 3 other wooden buildings, there is a tower on the right towards the bottom of the hill which has a platform with a ballista.
Tactics: You cannot get to the bridge before the bots, so you must fight the first wave as a straight fight, unless you have cavalry who are fast enough to get to the bridge first. Cavalry becomes more and more important in later rounds, because a fight in the open will kill more and more of you the tougher the bots become. Once you can get to the bridge, make a shieldwall there and kill any other bots who try to cross the river to the left and right of the bridge. Be careful of horse archers sticking against the left side fence over the river on rounds which have them, particularly nomads and ard-ghalen. Be careful of bot archers shooting you if you try to cross the river. If a lot of bots cross the bridge your best tactic may be to retreat back to the tower and fight up the stairs, but because it is slow climbing the hill, make sure someone is there to defend the Viscount if bots attack him.

Turin Castle
Description: A modified version of the original Turin Castle used for Siege. There is a gate (always open) a small back door in the castle wall and a tower. Bots will spawn in front of the main gate, behind the back door and on the top floor of the tower, coming down the stairs. Near the gate is a ladder up to a straw roof which archers can use.
Tactics: Form three groups - the largest to form a shieldwall at the main gate while smaller groups of two or three fighters each can block the back door and the entry or the stairs in the tower. Make sure that each has enough people to do its work. If all three can hold, this will be a good map in which you can fight your way to the final rounds. Don't try to break the doors on the top floor of the tower - invisible walls stop you going through them.

Viking Village
Description: A village of wooden buildings on one side of a river crossed by two bridges. Two of the buildings are joined by a wooden bridge on the top floors. Another building on the left has a ladder to its top floor, on which is a ballista.The viscount is in the middle of the village, and next to him is a wooden platform with another ballista.
Tactics: The bots don't always use the bridges to cross the river, so a shield wall on a bridge does not work as well as it does on other maps. One of the best places to fight can be the ladder to the ballista, as only one or two bots at a time can a attack: two or three good fighters at the top of the ladder can get a lot of kills there. Another tactic is to block the gap in the left wall of the building in the middle and try to pull as many bots as possible to it, similar to the tactic for Ozin Sea Raid, above. If this is done, people on the other side must be careful not to pull bots on the right inside so they can attack from behind.

Desert Ruins
Description: What looks like a ruined mosque in the desert, entered from outside through a gap in a wooden fence behind and a wider gap in the half-buried wall ahead. There is a tent near the Viscount which has the equipment box and one or two ballistae stand on falling buildings in the ruin.
Tactics: You need two teams, a larger one to defend the gap in the wall and a smaller one to defend the gap in the fence. Archers and crossbows can stand on the low battlements on the walls to shoot. There is a bug in this map at the time of writing: a bot sometimes gets stuck having spawned on the wrong side of a fence outside. This bot must either be shot or killed with a long polearm since most weapons can't hit him.

Lichen's Island
Description: A fort on a tropical island. There is a gate which can be opened and closed and a smaller doorway in the fort wall and a road leading down to the beach where the bots spawn. The Viscount is in a sort of tent and the equipment box is on its roof. There is one ballista defending the road.
Tactics: The bots will split into 2 groups and cross a river, one group will attack the gate and doorway and the other group will charge up the road. The doorway can be defended fairly easily by two people, perhaps even one shielder in an emergency. Lots of bots should stick outside the gate and you can ignore them until you want to open the gate to let them in and kill them. The difficult part is fighting the bots who attack up the road, as it is wide and difficult to block with a shield wall.

Grey Havens
Description: You seem to be on a sort of roof with two sets of steps leading up to it from docks below. There is also another area behind a gate. Bots spawn behind the gate and at the docks, from where they climb up the steps to attack. The equipment box is on a colonnade behind the Viscount.
Tactics: The tactics here are simple, but the map at the time of writing has problems. Keep the gate closed until you are ready to let in the bots to kill them. Set up shieldwalls or just lines of attackers to block the bots at the bottom of both sets of stairs. Archers and crossbows can shoot down at the bots, as can two ballistae. If there are not many players alive, don't be pulled too far from the viscount as the steps are slow to climb if you need to run back to save him. Bots also get stuck behind the row of barrels at their spawn point and it can be difficult to kill them here: the safest way is by shooting them.
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