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Chaos in the North
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:47:37 AM »

With the loss of New Kelredan castle the supply lines between the south and the north of the chadzian Empire was severed in two.  The Holy chadzian Emperor decided, for administrative reasons, to split the empire in two.  The North kept the ancient seat of Empire in Curaw, while the Southern Empire established its capital in New Durquaba.  The CC barbarians, realizing the North was much weaker and more fractured, pressed hard upon the North, striking the capital as well as lowly fiefs.  During these troubles, Mr. Blue took advantage of the political situation and claimed the Imperial mantle for himself.


Unlike most factions, the Holy chadzian Empire, and its predecessor, the Kingdoms of the North, has had a long and troubled past.  Chock full of betrayals, bravery, backstabbing, bitching and bad ass battles.  If you like blood, drama and total war, come join us.  Currently we are over stocked on castles, villages and ambition, but somewhat understocked on silver, men and armies.  We have no real desire to seek peace, but might be forced to if we run out of resources.  And no one wants that.

So come join us and be a bad ass kick ass sweet ass warrior.  We are essentially the Western Roman Empire, aka the Holy Roman Empire, and we all know how peaceful they were.  And, if you want to be emperor yourself, all you have to do is defeat him in a civil war:
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To come join this fun and exciting new faction and experience the rage, bloodlust and sheer bloodymindedness, hit this link: