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disBandits - the Vermin of Calradia

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Yeah, you heard it well - We're back, once again. You're probably wondering "why ?", "what the hell....?", "for what purpose ?", or something like that....well - it's not because of the new patch, it's not because of nostalgia, it's not even because of's because........ (click to show/hide)so we could get disbanded once again, what else ?
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So what are we all about ?

Outlaws, cut-throats, purse-cutters, scumbags, rapists, molesters, pyromaniacs, thieves, rogues, brigands, murderers, backstabbers, whore-hunters, robbers, plunderers, looters, pillagers, blackmailers, vigilantes, thugs, burglars, larcenists, shoplifters, fraudsters, scoundrels, villains, rascals, scallywags, swines, bastards, assholes, good-for-nothings, sons-of-bitches, offsprings, mongrels, crooks, charlatans, ruffians, muggers, felons, graverobbers, pedophiles, necrophiles, pickpocketers, plagiators, raiders, rustlers, snatchers, perverts, degenerates, sadists, sadomasochists, bullys, roughnecks, hooligans, hoodlums, punks, bootleggers, bribers, conspirators, opium dealers, smugglers, assassins, rippers, butchers, brutes, savages, pranksters, harrassers, executioners, vandals, heathens, pagans, infidels, traitors, culprits, usurpers, defilers, polluters, maggots, abusers, psychopaths.....

....sinners, sickmen, mugfaces & criminals of all kinds & name it - we have it, in one word: (dis)Bandits - The Vermin of Calradia.

......and if a thousand words are not enough to decribe us - they say one picture should be:

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That's how scary we are. No matter how many times the forces of law & order disband us - we always come back, more nasty & evil than ever before.

Clan info:

tag: disBandit_

List of active cutthroats:

Gnjus the Old Fart
Prpashin Cheerful
Corwin the Lazy
Dado the Infantile
Bruno the Brainfart
Molly the Delicate
Fasader the Abuser
Reyiz the Jew
Umbrahim Rugoba
Shpritza the Hashishin
Ironlake the Mustachoid
Boringlater the.....boring beyond belief, what else ?
Krizader of Might & Magic
Djavadin Seytan
Olwen Lambhan the National Hero
PeSmAn the Enigmatic Rider
Tex and his horse
niCole not kidman at all

Reserved by the approval of the holy mother of Gnjus:

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Why didnt you just unlock the old thread?  :?


--- Quote from: Umbra on October 20, 2014, 10:29:25 AM ---Why didnt you just unlock the old thread?  :?

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Where is the poll?
Panos is still a communist.


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