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Re: [EU]Kratos
« Reply #75 on: December 23, 2017, 02:47:52 PM »
we were at strat battle lastnight u banned vercengetorix with no reason and u allready accept u were wrong. the rosters ere 8-8 i gone 1 less. your good.

It isn't "NO" reason, I still agree that he deserved a ban after continious chat abuse, but the time being 1 day was too much.
 I accept my mistake on that part.

again last night i were in eu1 there was 6 enemy and me. someguy opened me kickpoll. u were there. i get 4 of them and i was still fighting. then kicked. after i insta login u were laugihn; when i asked why u didint close the poll u said i cant to that when ever i want...but i gone mad until i use tab key u were at enemy team... your good.

There is no such thing as "closing the poll" . I am sorry, I could do that everytime if I could, disabling polls after one is on is only to prevent another one from happening. I was explaining that to you, and you told me to fuck off. Fine. I mean perhaps there is a way of doing that but I don't know how. And tell me, how is you getting kicked is my own good? You aren't my bloodsworn enemy we were good friends until you decided that we were not anymore. This is the only thing that makes me sad or angry in this whole drama session. I absolutely hate losing friends.

u gave tomayus 3 day ban after one tk to me and to his friends u gave 6h u open 6h ones but u didint ope tomayusus because he is at top all the time against you ? from my side its your good to.

Banning Tomayus before TK incident was discussed with other admins. He was in our watchlist for a while and popular admin opinion was that he deserved the 3 days ban. I unbanned Dodosa Speedy and Lidor because they made a decent appeal thread. And their bans were shorter because they are not toxic players. I told Tomayus that I wouldn't unban him because even after being banned he continued his childish toxic behaviour towards me. But he could always make a thread and hope to find a solution. So from your POV I can't ban anyone because they fight for the other side in Strategus? That incident is Tomayus' fault only*. He should've known that he is needed in Strat and shouldn't have griefed other people's gameplay.

u banned vercen and write in turkish language that ban slip from my hands and you said lol after that. i lost battle,gone ur superior and u opened the ban but i lost the battle  your good.

As I explained above. I wasn't 100% right in this matter.

also its fuckin ethernet and everyone can insult each other. this game full of taunts. they are not cursing your religion or nation they just dont like you because u only use your powers against us

No. You can't abuse in-game chat. It won't get you banned for long durations, but I will prevent it in the most mild way I can.
 All stuff I do is within my boundaries, I am not stupid, I won't throw anything serious at stake for my personal beefs. Plus, I don't have any problems with you people,or anyone for that matter, but Bugrahan, Vercngetorix n co. act like they are 12 year olds. Unacceptable behaviour.

if u really  want to  finish anarchy step down ur admin spot because bad leaders can cause anarchy to.


if needed i can add videos and pictures with date times for his badmin acts.

Please do.

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Re: [EU]Kratos
« Reply #76 on: December 23, 2017, 02:58:47 PM »
if u really  want to  finish anarchy step down ur admin spot because bad leaders can cause anarchy to.


thats the point.

also writen more or fancy dont make a case true u are lying about %80 what u wrote.

the only think i asked a true check up ur admin ship i am done.
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Re: [EU]Kratos
« Reply #77 on: January 04, 2018, 01:41:02 AM »
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Can confirm best kebob maker in EU

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Re: [EU]Kratos
« Reply #78 on: January 08, 2018, 03:58:25 PM »
Love will tear us apart.
Also, most fucked up brain of the year award goes to jambi. Well done.

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