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There pieces of shit and I don't blame him and the rest of the GOBBLIN REALM is backing him up so says THE MOUTH OF THE GOBBLIN KING


seeing as heskey took his sweet time hitting me back with...absolutely nothing, i have decided to challenge a more competent and confident opponent. a 12 year old mexican. kinda sad, ffs hesk, even james swung harder, and spun faster!
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idk if heskey is completely bitchmade now or just temporarily missing his balls, i cant force him to shit talk, much like the trannies insist on reminding me "JUST CUZ I WAS A BORN A MAN AND HAVE A BALLSACK, DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN FORCE ME TO ACT LIKE ONE AND USE IT!" fair enough

while we wait for heskey to find his missing manhood, i now declare war: on BlackPanda

brilliant isnt it? a wonderfully worded well crafted piece of extreme racism, cleverly hidden within his own name. for those not on the inside of the joke, or unable to realize the sheer brilliance of it, you have to take into context the biological nature of the two creatures specified in his name. you see, blacks and panda bears have a commonality, specifically the similarity between how they operate sexually.

most every creature's main sexual objective is reproduction for the betterment of your species. except in the case of african americans and asian panda bears, producing a(an?) offspring is the last on the priority list, to such an extent, both pandas and blacks go to excessive measures to remain childless.

and so you see, its quite clever, brilliant yet simplistic, a truly sly way for some incredibly racist pos to get away with saying


and then it hit me: what if, its not about bears'n'blacks fucking, what if, its about...color (colour? go fuck urself)
to which i say: WTF do you mean Black? your like, half white, or at least partially so.

and while you can argue you didnt name yourself ALLBLACKPANDA the implication is still being made.
heres the thing, if you *were* an all black would not be a'd be a blackbear

the failure, inability or sheer laziness to recognize acknowledge and appreciate the differences between the various sub groups is utter disrespect showing complete contempt for the entire species as a whole!

are you not human? take potatoes birds! for instance. we as humans are able to differentiate between the vast and wide variety of birds, not only by speech and migratory patterns, but also their color codings. it occurred to my obviously mental ass that calling yourself BlackPanda is akin to making the statement "all birds are JUST birds" ...MUTHERFUCKER!

ill have you know there are different types of birds, few of the them with the same colorings and many of them look simply magnificent.
for you to imply the insignificance of how a(an?) animal is properly colored is unfuckingacceptable and i will not have it!

the only possible defense you could have for such shameless ignorance, is that you are, infact, colorblind. i dont think you are.
maybe you are on some pretentious politically correct philosophical kind of color blindness. let me tell ya, the people that honestly think they transcend racisms on some "everyone is equal" bullshit, are thee most racist mutherfuckers out there. you dont get to paint the world with a single brush stroke whose only color is grey.

im grey and i can assure you, we, are NOT, equals.
this is exactly the sort of arrogant human bullshit Carl Sagan tried to warn us about in his imfamous speech "let birds, be birds"
because we arnt equal, we do have difference, we should accept and be proud of those differences whatever they are, the idea that we are all gonna go colorblind one day and completely erase all borders, colors, races, creeds? NO!

pandas are not fucking black, they just act like it, idc if you think they are like other bears, they arnt, like blacks, they dont have sex to reproduce, they simply, fuck for fun, and we arnt gonna change that about them anytime soon and its fucking racist for us to try.
let the friends be.

GURG: Heskey is still being a bitch and blackpanda is incredibly racist toward color schemes.
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Fuck Anders
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« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2017, 07:06:28 AM »
EDIT, I completely misread your question...are you asking how the caramel gets inside, or are you actually trying to convince me you have never heard of a universally known and recognized candy bar?

we're in the same boat actually, I have my theories but its purely speculation.

machinery I presume.

ill get back to ya.

and we're back, so I had assumed that they were hallow and that the caramel was pumped in...its not.

caramilks are divided into two parts, and upper and lower. the lower is a pre built semi hallow shell of milk chocolate that has been set aside to harden, which is then is passed under machinery that fills the lower half with caramel. next the caramel is cooled to become temporarily hardened. and heres where the final stage comes, liquid chocolate is then poured over the semi hardened caramel, which when that hardens, creates the upper half of the caramilk bar. left in room temperature, the chocolate remains hardened, while the caramel slowly becomes liquefied again, and the candy is officially finished and ready for consumption.

all that work for a fucking candy bar.

also, seeing as heskey refuses to talk shit, I have decided, to declare war on...BLACKPANDA, more to come later today.

heskey wants to paint himself as a mastermind who heroically and triumphantly, aggressively pursued a line of questioning that exposed a massive conspiracy.


hey dumbass, you know why pogo said "its not a secret"?...because...ITS NOT!

anyone who thought epic was still in development is either fucking retarded, or so emotionally attached to the product so as not to see the red flags the rest of us saw. and we spoke the fuck up about every on of those red didn't, you defended DC.

I don't give a fuck that now you want to attack them, everyone knows they deserve the hate they get at this point, but if you honestly thought no one was gonna call you the fuck out on this underestimate the commitment to my craft. don't go over to steam posting some big announcement we already know about. you're like the last guy to figure out how they get the caramel into caramilk bars, and now that you know, you wanna tell the world about your magnificent discovery. everyone else might think its cute but im all like "fuck off kid everyone knows that shit"

Gurg (which is the new word for TLDR seeing as we are all making up words to replace actual English with)
if you post pure bullshit, I really don't care who you are, the kesh in me will call you out.

Xant! you can do it m8, I believe in you lad, you can be the bigger cunt!

should be fairly easy actually, all I did was call molly a women, and heskey, a dumb women

hes not dumb? sure took his dumbass awhile to figure out what took the rest of us 1 month to see coming.
hes not a women? so why does he have some simple bitch like molly doing his shit talking (cmon, hesk, you call that lil edit shit talking?)

only the biggest bitches in this community delete the shit they post. guy goes from internet tough guy to going full aldo and deleting the posts you CHOSE to make, you stood by it when you posted it, stand by that shit now.

you went from attacking everyone on some "dost thou not knowest what EA meanith?" to "hey guys guess what I have figured out, I have so much to inform you lads on"...shit...we...already...know

instead of admitting hey, you guys were right about delete your shit and pretend you're not one of the literally handful of fools that didn't see this coming? not happening, not on my fucking watch.
you don't wanna talk shit like you used to in the good ole days, that's fine...but don't expect me not to call you out on this weak bullshit.

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Fuck Anders
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I'm still confused as to what BlackPanda has to do about this but I have to defend my cuban amigo

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the emasculated frisian freedom supports this war, after the trendier 2/3 of our members jump ship to the greenskins

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the administrator of this forum is the Internet Keyboard man? Can only play "authority" in the virtual world?Can you tell me why?

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I'm still confused as to what BlackPanda has to do about... anything

aren't we all my good lad,
aren't we we all