Should we make DayZ a sub forum while Arma 2 is it's own main forum?

Yah man! Sounds great!
Nooo, I don't like innovation!
Kirby is awesome, what's this post about again?
I'm all for it! And Arma 3 looks BADASS!

Author Topic: Arma 2...? Arma 3?!?!  (Read 1428 times)

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Arma 2...? Arma 3?!?!
« on: November 10, 2012, 06:48:16 AM »
       Hey guys, couldn't help but notice that this is a DayZ section, which in fact is a mod for a legitimately popular game, that people such as myself play: Arma 2. It's a great game in vanilla! Contrary to popular belief it can actually be a fun game in it's own self.  The fact that it doesn't have it's own forum is kind of degrading in my opinion... Seriously watch some of the video's from this guy.

Now I would like to point out that this is another mod for Arma, but it takes the game and makes it more advanced while keeping it's purpose.  I believe that we should put a sub forum for DayZ, and make Arma 2 a forum page.  DayZ isn't the only fun thing in this game.

Also, Arma 3 looks badass... all of you should look into it.

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