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Lingor Island
« on: September 07, 2012, 07:20:52 PM »

A new map to freshen up the game, played it for some hours, it is really nicely done.
Began to play it on a small manned server, without using online map: good playground for a survival session and a new quest to find all the island's secrets.
Encountered 3 guys in some hours, 2 seemed friendly but were shot (I know, bandits reflex) and 1 "helped" me by banging a DMR round into a zombie's head 3 meters away from me without me noticing him (I ran away while he said "Dont move, friendly...meant to help" "Sorry I dont take chances"): seems like not much people play Lingor but most of them arent the ALL PVP kind, albeit it is still free to roleplay anykind of human being.

Major differences:

- 90% of the buildings are open, lootable and possess new models
- zombies sprint slower but spawns a lot
- humanity system is on
- private database (not supported by the dayz hive, thus different character on lingor)
- map is a bit smaller (from 14x12 to 10x10) and is a jungle/arid arabic environment
- you refuel (and repair?) your vehicle by just standing near a gas station

- minor tweaks here and there I still have to find
- some bugs I dont know about yet

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Re: Lingor Island
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2012, 08:55:33 PM »
Lingor is much less frustrating to play with less external help than chernarus. In Chernarus you absolutely need a loot map to know which buildings you can actually enter and where are the interesting things. In Lingor island you can just go towards buildings and assume you will be able to go into. If you play without a loot map, getting better equipment is only a matter of exploring and identifying buildings.