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Luk as admin
« on: July 21, 2014, 10:45:56 AM »
Who has ever felt like this? for those precious 20 seconds. who would protect you when the usual protectors have gone to bed? Would I be a good admin? Would I be the best admin ever seen. Would I be the best at seeing things, that things that should need seeing, ever be sawed? make your voice heard. I fell to the punished ranks recently. I would say only in defence of my clanmate. However rules were broken. Rules broken by the knave that killed my brother in cold blood. Rules that would have sent him to his rightful punishment. Alas, No one was there to make justice known. I made a carnal choice, and suffered the shame of it. I beg you Let me bring the light of truth into the long nights of such a..... long night. I'm fair, I'm quick. Don't make me go all lorenzo lamas on ya. I'd say vote on it, but i'm not so versed in the forums. So make a big deal about it till it happens.