Author Topic: Yo word is bon da god been flipped on  (Read 555 times)

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Yo word is bon da god been flipped on
« on: April 09, 2018, 04:32:19 PM »
uhh yea my duchies was good in this bitch is what i be reppin first off and foremost the G-O-D got mad catz sweatin my style cuz it so fulla it fo everrrrrrrrrr

ne wayz like i was just spittin them good good bars at yall crazy ma fakas dis dude ova here said to me

"ayo gimme dat LOOT or ima BLAST YO AZZZZZZZ"

bein da real g ass killa dat i am well sheeeeet i look dat foo straight in his eyesocket and i said to he

"yo dog nah chill b lets just get this tradin going on see i aint none fo da lyf of a shoota"

but this hoe be mad off da heezy man he flippin riffin and sniffin some bootyhole or somethin cuz he saya

"nah dis a stick up im a shoota"

so anyways befo i go i gotta say whats up to my brothas holdin it down

ayo the badman tristan aka badman aka dirty tears aka slappy hoe with it

word the dude arrowaine aka sleepy birdie

word is bon my dude westwood aka long splinta aka shade n*gga aka THE ONE AND ONLY RESPIRATION

word is bon my boy rando aka sir william

PEACE please use this thread to spit hard azz bars at yo enemies

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Re: Yo word is bon da god been flipped on
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2018, 04:34:01 PM »
uhhh yo this one from da heart against that boy thalion word is bon:

eats mashed potations and chivessss
i got mad clout sweeter than a be hiveeee
yea boy im so hardcore
i been in this bitch since strat 4
bein peaceful as a mah fucka just straight loungin
but you tipped the scales prepare ur anus for poundin
me and my shootas we got the real steal
i live at home with my mama gangsta rapper get a home cooked mealllll


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Re: Yo word is bon da god been flipped on
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2018, 08:09:42 PM »
Now this man cikel is in quite the pickle
He been attacked by a man with a sickle

Who can say if this will go his way
Or if he'll be thrown out and called gay

He has one chance to show the world he can perform
So be aware you might have woken a giant and prepare for the storm

Watch yo back and be ready for the counter attack
He'll be there to show you what you straight up lack
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Re: Yo word is bon da god been flipped on
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2018, 06:00:56 AM »
this what finna happen when you mess with tha crew
thinkin you had an advantage with your brand new shoes
but the Occi gang is used to playin the underdog
now we bout to take your mules, break em over that log

Occi gang
Occi gang

I'm dealin death to puuties
earnin some mule booty
Thalion lookin fruity, as he fumbles his attack
you be messin with the boys that put FCC on their back

Occi gang

a poem by Westwood
Maybe you are not bad, but you are a boring person. Well, that's the end of the matter.


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Re: Yo word is bon da god been flipped on
« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2018, 06:43:58 AM »
"yo dog nah chill b lets just get this tradin going on see i aint none fo da lyf of a shoota"

Too many niggas talk hard then shit bricks when the beef hits
Fight night, where are you?
Behind anotha nigga like an eclipse
Real cats throw down while you hide your paws
You as soft as the gauze paramedics gon' wrap round yo' jaw
How you act up, don't back up your words just yo nerve
In a room full of goons you and yo' crew are hors d'oeuvres
Please, don't act like no killa if you ain't no gorilla
Real apes break limbs and your heart got sap flowin' in it
Let me pull you off to the side so you can get slapped for a minute
You plus this otha nigga don't equal Popeye on spinach
Ooh, who told you that?
That's fo' sho' loose rap
I'll take my knuckles and make you a brand new hat
Look too hard for beef, end up with a brand in ya back
Take a stand or take the stand and say, "He did that."
It's yo' choice my friend, it's yo' voice my friend
That's done got you inside this predicament

What do you do?

Howled out yo mouth, buncha bitches and hoes
The realest of real niggas know how this goes
Talkin' all bow like you control the scene
You're mean, but what does this mean?

Big mouth, e'rry night, e'rry fight, a nigga there, front row
Instigatin' like Satan, but facin' no blows
You talk it, but beat round the bush like a lez
No Grandmaster Flash, never been round no ledge
So you beat on the girls, beat on yo chest
And when shit get tense, a nigga be on his best
A bit of suspense, a nigga be in his dress
See stress, you turnin' princess

What do you do?
Can't let people know you a tool
And Jonas Brothers all rock harder than you
So you cold front like the leader of cool
And the king in the Legion of Fools
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irl something shorted on the shuttle and laika overheated and died within a few hours of liftoff and for a brief while one could look up to the stars and see a light shooting across the sky that was actually a warm dog corpse slingshoting about the earth at thousands of miles per hour which was arguably humanity's greatest achievement so far

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Re: Yo word is bon da god been flipped on
« Reply #5 on: April 10, 2018, 06:55:57 PM »
Cikel sat on the grass cooling his ass. It was red hot from the poking he had just received from his faithful friend westwood. He was worried. The battle lines were being drawn and they were too few. Too few indeed.

But he had hope. When his scouts had informed him that it was almost harvesting season they were about to be attacked cikel had sent flying floopies to many a kingdom asking for aid. Many had responded. Many had not.

For first he sent a missive to the good ol tristan boys of erzoth. Good tidings had come from that direction. Although he could not make it, Tristan had loyally informed Cikel that he was sending some of his best men. The mysterious shadowmysty and seasoned Kale would be heeding the call to war.

Next he had visited the high mountains in a drug induced vision to beseech Da (masterful) Birds for aid. Birds had cawed in agreement.

Finally he had besseched aid from various heroes of old - Septimas of Chaos also known as the enigma - Longsword the High King of MB - Require the devious archer of danger - and his good ol buddy Jaren the Jar - and not to forget Carmale Macchiato the tasty. Many had agreed that a defense must be set in place.

But where was his liege lord Arrowaine. Where were the veteran Occitan Knights who bravely fought for poutine and other french things like whatever it is french people enjoy?? Anal sex?

Finally he saw the Occitan banner in the distance. Cikel felt his heart leap with joy, only to be replaced with a sense of dread. For only three fearsome occitan knights had come. JC and Athenoune and the Chevalier Martin.

"Hola JC como esta?" Cikel said in well rehearsed french

"Cikel I have bad news. Our brother's in arms have abandoned you and signed a non aggression pact with kesh" JC said in sadness

"Can it be JC then why have you not stayed away from this imminent defeat?" exclaimed cikel

"Ah cikel" Athenoune exclaimed "we would not miss the chance to fight with you again as we are good friends and would never go eat croissants instead of this glorious battle"

So be it men en guarde! Chargeeeeee

And with that the heroes of the story advanced on the endless, well disciplined hordes of Thallion.


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Re: Yo word is bon da god been flipped on
« Reply #6 on: April 28, 2018, 08:12:23 PM »
hi qt