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Sandersson Jankins:
The Frisian Freedom
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A little historical background:
(click to show/hide)Frisians in the time around 1066

After the Frisians were defeated by the Franks in the eighth century AD, Frisia became part of the Frankish Empire (subsequently the Holy Roman Empire) and was ruled by counts and such loyal to the Emperor. Yet these counts never had much reign over the Frisians. Unlike in most other places in Europe a feudal nobility never really developed in Frisia. Instead, as inherited from old Germanic times, most of the power lay in the hands of the allodial landowners, of whom some of the most important ones bore the title háveding ‘chieftain’ (also hávedling, háudling, etc.; cf. Old Norse höfðingi).

And so, after the killing of count Arnulf in 993 and especially after the killing of margrave Henry in 1101, the so-called Frisian Freedom was established, in which the Frisians acknowledged loyalty only directly to the Emperor. By 1248 this status aparte was formally recognized by the Emperor. Most likely it was informally recognized much earlier.

In the centuries that followed the hávedingar would go on to gain power. Yet in the absence of a single ruler of Frisia and in the presence of powerful Saxon and Burgundian dukes eyeing Frisia, and with the (Saxon) city of Groningen expanding its influence, Frisia came to know many internal struggles, until at the end of the fifteenth century Albert III, Duke of Saxony became governor of Frisia. With that the Frisian Freedom was no more.

Attacking is what Frisians readily did in battle. Whatever texts one reads about their war efforts in the thirteenth and fourteenth century – even those regarding the battle of Staveren in 1345, the Frisian warriors continually distinguish themselves by the speed and the furious bearing with which they storm forth. Time and again they are held to be impatientes, impatient and restless. At the beginning of the battle of El Bahira Charles of Anjou could scarcely restrain the Frisian crusaders before forming the ranks of his own army. He had to warn them not to race out before his knights like daredevils and ordered them to follow him first and subsequently attack along with his horsemen. In short, the military specialty of the Frisians was the assault on foot, the ‘attaque à l’outrance’. It is also known from the account of the raid on the Portugese city of Faro in the autumn of 1217, and of the landing at Damiate in the following year. In the first case the Frisians, after raising their banners and beginning a song in honour of the Holy Virgin, succeeded at once in chasing the enemy away. Presumably the adage of the cavalry charge also applied to the assault on foot in that hitting the opponent was not the first goal, but breaking his ranks and making him flee in panic. The relatively long spears of the Frisians would have played an important role herein, beside the circumstance that the Frisians by their stature alone made a big impression on their opponents. Bartholomaeus Anglicus already says in his encyclopedia that the Frisians are tall of stature. Dante goes even further. When he has to make clear in his Divina Comedia how large the giants in hell were, he does this by saying that three Frisians on top of each other could not reach their hair. He thus uses the image of the Frisians as the giants of Europe. If one keeps this in mind, then it is not hard to imagine how the Frisian warriors, with their large bodies, wild hair and long weapons would have impressed their Mediterranean opponents, especially when they made their assault under the command of their seasoned nobles and warriors.
(All credit for these entries goes to Eadric of the Taleworlds forums. The original thread can be located here:
Info and Objectives
(click to show/hide)The Frisian Freedom is a simultaneously laid-back and serious faction. Let me explain this; when in the battle server or a Strategus battle, Frisian fighters will be expected to fight as well as they can, but more importantly, to fight at one another's side. At the same time, we will not have official ranks, voice comm requirements, or even official clan tag.
Our objectives in strategus are to obtain (done!) and hold (ongoing) at least one fief; while constantly expanding our influence, trade, and military might. Our objectives in Strategus are to hold what we've currently obtained (New Rindyar Castle and New Ismirala) and to absorb more territory through violent conflict. Our objectives in Strategus are to hold New Rindyar castle and Nova Rduna, and to inflict as many losses upon the Free Companies of Calradia and The Crusaders of Acre as possible. Their blood needs to be spilled.
Guidelines for Frisian fighters
(click to show/hide)While we do not possess very many hard and fast rules, members are expected to refrain from acting like a complete asshole. Each man is his own entity here, and I will not dictate how you are to act. All that I request is that you represent Frisia in a manner that earns us respect, or at least avoids earning us ire and hate. If you feel that you want to talk shit on someone, or do a bit of "trolling", then nobody will stop you. I trust each of you to make the proper decision when the time comes.
We're a rowdy, rambunctious, filthy, uneducated, barbaric rabble and I wouldn't have it any other way.
(click to show/hide)Historically, the Frisian Freedom and the earlier Kingdom of Frisia were one of very few European powers to avoid using the feudal system. There were no serfs, no barons, no lords. Organization consisted of older Germanic style of local chieftains controlling smallish regions. These chiefs were called hávedingar, or höfðingi in old Norse. This clan will be run as a monarchy; however, do not misunderstand my intent. I do not intend this clan to be a pure dictatorship; it is intended to function more as a "council of war" capacity. Before any important decision, I will consult each member of Frisia if it is practical to do so. In time, I will likely appoint other hávedingar, or chieftans, to make day-to-day decisions. However, we are not large enough for this yet.
We've reached a size and level of activity that warrants more than a single hávedling. There is no official hierarchy; there would not have been in Friesland's time of relevance either. The list of hávedingar is as follows:
Sandersson the Indecisive
Daruvian the Gay Knight
Cikel the Eccentric
Ginaz/MrPink the Vigorous
Havelle the Kind-hearted
Recruiting/Joining Frisia
(click to show/hide)Frisia will open any interested applicants with open arms. Skill at arms is, of course, sought-after. However, being good at cRPG is not necessary for entry. We have a few quite experienced players, and we will actively assist any interested players in improving quickly. I will personally sit in teamspeak with you and tell you what you're doing incorrect, how to improve, etc. I will sit in the duel server with you to help you improve.

