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Donkey team no longer developing M:BG / OKAM

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Alright, so, referring to the news here:
Yes, most of the donkeys left the OKAM development. Effective the end of january, so practically now.
Wtf. Why?
I'd love to tell you. But the legal representative of Warlock Wireless has informed me that I am not allowed to talk about my reasons for leaving. They are considered company secrets and confidential, as stated in my employment contract.
What I can tell, though, is information that is publicly available.
As you know, after our failed kickstarter, things looked difficult. We had nearly n o money left, and not many options. We decided to accept a deal - one that involved giving away the majority ownership, and therefore voting power, of the project we worked on for many years.
I sincerely wish the remaining team and especially the CEO and director of Warlock Wireless all the best, I hope he succeeds in bringing the project to completion - the project that I worked on hard for so many years and invested so much into. It does feel a bit like a part of me is ripped out.
So here we are, once again broke, once again at the beginning.
Does that stop us?


crpg 2 for bannerlord confirmed.

Uther Pendragon:
I put my 50€ to sponsor your view of the game, since you and others are leaving now, I don't feel morally obligated to support OKAM any further. I'll just treat it like Starbound and come back to it in 2 to 3 years to see if anything good came out of it.

Good luck anyway, I'll follow your endevaours.  :D

chadz you and the Donkey crew have my full support in whatever you do. Sorry to see that this has not panned out the way you and we all would have liked.

Keep your head up and keep us informed with whatever your next projects are.


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