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The Might of Acre
« on: April 10, 2018, 10:31:52 AM »
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*the third siege attempt for Narra commences, Reinhardt takes his son James to the panic room*
Reinhardt: (believing the battle is lost) Shh. Calm, my sweet.
James: They're still fighting.
Reinhardt: No one's going to hurt you. I'll tell you a story. You know the one about the Christians and her crusaders; they lived in the holy land.
James: Jerusalem.
Reinhardt: Yes, my love. In Jerusalem lived a Christian and her crusaders. She loved them very much, but there were other things that lived in the holy lands. Evil things.
James: Like what?
Reinhardt: Like Muslims.
James: Muslims aren't evil. They only worship a different god.
Reinhardt: And Jews. They could hear them crying in the night, and the crusaders were frightened. The Christian said, you are a crusader, my son. You mustn't be afraid, for one day all the beasts will bow to you. You will be king. All the Muslims will bow, all the Jews will bow, the goats in the north and the shekels of the south, all the birds in the sky and the beasts in the sea. They will all come to you, little crusader, to rest a crown upon your head. And the crusader said, will I be strong and fierce like my father? Yes, said the Christian. You will be strong and fierce, just like your father.
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(takes out a bottle of poison) I will keep you safe, my love. (brings the poison to James's lips) I promise you.
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(seconds before James drinks the poison, Acre soldiers burst into the throne room, along with Snicklez and COS_Narmin)
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Father! (drops the poison)
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Snicklez: The battle is over; We have won!
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Re: The Might of Acre
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2018, 12:41:53 AM »
This is because I prodded with the 20 good men joke huh?
Good rp though 10/10
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Re: The Might of Acre
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2018, 04:14:05 AM »
Mortal Combat!ARYS "@Asheram you arent even what you stole from me bud"
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Re: The Might of Acre
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2018, 02:11:29 AM »
Ah, Acre.  Through my strategic timing (or perhaps fluky good luck, but we'll leave that to the historians) I attacked them at their weakest and won, and they were the only ones truly gracious in defeat.  As I collected nations under my command, they, chained by their honour and nothing else, always stood by me.  Through all my troubles they stood by me, saving my Curaw garrison when I raided the treasury, always having men and materiel near by when I needed reinforcing, standing up to Dutchy and Co's rebellion after I pussied out... Well, they were there for me.

Even after the Dutchy severely crippled us and I ran like a total wuss, they welcomed me back and we started rebuilding.  With new allies and new ambition we rebuilt the HCE and were rebuilding our empire... until the "Great NA Betrayal" happened, where our enemies welcomed in the Euros to stop us (much like Finland welcomed the chocolate chip cookies), and yes, we were crushed.  My most loyal 13 Knights quickly turned to Surrender Monkeys (such mercenary behavior) and joined the Eu horde, yet Acre held on.  While they disregarded my advice and kept up a purely defensive role (Ay, Durquaba!), they still managed to fend off the whole and might of Europe.

After that they gained a good swathe of fiefs, and held them with pride.  Then I deserted them.

So say what you like about Acre, they have a resilience that cannot be beat.  They will suffer the slings and arrows of cruel injustice, yet they choose to be.  Their enemies, at least the ones from my time, lay in ruins. Where is G-Force, the Squids, the Dutchy faction that I can't remember the name of, and whoever else dared try destroy them?  I myself only survived because I did not try destroy them, but integrated them... or they integrated me (yeah then I dumped them cuz the story line was getting boring).

But Acre is permanent, whether you are a new faction or an old, they will be there.  Kinda like the Chinese- they can weather any attack, but if they lose they will integrate you.  Acre is C-Rpg and C-Rpg is Acred.  Deal with it.