In order to join, simply PM me on these forums, or the cRPG site messaging system. Tell me why you want to join, tell me about yourself. I will not provide a format for you. If you wish to give me your entire cRPG history, that is fine. If you do not wish to mince words and only desire to tell me your name and class, that is also fine. As of now, there will be no probationary period for new members; once you are accepted, you are an equal to any Frisian.
(click to show/hide)
--- Quote from: kasMVC on July 20, 2013, 11:56:47 AM ---Roster


* Daruvian
* JesusChrist
* Sandersson

* Badoon
* Cikel
* Havelle
* jack1
* MrPink
* Timmy

* Derpington
* Kreamy
* Mantooth
* Plex
* Alrok
* Aleska
* Cenewulf
* Corruption
* Equal
* PolePal
* Yaro
* LeRapier
* Michaeldewit
* Thorwald
* saintsiper
--- End quote ---

Gear and Weapons
(click to show/hide)I will not post a required gear list here; we don't have one. However, I do request that members attempt to use equipment that is historically accurate for soldiers from the region of Frisia. Obviously European gear is fine. Nordic gear is also fine; Frisia fought many conflicts against the vikings, looted gear would be common. Avoid Moslem or Eastern gear. CERTAINLY avoid "weaboo armours".
Voice Communications
(click to show/hide)We use teamspeak 3, following is the information. Once again, members are not required to be in teamspeak when in battle or any time, save for certain Strategus battles. (REPLACE THE TWO Is WITH AN A AND AN O, FUCKING WORDFILTERS)

Feel free to come and hang out, though. There are almost always some amount of people in there.
Contact Information
(click to show/hide)Sandersson's Steam:
Daruvian's Steam:
Feel free to message either or both of us on the forums or the cRPG messaging thingar.

Nobody in the Netherlands likes Frisians these days. They are looked down upon as the poor lil' farmers they are.

I always laugh when Americans take some random sub-group from European history and make a clan based on it. Really, son. You are all fat and stupid mix-breeds.

Good luck sandy!   Wish you and the other "bowlers" luck with the new clan.   

Sandersson Jankins:

--- Quote from: Bjord on November 22, 2012, 11:59:06 PM ---I always laugh when Americans take some random sub-group from European history and make a clan based on it. Really, son. You are all fat and stupid mix-breeds.

--- End quote ---

I'm sorry that I've offended you. I will agree with you that in the grand scheme of history, citizens of the United States are bunch of mongrels; oftentimes overweight. However, I do have something to remind you!

(click to show/hide)This is the internet.


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