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Roleplaying on the EU servers
« on: February 14, 2011, 05:24:05 AM »
so this is a kind of weird idea. it all started with me roleplaying something random.
for some reason, i chose to roleplay someone from a chinese novel.

now a have'nt read the novel, just stumbled upon it and liked the idea.
to keep it short, its a story about 3 people guarding a defenceless guy on a horse.

now my idea is to gather 2 other people, and when we play, we find a peseant and help him.
i am not a super high level, or even that skilled.
i am just trying to have fun.

anyone up for it?
i need two others, who want to change their name/start a new character.
the name change isnt realy a clan tag.
you will have the name of the person you are roleplaying.
either Sun_wukong, who is a monkey (king) or a half pig/half man monster
from the milkyway who loves woman and whine, his name is Zhu Bajie.

i am playing as Sha_Wujing who is a sand monsterish human thing.

we will wear this banner:
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

(i chose it for a few reasons.first of all, i like banners that look good on all the diffrent shield shapes,
and i like to think that the three dots are the protectors, and the 4 dots are the group together.)
we will be using use certain weapons (polearms +other), light armors, help peseants, have a chinese face,
wear armor because how it looks, and not how much steel it is covered with.
then you are welcome!

now i am not too serious about the roleplaying, you dont need to have a chinese accent,
and talk about thing from the novel. its more about being a group that helps a peasant.
and that have a theme!

(i know, i know.. the guy on the horse in the story isnt a peseant, but no one want to play a guy
that cant fight? and we will keep the people who need support, supported!)

some information about the story: