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Random Stuff Saturdays: 7/30 BOXING
« on: July 13, 2017, 05:59:39 AM »
Random Stuff Saturdays

What is this: Some Saturdays we will do random events with prizes. It won't be every Saturday and probably will only happen if we have a good enough idea.
Why: For fun! Get people on for the event then we can all go on battle together and have a good time.
Where: NA3 (duel server) until the events server gets set up, then it'll be there
How do I sign up?: There won't be sign ups! Its just show up and play unless we decide to do something more structured, in which case I'll make a separate thread for it.
When: Saturdays starting at 3pm PST
How long?: Time will vary depending on the event. Long enough for fun to be had but not too long that the novelty wears out and it gets tedious.

Event Photo
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RULES: Naked, no weapons. Only equipment allowed is gloves. You can use STF or regular characters, its up to you.
Prize: 200k to whoever has the highest kills at the end.
Time Frame: Event will start at 3pm PST. You can join late although obviously you have more time to win if you are there. It'll go for 20mins until 3:20pm PST.

We will be using a deathmatch mode. The only downsides to this mode is that nudges and the voice menu do not work.
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